Mark Zuckerberg Supports Universal Basic Income

Tough choice.

Who do I dislike more? I’d say Steve Forbes because even Zuckerberg supports giving everyone in White America the $1,000 a month. Zuckerberg is saying … tax me please, so you can get $1,000 a month. In contrast, there is no upside to Steve Forbes’s policies.

There’s no upside to mainstream conservatism in general. You’re getting MIGA, mass immigration and an economy structured to favor wealthy people. Good riddance!

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  1. Republicans openly admit that they string southerners along with talk of immigration control, cracking down on black criminality, etc. The so called “southern strategy.” They flat out tell us that they are lying as part of their strategy and that they don’t intend to do any of this stuff.

    • In 2016, Trump ran on “law and order,” but he delivered anarchism and criminal justice reform. He ran on being “strong on the border” while in reality presiding over the collapse of immigration enforcement. He ran on “America First,” but has hired neocons to meddle and intervene in the internal affairs of foreign countries from Syria to Ukraine to Venezuela.

  2. Universal basic income in western countries would be the final nail in the coffin for the white man. The flood of welfare-seeking immigrants would increase exponentially. Another reason UBI is a bad, bad idea is that it crushes the spirit of man. When you don’t have to struggle to provide for yourself and your family all meaning is removed from life and people will fall into apathy and despair. Not having to work for money robs people of the pride and dignity that comes from achieving an honest days pay for an honest days work. In addition to these psychological problems It would create a massive underclass of both whites and non-whites. I believe something similar to a UBI was tried by the Roman Empire and it failed. People were willing to sacrifice quality of life in exchange for a life of ease and the whole system was unsustainable.

    • 1.) Has it occurred to you that wage slavery is the primary force driving immigration and changing demographics? Simply put, it is the attraction of Third World labor to First World capital. It doesn’t appear that way.

      2.) The spirit of man is crushed … by not working 24/7 for an employer? That’s weird. Currently, we work far longer hours than our Medieval ancestors ever did. The trend toward work has been spiraling UP since around 1700. Aristotle would have argued the opposite and said the contemplative life and the social life is superior to the life of drudgery.

      3.) UBI doesn’t exist and White people are falling into apathy and despair right now.

      4.) This is pure conservative nonsense. $1,000 a month isn’t much. The vast majority of people would still work. Their lives would just be less stressful because they would have more leisure time. Did the planter class in the Old South feel robbed of the pride and dignity of work by having hundreds of slaves? No, they had to manage those slaves, plus they rejected the retarded way that Yankees thought about work. They agreed with Aristotle that man is a social being and is alienated under free market capitalism.

      5.) Something similar to UBI was tried in the American South. It was called slavery. We’re very familiar with the system. I’ve spent years studying slavery and can tell you our culture has gone to shit under free society and its system of wage slavery. In fact, there is a strong correlation between the intensity of wage slavery and deracination and deculturalization and stress levels that cause nihilism, drug addition, fanaticism and suicide. Southerners were observing this in the 1850s.

      6.) Under the current system, our quality of life is deteriorating AND the average White person is more economically stressed. The stress rolls over into a thousand different social ills whether it is suicide or divorce or fantasy ideologies like socialism which promise to repair the social fabric through collective ownership of the means of production. If we improve our well being, we can solve a host of problems.

      • I see–so the antebellum South was right all along. You seem to have been arriving at that conclusion about half a dozen times a day, since you were fourteen.

      • Well lets look at an example of what you just said.

        “Has it occurred to you that wage slavery is the primary force driving immigration and changing demographics?”

        Most of the nations in Eastern Europe, especially the Baltic states, have had very low wages for long times.

        However, they were never overrun by immigration. This still stands today.

    • And yet, UBI in Yang’s platform is specifically only for US citizens not on other welfare.

      How does that make it so that the 30 million illegal aliens will receive it?

    • Hey, it’s worth a shot.

      What would you have me believe? Should I believe that a White conservative will keep his promises? Donald Trump and 40 years of history have shown otherwise.

      • >”Hey, it’s worth a shot”

        No it’s not.
        If you put Yang in office he brings with him the rest of his party. He will still be likely to implement their dangerous ideology.

        Putting the Democrats in power in 2020 given their extreme far left ideology and the fact that they don’t even hide their anti-White hatred any more is extremely dangerous. You want amnesty for illegals? You want “hate speech laws”? You want draconian gun regulations? How about slavery reparations?

        Is $1,000 a month and being able to say that you “stuck it to Trump” worth it? And no, Trump is not a good option either, and yes I’m extremely disappointed in him. But purposely putting the people who are open about being our enemies in power is absurd.

        Supporting this Yang clown (or any leftist in today’s world) is treason to the Country, the West as a whole, and our race.
        $1,000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver.

  3. a great rule of thumb: if mark zuckerberg is for something, you should be against it. like all far left jews, he is an extremely reliable contrarian indicator.

    if america just did the exact opposite of everything far left jews want, it would be 1000 times better off.

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