Ben Shapiro Interviews Andrew Yang

This is a great interview.

Imagine having a president who isn’t a party hack or a moron for once. Is this even possible?

Do you know why I am voting for Yang? Can you imagine Yang debating Blompf in 2020? It cracks me up just thinking about it. I don’t care how mad it makes some people who are reading this website. The thought of Yang debating Blompf on his policies and their visions of the future of the country is precisely the conversation we need to be having right now.

I want to see these debates. It has to happen!

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  1. I’m not mad about anyone supporting Yang, as long as they don’t approach it by asserting that whatever Yang promises, he will implement.

    Because that’s a fiction. It never happens.

    On the other hand, if someone supports Yang under the assumption that he won’t actually implement any of his promises, that’s fine. I’m just not persuaded that there is an upside to a Yang-Presidency without the implementation of any Yang promises. (Whether those promises are desirable is altogether another matter.)

    Disrupter-talkers have uses. But as we’ve seen with Trump, disuptive talk without action is of limited benefit at best.

    • Based Charlie Chan is an “ideas” man, he is not presidential timber. All that visionary talk of his would evaporate like an overnight frost on a warm spring morning the moment he actually took office, which will never happen anyway.

      Ben Shapiro is the funniest anti – semitic caricature I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Yes, that’s how it would undoubtedly go. Yang would end up being just as conventional a Democrat president, despite his Populist talk, as Trump turned out to be a conventional GOP president, despite his Populist talk. Except it would be today’s kind of “woke” Democratic administration.

        And that’s not a cheery prospect at all.

        (Not that the present situation has been anything but consistently disappointing. It has been, to say the least, But for all that one can glibly say, “[x] couldn’t be worse,” well, unfortunately, things really could be even worse, and it is a failure of imagination not to realize that. Reparations; a fully SJW Supreme Court; a Juan-Castro-penned border policy — it’s all on the table.)

  2. Well that was a very interesting interview. There are two things to look at here, one being the message and the other is the man. As far as the message, it’s bold and forward thinking. Will his ideas work? Well, maybe in a utopian world. He is though the only Democrat candidate offering a different approach. As for the man, I find him very likable and if he can get past the liberal media’s hold on the controlled message he might get somewhere.

    In closing, I do believe his policies should be tried on a state level first. He should run for a governorship and prove the model, then bring it to the nation. So far a Yang has not proven himself worthy either with his accomplishments nor proven his policies.

    • Yes, it was.

      You’ve got to admit it is refreshing to have something to think about for a change instead of the same old show of two Boomers screaming at each other or politicians playing games.

    • LMAO, I know.

      We need to support a WHITE MAN like Blompf who shares our identity, who shares our values and who is on our side, right? Because, if the last two years have taught us anything, Blompf is on our side, not Israel’s side, right? Blompf is on the side of the people, not all the wealthy Jewish donors who stuffed millions of dollars down his Orange throat, right?

      Fuck you, Ben, and everyone like you who supports these con artists simply because they are White. That’s the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard.

  3. If non-citizens are counted in the 2020 Census there will be a massive increase in the number of House of Representatives seats for 2022(I think it is two years) in high minority/immigrant districts. I think the supply of “Ilhan Omars” is going to be virtually unlimited.

  4. Yang is another fraud and people who fall for him are delusional to rely on his bogus left wing economic rationalizations. I heard most of these economic rationalizations as a teenager during LBJ’s phony “War on Poverty.”

    You’re being played. He’s openly paying people for votes and elections will become even more openly simply auctions for votes. Candidates will start competing by promising “pay raises” to recipients of “Freedom Dividends.”

    This whole thing is as bogus as FDR’s New Deal which didn’t put a dent in unemployment for eight years leading up to the war.

  5. I have to say, this was a good interview, and the more I listen to Yang talk through his proposals the more I like what he says. Honestly, I’m not sure how anybody can go on air with Shapiro, because his voice and whole demeanor, to say nothing of his smug personality and very – shall we say – hand-rubbing – personal views about the economy and society at large, are grating to say the least.

    It was also very interesting to hear them talk about the conflict between doctors and nurse practitioners/PAs regarding rural care. My wife is in medical school, and we are both from a small town to which I would like to return after she completes her residency program (my family is from the country and owns a farm and my dad would love for me to take over in some capacity while he starts to eye slowing down in a primary role). However, she is not in favor of moving back home due to the reasons discussed in this interview: the end pay for primary care MDs is not great when compared to specializationsome and, sadly, the low average income of many people that live there. At no point along the way in med school do any of her professors encourage my wife or her classmates to serve in rural communities where there is such a great need for primary care physicians, while simultaneously ragging on PAs and nurse practitioners who would be happy to serve in that role, especially given the rise of telemedicine for when a doctor is strictly necessary. It is very disheartening, to say the least.

    It was also kind of eerie hearing Yang and Shapiro talk earlier in the interview about “reenergizing the pioneer spirit” of America earlier on. Here we have two foreigners, both of the worst kind of rootless mercantile stock (which is pretty rich coming from somebody at least half Anglo, but this is my country, dang it) talking about people being forced by the market and (((market forces))) to forever be on the move from state to state or city to city, often far away from family and roots generally as if that was the 21st century version of hewing a farm and homestead out of the American frontier. Give me a break!

    My conclusion after listening to the whole interview is that many of Yang’s policy proposals sound good on paper, even if they have little chance of coming true in the multi-cult hell that, frankly, exists because a traitorous greed-motivated elite and “foreign actors” (I had to chuckle when /ourguy Andy dropped that little morsel on Lil Benny, even if he could have just as easily meant Russia or even – lololol- China) imported people like the two of them and permits then to live here indefinitely and even lets them run for president. Some of his unstated policy positions would doubtlessly be unappealing for many conservative white voters. On the balance I think it’s good that he, like most westernized Asians I know, doesn’t seem to go all that hard for political correctness and is at the very least smart and personable in public. In private, Asians are some of the most hilariously “rayciss” people you will meet, but that is another matter entirely.

    In the end, UBI and a return to the slave economy via the “machine plantation” sounds like a great platform to me…when, as Dr. Hill says, we have a free and independent South again.

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