Woke Supremacy: Christopher Mathias Finds Another Racist Heretic

Christopher Mathias is a sad Antifa blogger who is employed by The Huffington Post who seems to have made it his mission in life to persuade White Nationalists that violence is the answer to their social and economic marginalization in our society:

“A teacher in Texas has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into his alleged ties to a white nationalist group, school officials confirmed to HuffPost Thursday.

Stephen Arnquist, who teaches Japanese at Skyline High School in Dallas, will remain on leave “pending the outcome of an investigation” into comments Arnquist allegedly posted online, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Independent School District said in a statement.

Earlier Thursday, anonymous anti-fascist activists from an Oregon-based group called Eugene Antifa posted an article alleging that Arnquist is a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa. …”

Is this a very, very, very MORAL person or rather another Brooklyn-based self-righteous asshole?


This is really dumb and counter-productive. This guy was teaching a bunch of black and Hispanic children in Texas. Surely, that makes him an evil, wicked hater!

The more likely answer is that Arnquist’s career in public education simply turned him on to the persistence of racial differences in intelligence and academic performance. Those racial differences have endured for literally centuries in spite of the trillions of dollars which have been spent trying to eradicate them in our current futile quest to create a racial utopia.

What has been accomplished here? Christopher Mathias has probably succeeded in further radicalizing this poor guy. He has succeeded in making reasonable discussion of a taboo subject in our public discourse even more toxic. He has succeeded in convincing more people to perceive “journalists” as commissars and to hate them. He has excited all the Antifa fanatics on his Twitter feed with another “Nazi scalp.” He has almost certainly convinced this guy to vote for Donald Trump in 2020 as well!

The Fringe Left is one of Donald Trump and the GOP’s strongest allies. They probably saved the Senate for the GOP in 2018 simply by convincing people in Florida that the alternative was Antifa.

Note: I’d like to thank American Mind for coining the new term “Woke Supremacy.” We’re currently going through another shameful episode of witch hunting and zealotry in our country. One day people will look back on this like the Chinese and regret going down this road.

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  1. The irony of it all, is because he understood differences between groups, and did not patronize them, they probably really learned under him. The next teacher will know how to spew all the “woke” platitudes, and the kids won’t learn anything. He probably now has a cold hatred of “woke” now. Doing things like this doesn’t make people repent. They just get madder.

  2. It really is clown world. Reminds me of Soviet control over Russia during Bolshevik control. Neighbor ratting out neighbor. Now it’s Whites ratting out Whites.

    • No, you have not Soviet Russia, you have worse. We understood the problem and fought back until we won. We had our own liberal control methods all the time.

      West has not even understood the genetic white liberal problem. That is why Mr. Spencer and Mr. Taylor get thrown out from Eastern Europe.

      Genetic white liberal is the root cause of all problems and story about good white race is as dangerous myth as story about good humanity.

      • The root of the problem in the West is genetic white conservatives. Genetic white conservatives insist on calling their enemies what they like to be called, then pretend to act all surprised when they lose decade after decade.

        A liberal lets others express their opinions without punishing them. A true liberal does not act on primitive impulses to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of those they disagree with.

        The left are anti-white to the bone, and use a combination of psychological terrorism, and totalitarianism to suppress white identity. The left do not tolerate any opinion unless it is anti-white. So why do conservatives insist on calling the left nice sounding names like liberal, when they know it is a lie?

        It is either a (((massive conspiracy))) to provide covering fire for the left, or Conservatism Inc has an (((incurable mental illness))).

        • That is why you losing.

          Liberals work. Pro whites whine. Mr. Mathias is not intellectual. He smoked out enemy, got him destroyed and then celebrated to keep other,s scared and down.

          Why white liberals do not have website like Amren or Occidental Observer where very smart people wrote very smart BS for 40 years ?

          And this is also the reason why Mr. Spencer and Mr. Taylor getting thrown out from Eastern Europe. We do not let to derail successful liberal hunt to abstract discussion until nobody can,t understand nothing anymore.

          Find liberal, destroy his life and then find next. Why nationalists need conservatives, philosophy, Western Culture, , Christianity.

          Liberal is like school bully. You need to beat the shit out of bully, not discuss very smart things 40 years.

      • Not quite worse than the Soviet Union, so far. We don’t have gulags or neck-shooters….yet. They’ll destroy your life in other ways. And “the West” of right now IS the genetic white liberal. They took over with female voting rights and two World Wars.

        • edit…voting rights should be earned in some way, not a privilege for any jackass, male or female, who can lift a pencil or push a button

  3. As they say….. youth is wasted on the young.

    They’re marginalized now and they will be marginalized later. They will never be fixed, even slightly.

  4. That creature from Huffpo has an unnatural mouth. One doesn’t even want to contemplate the acts required to get the lips to reconfigure into that shrunken-up, slit-like appearance.

  5. That White teacher was probably doing a great job of educating his black and brown students, much more so than the other, nonwhite teachers in that school. So what Christopher “Weird Face” Mathias actually did was ruin the only chance those colored kids had to get a decent education.

  6. Eventually, someone will seek revenge for this kind of scalphunting, up close and personal. Those soyboys can preen all they like behind the safety of their keyboards, but they have to leave the basement sometimes. I’m surprised there hasn’t yet been retaliatory violence against people in the Antifa limpwrist set.

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