Is Yang Gang a “Gaggle of Morons”?

I’ve always disliked groupthink.

In that spirit, I heartily accept Tony Martel’s criticisms of Yang Gang as essentially being a delusion that White people are going to enslave the robots and live off sci-fi welfare. I just have this nagging feeling at the back of my mind though that Tony is being too dismissive of the possibility that the world is becoming a wealthier place and life could actually get better.

Pellagra Man has a lot to do with it:

“Very quickly, a new character entered the picture: the furnishing merchant. Landowners discovered that they could reduce their own indebtedness and diminish personal risk by allowing merchants in the towns and rural communities to furnish their tenants directly. Furnishing merchants protected their investments by taking a second crop-lien on a farmer’s crop. It has been estimated that as late as the early 1940s, the average sharecropper family’s income was less than 65 cents a day. Out of this meager income, farmers had to pay off advance indebtedness. If the crop did not bring enough to pay the entire debt, the remainder was added to the next year’s lien, a situation that one historian referred to as “debt peonage.” Generally, the interest rate for advanced goods was 10 percent. Added to that, the merchant often raised the price of goods sold on credit over and above that of items purchased with cash. Considering the higher mark-up and interest together, tenant farmers paid an interest rate that sometimes exceeded 50 percent annually.

The way of life of most tenant farmers was inferior to that of many people in medieval Europe. Housing consisted of primitive log cabins or clapboard shotgun houses. Few homes had glass windows or screens; most featured wooden shutters that could be closed at night and in inclement weather. Indoor plumbing was nonexistent; water was provided from open wells or nearby springs and creeks, and bathrooms were outdoor privies located a few yards behind the house, creating serious sanitation problems.

Another problem facing tenant farmers was poor transportation. Until the 1950s, virtually all tenant farms were located on unimproved dirt roads. In 1930, of Alabama’s 257,395 farms, only 4,516 had access to hard-surface roads. Rain left unimproved roads impassable, and during dry weather, they were dusty, with deep ruts. As a result, tenants were generally isolated socially, and they faced economic ruin if the roads were unusable at harvest time.

The tenant family’s diet consisted mainly of cornbread, corn mush, fatback pork, and molasses. Some tenants were able to supplement their diet with vegetables if the landowner permitted use of a portion of their plot for a garden. Many landlords, however, wanted as much land in cotton as possible, so only a few farmers had gardens. Poor diet, lack of sanitation, and substandard housing led to widespread health concerns, such as hookworms, pellagra, and rickets. …”

I can’t shake the haunting memory that a century ago there were millions of people like Pellagra Man and his family in the South and that 100,000 people died here of malnutrition. I think of a landscape that was covered in cotton which was being overproduced by poor sharecroppers who lived in primitive shacks and were enslaved by debt to furnishing merchants. They had no electricity, education, running water, sanitation or shoes. They sat there in the shacks in absolute destitute poverty and ate a diet of pure cornpone and fatback. Their children were suffering from retardation due to hookworms. It was a luxury to own a vegetable garden. The wild turkey and whitetail deer had been hunted to extinction.

I just want to go up to Pellagra Man and tell him … hey, you can come with Yang Gang to Whole Foods and we can grab some dinner and drink a few beers. We can get you some health care and put your children through college and have them start their lives on a sound financial foundation. In the 21st century, we have a lot of problems too like low wages and debt slavery to banks, but we were finally able to start fixing them after dumping “conservatism” for the second and last time.

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  1. This is why I have the highest respect for Hunter. He responded to my post with one of his own like a man.

    I don’t disagree that the future could be a better place. But it will have to be in state of our own. Not in a polyglot mess where we’re simply one of many groups fighting for a slice of the government pizza we depend on.

    • Hear hear.

      Let the other side of the Partition line do the 1000 a month thing.

      In that scenario we can quickly buy back much of what we sacrifice at the negotiating table to get the deal when they are keeping themselves warm in the Bronx by burning 1000 dollars a minute in barrel fires.

      At the end of this day, the only outcome worth pursuing is separation, and separation requires a vigorous campaign for Partition (followed by a Unilateral Declaration when they refuse the deal).

      Ultimately the future is grand with the Enemy trapped with their pets, Robots, AI and trans-humanism banned, and the Aryan Expansion continuing to the stars and beyond. There is no one out there who can stop us and that is what the Enemy is afraid of.

      But you have to talk about it first: Partition.

  2. HW you said the right words, “Debt slavery to the banks.”
    I’ve always lived a simple life and was never indebted to the beast (banks). I’ve always paid in cash and never lived out of my means even when offered. Of course our health insurance premiums we’re providing the beast but nothing else.
    Maybe people should look at how NOT to feed the beast by living simple with no debt to the beast.
    If people stopped feeding the beast, it would die. Plain and simple.
    I know it’s a fairy tale in the modern world, but we do it. It’s easy when you’re not spoiled with the temptation from the beast, credit.

  3. No, I don’t think you are actually morons, but I can’t help thinking that your Yangmania is similar to your Trumpmania of 2016, but based on little more than the promise of a monthly handout and a mere recognition that you exist and have concerns and problems. That ain’t much.

    You really don’t know this guy at all. Why should you trust him?

    And yes, what’s with this “kumbaya” thinking??

  4. Oh, I forgot.

    Yang seems to favor more immigration, and amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegals. Jeb!’s program. Instant disqualification for a vote from me.

    • Yang seems to favor more immigration, and amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegals.

      So does everyone else. Only with Yang, you can have all that crap plus a thousand bucks. Along with the freedom to pursue pro-white politics without fear that employment discrimination will leave you destitute.

      Do you have any better ideas? Well, punk, do ya?

      • There will still be employment discrimination and censorship under Yang. Don’t count on getting the $1,000 in Yang Bucks if you come out publicly with your pro-white beliefs.

      • “Only with Yang, you can have all that crap plus a thousand bucks. “

        But you can’t. You really can’t. It’s like saying in 2016, “Only with Trump, you can have all that crap plus a wall.”

        But there’s no wall. And there won’t be any UBI.

  5. The Alt-Right social media addicts/shutins are going to shit poast the White race to political nirvanna. Trump’s big beautiful wall is proof of their political acumen.

    Whatever you do goys, don’t run for any office, just keep bouncing back and forth in the lesser of two evils paradigm. Next time will be different!

    • Nobody on this side has the money to run for office. At least not with any chance of winning.

      The only chance for that would be if one of the few with political acumen in the Alt-Right won the lottery. Not a high probability.

      • “Nobody on this side has the money to run for office. At least not with any chance of winning.”

        If a Pro White had a chance of winning, he wouldn’t need to run.

        It costs you nothing to run. You just leave your house and register. They have to give a candidate advertising at the lowest cost they’ve ever given anyone. It is illegal for them to refuse your memes, if you are running for office. With robo calls you can call entire states for a grand or two and the media will amplify your message, by screeching that you should not be allowed to do it. Bob Whitaker demonstrated this method with next to no money in 2016, but the derpsters of the movement still haven’t caught on.

        “The only chance for that would be if one of the few with political acumen in the Alt-Right won the lottery. Not a high probability.”

        Isn’t this the same Alt-Right that claimed responsibility for the buffoon Trump’s victory? How much money did President Orangutan pay Alt-Right to campaign for him? It must have been a half a birrion dollars, right? Nope. Trump paid Alt-Right nothing before, and royally screwed them over afterwards.

        If a complete joke like the lolbertarians can get a Senator elected, what is WN excuse? If a Chinese dude with no money at all, can get Alt-RIght to push his message for FREE, there are no excuses.

        • So go do it if its as easy ad you claim.
          I remember Robert Ransdell having a hell of a time being allowed to use the media that “legally they cant refuse you”. Even air time he paid for was shut down.

          • @Stevie
            If you are out there is no reason you can’t do this. You can’t lose any more by running, than you did when you become a public Pro White activist.

            Strange that it stopped Robert Ransdell, but it did not stop Bob Whitaker from robo calling Entire States, and making national and international headlines.

            Who do you learn tactics and strategy from?

            a) The one who succeeded.

            b) The one who failed.

  6. UBI has hazardous potential- machines take away all jobs, in time. Give everyone an annual income of $12,000… OK, so what then ? During transition, the entire 3rd world stampede into the US. Yang says he will make the illegals citizens. and after we are all jobless and on the limited dole, the govt. can deny political opponents access to their dole, they get cut off and starve.

    • If the Orange Zionist is reelected in 2020, he will make the illegals citizens. Look at what he’s done on bump stocks. The Conservative caw, caw caws “just wait 48 hours, he’ll forget about it and make a based tweet”.

      Meanwhile, Trump’s protege Kushner, and the rest of their tribe, implements his real, very bad policies.

      We need to move past this. The future is National Socialism by whatever name you consider good optics, or death.

    • You know, that’s a very good point.

      Complete reliance on massive automated businesses + UBI = complete subjection to those who control the same. Literally no resistance will be possible to their policies. All money will be able to be spent only on stuff made by the automated masters. Disagree with them? They can cut off both money AND access to goods until you comply (or are destroyed).

      My idea for the distributed automation would be far better in this regard, but setting it up initially would be much more difficult.

      This requires some more thought.

      • Essentially, the only thing providing any check on the central gov’t’s power in a large scale automation/UBI system is the idea that people will rebel if they don’t get their UBI.

        But that presupposes that LARGE NUMBERS don’t get their UBI. It would be quite easy to cut off and starve to death smaller numbers of dissidents, while everyone else, not wanting to lose their UBI, wouldn’t lift a finger to help them.

        Automation will ONLY not be a path to utter dependency, helplessness, and servitude forever if the ownership is very broad-based and diffused through the population.

        In other words, if ConAgra owns every automated farm in the country, they can cut off food easily to whomever they/the gov’t wants to cut it off to. It would only not yield a complete tyranny if there are a million family farms (or however many) operated independently by, well, families, with some agricultural robots occupying the role of sharecroppers, crop pickers, etc.

        What do you say to this, Hunter? How do you prevent centralized automation and UBI from devolving into total helpless dependency in which even the modest resistance of expressing a dissenting opinion would be utterly impossible because of having no alternative to survive except to grovel to the System’s every whim?

        Broad-based automation would perhaps resemble a better version of the Old South.

        Centralized automation/UBI would resemble an inescapable prison with tyrannical jailers.

        “Male Citizen 38238A515V6 – our algorithms indicate that there are not enough Interracial Homosexual couples to match our agenda. You will therefore accept the new Negro husband we have assigned to you, or we will cut off your UBI and your access to purchases at food or goods stores. Your wife has been reassigned to a Hispanic Lesbian as her wife, and your children to two other families who will oversee their transition into transsexuals.

        This is an extreme, even caricatured case for purposes of illustrating a point, but it is perhaps something to consider as well.

        Why should the power given by UBI and automation together necessarily be administered fairly and benevolently, if it’s all concentrated in a few (((corporations))) and ZOG? These people have demonstrated that they full of insane malice. Are they REALLY going to use complete control over our economic fate impartially?

        I’ve got a bad feeling about this, suddenly.

        • I actually think that the megacorporations of advanced capitalism that we have now have far, far, far too much social and political power over individual people as it is. The fact that being “doxed” for WrongThink, or that businesses can effectively dictate an Open Border policy for cheap beaner labor over the wishes of the country’s actual inhabitants, indicates this.

          Why would centralized automation + UBI be anything except this already intolerably centralized situation cranked up to 11, even more airtight and inescapable?

          As it stands, we wouldn’t be the masters sipping mint juleps on the porch while our robots sing in the cotton fields. We’d be the damn slaves.

          • Once a system becomes too complex or too centralized, what generally happens? It starts to break down. Decentralization becomes a de facto effect. The thing is, it’s hard to take advantage of that situation without access to resources. That’s where UBI (or any similar idea) becomes useful. As the resources are of a limited amount, there would need to be cooperatives developed, or confederations. It doesn’t have to be anything grand or huge. Movements have to start somewhere.

        • “? How do you prevent centralized automation and UBI from devolving into total helpless dependency” – use UBI to get a start on your own farm. ConAgra owns the “profitable” side of the farming business but its not impossible. Literally, just grow your own food. And you’ll want to do that anyway as ConAgra moves towards Soy/cricket meals as the most efficient foodsource.

          “It would only not yield a complete tyranny if there are a million family farms (or however many) operated independently by, well, families, with some agricultural robots occupying the role of sharecroppers, crop pickers, etc. ” – Would 1000$ per month help family farms buy the capital they need to stay in the game?

  7. “Morons” is probably too strong a statement. Indeed some of those in pro-White circles that have fallen for the Yang idiocy are actually fairly intelligent folks. Our host is a case in point.

    I would probably use terms like “horribly mistaken”, “misguided”, and “misled”. These are folks who are , understandably, disillusioned with Trump and let themselves be bribed by an empty promise of “gibs” as a way to fill that void.

    Wake up, guys!

    As always $1,00 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver!

    • I disagee.

      It is beyond clear at this point that conservatism is a scam. It will just continue to coast along scamming people and exploiting their resentments in order to deliver the goods for its donors whether it is the Koch Brothers lolberg cheap labor agenda or the MIGA agenda.

      Doubt me? Just look at what they do as opposed to what they say.

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