MIGA: Sheldon Adelson and RJC Plot Jexodus

For the first time in my life, I am backing Sheldon Adelson on something:

“LAS VEGAS — Republicans are planning a multimillion-dollar offensive aimed at fracturing the Democratic Party’s decades-long stranglehold on the Jewish vote.

Spearheading the push is the Republican Jewish Coalition, which receives substantial funding from casino mogul and GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. On Friday morning, the group’s board members — many of them prominent Republican Party donors — gathered in a conference room at Adelson’s Venetian resort, where they were briefed on plans for a $10 million-plus blitz geared toward attracting Jewish support for President Donald Trump. The investment, people familiar with the early discussions say, will far surpass what the group has spent in past presidential elections.

With Democrats embroiled in a wrenching internal debate over anti-Semitism and support for Israel, Republicans are moving to capitalize with an aggressive campaign painting Trump — who himself has at times faced accusations of stoking anti-Semitism — as a fierce and unapologetic defender of the Jewish state.

“We’re at the intersection of a very unique moment in time where we have the most pro-Israel president ever in history in Donald Trump, and we also at the same time have the Democratic Party— because of the pressure of the progressive left— moving away from the traditional support for Israel that has existed going back to 1948,” said Matt Brooks, who has served as RJC executive director for nearly three decades.

“This strain within the Democratic Party is making those centrist and center-left Jews who care about these issues feel more and more uncomfortable, and with the strength of Donald Trump and the Republican Party on these issues we believe that we’ll be able to bring those folks over to the Republican side,” Brooks added. …”

Suppose for a moment that the Jexodus occurred.

The Jewish donors who have kept America embroiled in an endless culture war for two generations by controlling both political parties, antagonizing the White majority and stirring up racial minorities against Whites over a variety of obsolete historical grievances would henceforth be concentrated in a single party that is solely focused on the welfare and interests of Israel.

The GOP would then be reduced to a bunch of old people like Sheldon Adelson, Glenn Beck and Rep. Billy Long. Without the Jews in charge anymore, White populist voters could then shift over to the Democrats and vote for Yang and Blompf would lose in a landslide and we could move past political correctness and start focusing on building this high tech futuristic society in which robots and AI have replaced human workers and wage slavery has been abolished and replaced by Universal Basic Income.

For the first time in our entire lives, Congress would cease orbiting wealthy Jewish donors, the Jewish mainstream media, Israel and snapping to every whim of AIPAC and Jewish organizations. It is an exciting possibility to think about. We could finally move forward into the 21st century.

Note: Is this realistic? Not if a few dozen elderly wealthy Jewish donors like Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson continue holding us back.

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  1. HW, your theory has the makings of an entertaining political pot-boiler, but I’m afraid it contains far too many “what ifs” for it to work in real life. Most jews feel at home in the Democrat Party, the party of FDR, LBJ and Barney Frank. They keep around 20% of their tribesmen stationed in the Republican camp just to make sure it doesn’t stray into White Nationalism. Adelson and Saban will eventually leave the stage but they’ll simply be replaced by a younger generation of arrogant jew moneybags.

    • You’re right.

      I doubt they will all go. This is more of a fantasy of Sheldon Adelson that he can peel away Haim Saban and a bunch of big donors over Trump’s commitment to Zionism. Of course, even if he accomplished that and Zionists were in control of a single party instead of two, it would honestly improve things.

      • the Tikkun Olam hardLeft Jews that control and infest the demoncrat pty

        will no more turn “republican” than they will

        make aliyah to Israhell. Once again,

        HW is wandering about in Lotus-land,

        trying to find some way to vote hisself

        out of a Judeo-globalist deathtrap

        that has already snapped shut.

  2. The Dims are a party in total disarray with Boomer hippies like Chuck and Nancy butting heads with Young Guns like AOC and Omar – what unites the Reupukes is a love of Muh Capitalism, Stawks! and Israel.

  3. Or we could implement a ‘final solution’ paradigm, and rid the world of the seed of Satan/Antichrist, and bring in the Kingdom….
    Hey, it’s just as probable as the SoS all moving to the Blompf side of the aisle…..

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