Trump: Actually, I Won’t Close The Mexican Border


Trump is legitimately ruining this blog with his bluster, empty threats and constant failure. I get annoyed just scrolling through it and reading it here.

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  1. He won’t close the border, but he will impose car tariffs on the beaners! What a worthless, lying pussy Blompf has turned out to be.

  2. Trump is worthless. In one year’s time, we will have more deaths and more illness created from the illegal drugs that the drug runners are bringing in and more nonwhite illegals who will further reduce whites to a minority.

    Trump is not even trying to hide the fact that he is betraying his base. He played us all for fools.

    • Christ is our savior.

      Yang can help out in some ways though. Clearly, it would be a good thing to get rid of student loan debt, fix the health care system to make it more affordable, invest in our infrastructure which Trump failed to do and put a financial floor under the White working class to improve their well-being and relieve stress over bills and debt.

      • Yang is pumping out too many ideas, probably in an effort to get traction in the polls. Now he’s talking about giving the vote to 16 year-olds. He shouldn’t worry about foreskins or teens, he should concentrate on one or two issues where he stands out from the crowd.

        • Yes, that’s a bad idea.

          If Yang doesn’t get the nomination, we will simply pick and choose and adopt his best ideas as our own. Then we can run our own candidates with them.

          • You do realize the System won’t allow any changes or reforms that benefit White working and middle class Americans – right, HW?

      • HW, God cannot save any of us because it’s inelegant. Elegance is more important than suffering. That’s his design.

  3. Terrible. Stupid. Worthless. Kick the can down the road for another year, things continue to get worse, and nothing will change in the end anyway. Asteroid can’t come soon enough.

  4. I’m not sure why you say Trump has been ruining your blog, you have been correct about him all along.

    Trump certainly makes Vox Day look like at huge tool. I have completely lost respect for that guy.

  5. Trump is already a lame duck. We only need to hope that he won’t start a big war for Israel. I expect nothing else from him between now and January 20, 2021 besides bluster, threats, self-praise and insults.

  6. I knew he’d punk out. Or wait…..maybe, maybe this is a trick. It is the ‘art of the deal’ you see. 5th degree backgammon in full effect.

  7. Trump winning 2016 and then doing nothing was the best of all possible scenarios. Can you imagine if Hillary had won? Absolutely everyone would be steadfast in their belief that Trump would’ve saved America and that a vital opportunity had been missed. Now it has become clear that voting doesn’t matter and democracy is a farce.

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