Herman Cain For Federal Reserve Board

Why not?

“President Trump confirmed on Thursday that he wants Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve board, pending a vetting process. Earlier in the day, Axios reported that he was waiting on vetting before announcing a formal nomination.

Why it matters: It’s likely confirmation that Trump is ready to move ahead with the former presidential candidate, whose possible nomination was reported by Bloomberg in January. “He won’t formally announce until the vet is completed. … But he likes Cain and wants to put him on there,” a senior official who has discussed the matter with the president told Axios before Trump’s public comments …”

Everyone else around orbiting and staffing the Trump administration is a mediocre conservative grifter. This choice actually makes perfect sense.

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  1. Trump is clown world. What a complete disaster he turned out to be.

    Coward Vox Day seems to be the last holdout still praising and offering support for the buffoon Trump.

  2. This is another strange nomination. I don’t know if he’ll get away with it. I thought all Treasury sec’y and Fed nominees were required to be jews in this Israeli colony.

  3. I you don’t worship the God Emperor for another 4 years, you are a gamma! Trumpslide 2020!!! Have you heard about my IQ? Let me tell you.

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