Andrew Yang: “I Can Build a Coalition That Can Beat Donald Trump”

The media doesn’t understand this.

None of the other Democratic candidates understand this either. Frankly, there are a lot of people in our circles who still don’t understand it either, which is fine. It is only April 2019.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the latest progressive hearthrob, isn’t going to flip White populist voters who voted for Trump. Neither is Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren or Beto O’Rourke. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have the potential to flip some of them with populist economic appeals. While Bernie and Biden can peel off the occasional normie Trump voter, Yang’s secret weapon is he doesn’t talk down to them in political correctness and he offers universal basic income.

Why is this such an enticing combination to White populist voters who backed Trump? It is because populist voters value social cohesion and economic fairness. Yang is appealing to them with messaging and policy proposals that addresses their social and economic concerns and their sense of order. Whereas every other Democratic candidate alienates populist voters with political correctness by pandering to the toxic sensibilities of the Far Left, Yang has been very careful not to do so. He doesn’t come across as a SJW while all these other candidates are written off for using that language.

Yang is cleverly dissolving the the primary social issue that aligns White populists with conservative voters. Political correctness is the Great Wall that alienates White America. I would go so far as to say it is now a far more important social issue for younger people than abortion or LGBT rights. Progressives are just written off by huge swathes of the electorate for being miserable, humorless scolds. No one wants to grab a beer and have a conversation with someone like Hillary Clinton.

White populists are voting for Republicans like Donald Trump in spite of their views on economics. They don’t agree with the GOP at all on economics, but are hounded into the GOP by people who are full of resentment, bitterness and hatred of White America.

VELSHI: “But you got a lot of people, it feels populist. Not that part, but your following on social media feels populist, it feels like people think that you are part of a movement, or leading a movement that can gain attention and capture the attention of the American public. How you manage that in the Democratic  nomination is going to be interesting, but if you were to become the Democratic nominee, what’s your argument against Donald Trump?”

YANG: “What I would say again is that we need to solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected, and the best person to beat Donald Trump is someone who can peel off 10, 20, 30 percent of his voters. Because I’ve met now hundreds, thousands of Trump voters who’ve said to me, I voted for Donald Trump and I’m going to vote for you. So I can get the progressives, I can get the Democrats — ”

He is breaking through with his dog whistles.

Solving major social and economic issues …

joking/not joking

… requires reaching unusually huge amounts of voters locked up in the other party. Yang is neutralizing concerns about political correctness while luring populist voters away from the GOP by focusing on economics. There is a strong interplay between these two issues because $1,000 a month is basically FU money for any wage slave to his employer, “journalists” and to SJW social media lynch mobs. It will have the effect of emboldening employees in a free society to resist both exploitation and political correctness by making them more financially independent under capitalism.

If Yang is right and he is uniquely flipping thousands of Trump voters as a candidate with his messaging and policies, then he is winning over populists and moderates. If he is succeeding in doing that, then he is competitive with Trump in unusual places like … Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, West Virginia. Stupid labels don’t matter because populism reaches those voters.

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  1. $1,000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver.

    When Judas realized the enormity of his betrayal, he had the decency to hang himself.

    If throwing support behind the Democrats as a way to “stick it to Trump” or get that mythical $1,000 puts the enemies of our people in office, what will otherwise decent pro-Whites who are getting on this absurd Yang bandwagon do to atone for what they have done?

    Just curious…

    • Maybe you can help me here. What has the GOP done for whites?

      Also, I highly suggest watching the Shirley Temple short in the header pic. I believe it is called War Babes. If you think we are just now approaching Weimar levels of degeneracy this will set you straight. Shiley Temple seems to have ended up quite based after all that but she never worked agan in (((Hollywood))).

    • Well, I guess I am Judas for betraying Conservatism, Inc. and Blompf, who in this analogy would be your “pro-White” Orange Cheeto Jesus. BTW, Christ hated hypocrites and gave to the poor and told you to love your enemies. He was also crucified by the MIGA crowd.

      • HW if Yang wins what guarantees the 1000$/m? You being the brain you claim to be, have you forgotten something? The United Snakes of Amurika is an Israeli colony now. Do you really think the powers to be and the jews are getting let that fiat money slip from their grimy reptilian paws?

        Yang will be like all the rest, all talk and no action. The only action Yang will accomplish if selected is their destructive democratic policies of unlimited immigration and more gun control making the United Snakes of Amurika Europe 2.0.

        No matter who is selected for president they answer to a higher power in the corporation, the president is not the top boss. The USA is on a path to disaster. Face the facts, its all an illusion.

          • Drumpf: “I will build the Wall” (distant laughter)

            Genghiz Yang: “I will give you 1,000 Jewbucks per month” (distant laughter)

            HW, there is no operational difference here.

        • If was a “guns” voter, I would vote for any Republican. I’ve never done that and have no plans to start doing so. If you want to vote for Blompf on the basis of gun control, that is your choice.

          • I don’t know what will go first in Amurika if democrats are in power the guns or free speech. As for what we see today with these Orwellian tech companies silencing all dissent, criticism of jews/Israel and supposed ‘fake’ news/alternative history/science on social media/web site platforms things don’t look so bright. Occidentaldissent will probably be in the crosshairs if these democrats get in power, the same power you’re advocating for.

            I guess our founding father’s had made a mistake by putting the 1a in front of the 2a?

          • Occidental Dissent survived 8 years of Obama with our guns and without being tossed in a FEMA camp during Operation Jade Helm. I think we will be fine under Yang. As for these other Democrats, you may have a point.

        • The Senate and House are likely to be Democrat controlled after the 2020 elections due to GOP doing fuck-all for years.

          Are you seriously suggesting that a Democrat who wants to do things that have been part of their platform for decades wouldn’t have the political capital to pull that off in a government controlled by them?

          What will you get if the potato-in-chief gets reelected? My guess is that you’d likely end up dead on some street in Tehran after MIGA decides war with Iran is best.

        • ” Do you really think the powers to be and the jews are getting let that fiat money slip from their grimy reptilian paws?” – Forcing them to move openly is always worth it.

      • Well, Hunter, some of us find it hard to believe that begging a Chinaman for a welfare check really represents a positive future for the white race. Could you explain to me how allowing whites to become economically dependent on the current government will be a path forward for white nationalism rather than a recipe for becoming the government’s permanent wards, as has happened to blacks? “But we’re not blacks”, you say? Nigger is as nigger does, and begging for welfare is niggerism, no matter what color your skin is. Oh, and it’s also niggerism to constantly blame a higher-IQ group for all your troubles, throwing away your own agency and imputing to them godlike powers and infinite malice as an excuse for your own people’s poor decisions – which is why blacks bitching about whites and whites bitching about Jews both get old fast.

        You will never be qualified for a position of leadership in the white race until you stop acting like a nigger.

        • Antidem,

          1.) Andrew Yang is an intelligent, well educated person who thinks about the future. In that sense, I am interested in what he has to say. I couldn’t care less that he is Asian. I read all kinds of people. Always have.

          2.) Yang is trying to explain to you the radical concept that advances in science and technology will lead to the automation of the workforce and a vastly wealthier society. Increasingly, it is machines who produce the wealth, not people. Thus, it makes sense to simply redistribute the wealth created by machines as “welfare” to increase our well-being.

          3.) As Yang would explain to you, this isn’t a racial issue and you are being dumb looking at it through a racial lens. The automation of the workforce by robotics and artificial intelligence will ripple through the entire world. It will affect homogeneous countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan just as much as it will affect us.

          4.) After 40 years, White Nationalists have no idea how to create a White ethnostate, but fortunately a solution is now in sight. As the world becomes a vastly wealthier place and wage slavery comes to an end, then we will simply give people money and when they have enough money they can move wherever they want to live out their lives without ethnic conflict. It is wage slavery that creates places like Los Angeles, CA and it will be the demise of wage slavery that unscrambles those places into a homogeneous areas.

          5.) I just think you sound dumb by trying to make it a racial issue. I live in the heart of the Alabama Black Belt. I can walk outside and see that this area has become extremely depopulated. That’s because we used to have an agricultural economy and no one really works in agriculture in the Deep South anymore because that sector of our economy is now so mechanized. You sound dumb screaming nigger this or nigger that when the mechanical cotton picker and the tractor has made them irrelevant as agricultural laborers.

          6.) Am I blaming some other high-IQ group? I don’t think so. I’ve simply noticed that mechanization and automation has swept through agriculture and now it is sweeping through manufacturing and services. I can see the collapse of retail trade that is going on in my area and all the UPS trucks that are constantly delivering things here now purchased through Amazon.

          7.) I’m not really bitching about other groups like you are doing here. I think it is hilarious. Do you not realize how stupid it is refighting, say, slavery in the 21st century?

          8.) Okay, that’s fine.

          My take is that you aren’t leading the white race anywhere. You’re just posting in the comments on my blog and complaining how I don’t think technological change and its downstream effects in our culture and economy is necessarily a racial issue. That’s because it isn’t a racial issue. It is a smart vs. dumb issue. Smart people understand that dumb people don’t understand that smart people are at work all over the world creating new technologies and working on scientific problems.

          9.) Lots of those people are Asian. That’s just the reality of the matter. Who cares? Am I mad at my flat screen television for the fact that it is made in South Korea? Do I get mad at textiles made in Indonesia? The benefits of advances in science and technology will improve the lives of everyone in the world regardless of race.

          10.) Do Asians resent the refrigerator? Henry Ford was an anti-Semite. Do Jews resent the automobile? Some people do, I guess. LMAO.

    • Stop the Bullsh*t about ’30 pieces of silver, you Texas rump roast! This is OUR money, we are NOT crucifying Jesus (OR America) and YOU are not an Apostle. If you’d damn stupid BUBBAS would only listen to the facts, realize that we are entering a Fourth Industrial Revolution, where AI/Robotics are going to ELIMINATE thousands of lower-skilled jobs (burger flipper, sushi maker, coffee barista, call center employee, retail sales, truck driving, etc.) and act as if any of this MATTERED, we wouldn’t have to waste column after column listening to your prehistoric worldview on display.

      As far as ‘atoning’- again this insulting, CHristophobic langauge of religion misapplied. I long ago offered on this site, absolution for ANY and ALL Whites who felt ‘guilty’ for the ‘sins’ of racism, and being the race that Christ incarnated into…. because I no longer believe the rhetoric of the Damned Left. Free at last! Free at last. …. as it were.

      • Right, so we will give up our primary goal of a nation for our people for 30 pieces of silver. As if Christ weren’t giving His people the tools to form their own nations.

        There is no difference. It’s just like the guy in the matrix that says “just give me a nice steak and make me forget I ever chose this.” “Just give me my 30 pieces of silver and make me forget I ever chose this.”

        It’s all the same. You may think it’s the right choice or you may think it’s the wrong choice but the analogy is completely apt.

        The funny thing about all this is that when I talk to actual bible thumpers like this they always say “wait, you don’t think this is the same as it was back then, do you?” Yet these are people that talk incessantly about the eternal loving God and have their nose stuck in a Bible constantly.

        “You’re not some kind of lunatic that thinks it’s the same as back then are you?”

        Sure am. Yup. Same spirits at play. And getting more the same every day.

  2. Yang has a lot of policies I don’t like at all. But on UBI and job loss through automation, he’s spot on. Those issues are interconnected. If you believe that only lower-status jobs are going to be replaced by AI, you are sorely mistaken. AI reads x-rays more accurately than humans, makes faster and smarter financial trades, does perfect accounting and bookkeeping, and an AI interface has even been doing better with vets and their PTSD than psychiatrists. If there’s not much viable work out there for even the highly educated or skilled and experienced, everyone will need the safety net of a guaranteed income.

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