Quiet Storm

This was … very interesting.

The embed was screwing up for some people here. Follow the link to watch their take.

We have a much more positive take on the Silicon Reich than the dirty anarchists. Looks exciting to me. I can’t imagine the old MIGA oligarchy from the 20th century surviving this transition.

What is the “theory of the case” for Biden or Buttplug?

Why are some White Nationalists backing Yang? Because he is the only presidential candidate who has a f***ing clue that we are living in the 21st century! Just watch the videos below. Imagine our dark horse Yang appearing on the campaign stage alongside this robotic belle Sophia here. Elon Musk is right that we have to maintain human supremacy over the robots now.

Yang’s vision of the future is Caprica. What is Blompf’s vision? Going back to the 1950s with his fellow Boomers? Beto O’Rourke’s vision? He doesn’t even have one. LOL

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  1. There is something strange on this page Hunter. When I refresh it my browser asks me to give it permission to download a file.

  2. The advances they are listing means people won’t need a boring shitty job to live.

    3D printing for example will mean almost anything you want, you can make in your home for free. You can even make another 3D printer and give it to your friends.

    The only problem they need to solve is how to grow food crops faster. Imagine if you could grow food crops to maturity in your home inside of a week. With 3D printing and that technology you would never have to work again.

    This will be like the open source software revolution. Instead of paying Microsoft or Apple money so they can spy on you for the NSA, you can download a free and clean operating system from the open source community, with all the software you need on it for free.

    Of course this is all dependent on White countries not turning brown. Brown countries do not invent anything. All brown countries collapse and starve without extensive outside support.

    • “Capitalism was adjudged by the sociologists of the time to be the culmination of bourgeois rule, the ripened fruit of the bourgeois revolution. And we of to-day can but applaud that judgment. Following upon Capitalism, it was held, even by such intellectual and antagonistic giants as Herbert Spencer, that Socialism would come. Out of the decay of self-seeking capitalism, it was held, would arise that flower of the ages, the Brotherhood of Man. Instead of which, appalling alike to us who look back and to those that lived at the time, capitalism, rotten-ripe, sent forth that monstrous offshoot, the Oligarchy.

      Too late did the socialist movement of the early twentieth century divine the coming of the Oligarchy. Even as it was divined, the Oligarchy was there—a fact established in blood, a stupendous and awful reality. Nor even then, as the Everhard Manuscript well shows, was any permanence attributed to the Iron Heel. Its overthrow was a matter of a few short years, was the judgment of the revolutionists. It is true, they realized that the Peasant Revolt was unplanned, and that the First Revolt was premature; but they little realized that the Second Revolt, planned and mature, was doomed to equal futility and more terrible punishment.”
      -Jack London, the Iron Heel
      (imo, a more useful book to us than the Turner Diaries, which was directly inspired by it)

  3. Gonna have to agree with the anarchists here. Yeah, this technology COULD be used to make humanity freer… but it won’t be, because the people who control the financing, research, development, and distribution of the technology have absolutely no incentive to allow that. Television could be a good thing if not controlled by Hollyw??d. Facebook might be useful if not controlled by (((Zuckerberg))), and DARPA.

    Case in point: you will never have unlimited access to 3D printing technology. Why? Well, remember how many people were losing their shit over 3D printed guns? Imagine how the average EU member state is going to feel when someone figures out how to 3D-print an RPG, or a heavy-caliber sniper rifle.

    • I watched a documentary called Deep Web about the guy they think ran the Silk Road website. It was a website hidden in the Tor network, where people could buy anything that is criminalized by governments.

      The police failed to catch him and it took the resources of the US intelligence communty to catch a guy and pin it on him, but in the end all that resulted from their expensive investigation, is many more Silk Road clones opened up. It is the same with the movie pirates. For evey site they shut down and jail the operators, even more sites open up.

      They won’t be able to stop 3D printers no matter how much tax dollars they waste on it. They will be far too useful, so everyone will want one in their basement, legal or not.

      Historically anyone who has tried to stand in the way of a rising technolgy has been steamrolled by it. This won’t be any different.

  4. Good: if the interest in Andrew Yang injects a pro human / anti AI-robotics-transhumanism strain into the movement, then when Yang vanishes the important thing will remain.

    Although… I did see him at 2% in one recent poll, doubling his average!

    By the way, the answer is not hush money (the $12,000 per year) the answer is total or near total bans. Work is good for the human soul, idleness destructive. God’s alleged punishment in Eden was no punishment at all, but a disguised blessing – much like family and motherhood.

    3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

    3:19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

    • There will be plenty of work to do in post-modernity.

      After advances in robotics and AI wipe out 80% of jobs in the United States and create unimaginable levels of new wealth and social dislocation, we will have no choice but to redistribute that wealth and raise the standard of living of everyone. Then we will have to set to work repairing all the damage to our culture from five centuries of free market capitalism.

      As I have explained in previous posts, UBI will start to “unwind” the modern world itself over the course of several generations by giving people the wealth to simply move wherever they want to go in the world. In such a way, violent conflict to reconstruct homogeneous ethnostates can be completely avoided and the apocalypse averted.

      • It really seems to bother some folks that people would be able to work at what they want to work at, rather than what they’re forced to work at, doesn’t it, Hunter?

        Making the peons believe that swinking practically every moment of their lives for a corporation, rather than working for themselves and spending time with their families before they grow old and die, is somehow an expression of virtue is one of the neatest tricks of the (((modern capitalists))).

  5. We cannot turn back the clock on technological advances, so welcome to the future.

    Why should we fear an AI and android future? International Jewry and their shabbos goyim useful idiots are a clear and present danger to the existence of our people and culture. How could AI compare to the spawn of Satan and their pernicious agendas?

    • Well the very rich will have control of AI at first, and will use it to suppress those they do not like.

      And of course the AI the PTB first create, will be the most dangerous kind. The kind that can improve itself. Hopefully we will survive that mistake, and only build the safer kind from then on.

  6. “I can’t imagine the old MIGA oligarchy from the 20th century surviving this transition.”
    – From your mouth to God’s ears. Yiddish ‘proverb’ (God does not hear the ‘prayers’ of a Jew)

    “-Jack London, the Iron Heel (imo, a more useful book to us than the Turner Diaries, which was directly inspired by it)” Chad, here’s a fun rabbit hole to read about Jackie London…… FWIW

    “UBI will start to “unwind” the modern world itself over the course of several generations by giving people the wealth to simply move wherever they want to go in the world. In such a way, violent conflict to reconstruct homogeneous ethnostates can be completely avoided and the apocalypse averted.” – HW

    As I’ve said, part of Yang’s appeal (to me) is that he REALIZES the CWII that will come, if we do NOT resolve the discrepancy of free gibs for some (undeserving poor/Non-Whites), and not for others (Whites). He’s taken the time to interview, get to know, and work (for a time) along many of the White Middle America Truckers, who have said, they WOULD block interstates with their rigs, if their jobs were to suddenly disappear, due to AI/Robotics/LEFTIST DISDAIN.

    And why not? They would have NOTHING left- just as the Irish had, during the Potato Famine- it was only the British ARMY that kept them from turning and exacting vengeance on the English for their lack of compassion, then.

    But Yang understands that MANY White Americans in the heartland also have MANY MORE GUNS THAN ANY OTHER NATION AT ANY OTHER TIME IN HISTORY. UBI is just the first step in a re-stratification of society, to ease ALL Americans in a post-4th Industrial Revolution era.

    And, sorry to say, as a boomer, most of my generation will NOT get this. It’s only because I have been reading and teaching you ‘youngsters’ over the last twenty years, that I even have realized the world is too far gone from the machinations of the Jews of the 1960’s, that we can never return ‘en masse’ to the 1950’s…. but that sure didn’t stop us from voting for Trump. However…..

    Now that DT has destroyed that vision, and shown that ‘one man’ cannot restrain ‘the Jew,’ we need to have universal and corporate (body) freedom (and $1k a month!) to ‘effect massive social change,’…… even if it appears to be ‘socialist.’

    Labels are not the issue anymore. But the MIGA? That’s all they have. Even though Reagan said, ‘tear down that wall,’ the Berlin Wall of the mind still remains in many men’s heads.

    • Most people regardless of age are incapable of processing what Yang is saying and thinking through the implications.

      AI and automation of production will transform the economy. The world will become vastly wealthier than it is today. Most people will be driven out of employment. Capitalism as it has existed for 500 years in the forms of chattel slavery or wage slavery will be over. Effectively, it will be the end of the modern world which began with Columbus in 1492 and the beginning of globalization across Eurasia and the Americas.

      In a weird way, the world will begin to UNSORT itself as poverty is abolished. Eliminate the push/pull effect of material want and people will begin to prioritize higher order needs like community and identity. Once people have the money to do so, there will be a sort of peaceful balkanization as largely homogeneous nations emerge from the landscape we have inherited which was sculpted by capitalism.

    • But Yang understands that MANY White Americans in the heartland also have MANY MORE GUNS THAN ANY OTHER NATION AT ANY OTHER TIME IN HISTORY.

      And is worried that we’re going to us them on his own people purely out of envy, desperation, and a belief his people are aligned with the PRC. So the other side of the UBI pacification policy is to end civilian gun manufacturing in the US and importation to it, and regulate ownership out of existance.

      Unlike UBI, which as many have noted will never fly for whites with the Uniparty ruling class that has control of the Congress and the Federal court system, his gun control proposals are perfectly aligned with their desires and would get serious traction.

      He’s not our friend. He fears us, and wants to put us in a position where we’re both less likely to attack his people, and simply unable to effectively do so without resorting to extreme measures like killing cities wholesale by shutting down the electrical systems that feed them.

  7. What the hell does technology have to do with a country no longer having enough social capital to maintain a border?

    We no longer have slaves (just debt slaves), we can travel fast (as long as infrastructure holds out), and we have good health care (but get used to being treated by non-white doctors, nurses and CNAs, so we’ll see how long that lasts).

    But we don’t really have a country. And we don’t really have a country more and more every day.

    I still can’t wrap my mind around it. Are we trying to get used the idea of being computer-enhanced, spoon-fed human capital on the open borders global plantation because there’s nothing we can do about it?

    Do we get freedom of association in our AI/UBI world? Can we have a creche on our town’s mainframe building’s lawn? Can we hire and fire who we want on our local farms? Will we be allowed to prevent poz from being broadcast over our state’s broadcasting system? Will we have inalienable rights to our implanted microchip money allocator?

    In other words, will we have control over our own culture? This is the issue, regardless of technology. No “new world” is coming where we won’t feel the pain of having given up control of our own destinies.

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