Trump: The Media Is The ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

I feel like he has said this … 1,000x now?

There is a grain of truth here.

If you read the woke supremacists at Far Left sites like BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post, it is easy to see why Trump supporters believe the media is the enemy of the people. Demonizing these poor NEETs because they want girlfriends seems like the wrong approach?

Yang has a plan to fix this problem though.

He is going to detoxify the mainstream media by paying leftwing journos to chill out and go cover local news in Bumfuck, NH instead of whipping up vicious social media outrage mobs all day on Twitter. He is also going to address the mental health crisis on the Far Left that sees “hate” and “racism” and “white supremacy” in the most friendly, mundane encounters in life.

Virtually the entire mainstream media bought into the narrative that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because of a Russian conspiracy when it was really their own toxic rhetoric. LMAO!

Note: If the violent apocalypse that is being fomented by political correctness is averted, I’m optimistic that everyone will calm down. Even Trump’s Boomers will take the $1,000 a month and finally retire and relax once they realize that Yang isn’t coming to get them.

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  1. Trump’s attacks on the media are the only and only good thing (apart from SCOTUS) appointments that he has done and continues to do. For all that he has reneged on his every other promise, it is only fair to give him credit for this. Because the media IS the prime reason why the American public is as Left-leaning as it is (and these days, that increasingly includes the South — face it). There is not a “grain of truth” in saying that media is the enemy of the (true) American people, it is ENTIRELY the truth.

    As for Yang’s idea, it’s utter nonsense. No financial incentive to get media to cover local news will wean them off of their grievance journalism. That’s because the promotion of cultural Leftist is fully a religion to them, with all of the fanatical motivation that that implies. You might as soon try to pay off a 1st-century Christian martyr about to die in the Coliseum to renounce Christianity as get most journalists to stop wailing their social-justice screeds. It is functionally the same to them as a holy crusade.

    • Yeah, it reminds me a little of Romans paying protection money to barbarians before the collapse of their empire.

      Yang should make UBI dependent on the journos giving up their anti-white religion. If a journo writes an anti-white article that month he should not get his UBI. Money punishments work.

      • His SCOTUS appointments were only good in relation to how bad they would have been with Hillary.

        Well, yes. But very obviously, that has to be the measure — for everything. It’s no good grading on a scale of fantasy-to-reality.

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