Clown World: Julian Assange Has Been Arrested In London

Editor’s Note: I’m going to have to find a way to sharpen, amplify and redouble my attacks on Blompf and the GOP after this.

I’ve got to hand it to Blompf.

This is a very ballsy move: going all in on Sheldon Adelson’s MIGA agenda, allowing border security to collapse for the Chamber of Commerce, now having Julian Assange arrested in London, hauling him back to the United States to be put on trial by a cabal of neocons like Mike Pompeo:

“LONDON — Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who released reams of secret documents that embarrassed the United States government, was arrested by the British police on Thursday at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he had lived since 2012, after Ecuador withdrew the asylum it had granted him.

The Metropolitan Police said that Mr. Assange had been detained partly in connection with an extradition warrant filed by the authorities in the United States, raising the possibility that Mr. Assange, 47, could be sent there for trial on charges related to the publication of the documents.

President Lenín Moreno of Ecuador said on Twitter that his country had decided to stop sheltering Mr. Assange after “his repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols,” a decision that cleared the way for the British authorities to detain him.

The relationship between Mr. Assange and Ecuador has been a rocky one, even as it offered him refuge and even citizenship, and WikiLeaks said last Friday that Ecuador “already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest” and predicted that Mr. Assange would be expelled from the embassy “within ‘hours to days.’ ” …

I’m wondering … will President Andrew Yang pardon Julian Assange and have his Justice Department investigate and prosecute this foul, corrupt nest of neocon warmongers? How about we arrest and prosecute the people who were behind Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Venezuela, etc?


Note: Julian Assange has lots of supporters like Honk Honkler who are fans of international peace and humanity and who despise neocons. Just saying.

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  1. I got the feeling he made a mistake when he took up Ecuadorian citizenship, He posted a pictue of himself wearing their soccer jersey, He looked so pleased with himself, like he had outwitted his opponents. That just meant the Ecuadorian government could do anything they wanted with him. The Ecuadorian government began to screw him over almost immediately.

    • @Wally B @Jerry

      Why is it always “He should have…” or “He made a mistake…” ?

      Like he did something wrong? The same people that dragged him out of the door are the same people that will drag us out. It’s time to clear this sickness out of your heads.

      Another thing. When a white girl gets raped it’s funny how white people are ALWAYS LIKE …. “Well, she shouldn’t have been there.” I have stopped doing this! The wrong person is the person that thinks like this, and ultimately the person responsible for what is happening to us.

      • “Like he did something wrong? The same people that dragged him out of the door are the same people that will drag us out. It’s time to clear this sickness out of your heads.”

        Mother nature has no mercy. She does not care about your sense of justice. If you don’t do what works. she will remove you from the gene pool.

        “Another thing. When a white girl gets raped it’s funny how white people are ALWAYS LIKE …. “Well, she shouldn’t have been there.” I ”

        Oh thats different.

        When a White kills non-Whites, the entire world is outraged because they believe Whites are humans that are responsible for their actions.

        But when a non-White kills a White, they shrug their shoulders and say shit happens.

        Non-White attacks are treated exactly like animal attacks. If dumb hikers insist on visiting bear infested woodlands, some of them will get eaten from time to time. That’s life.

        • @Jancine
          I didn’t say justice. And the woman getting raped is no different than this man getting raped by ZOG.

  2. Assange and Wikileaks helped Trump get elected. So did millions of Whites. This is how (((Trump))) repays his supporters. Trump Delenda Est

  3. Good.
    This piece of work is guilty of espionage against a number of countries. Just because we are not fans of a number of his targets does not mean we can condone such dangerous behavior. Do you really think a person like Assange is a friend of pro-Whites? Be honest now. I don’t get the affection that many otherwise intelligent pro-Whites have for this clown. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a very dangerous policy in the real world.

    He’s an awful human being and it’s a travesty that he was sheltered for so long by a third world cess pit of a country. With any luck he’ll be made to pay for his crimes. As for his rather undignified arrest…well, I love to watch bad things happen to bad people!

    • Anybody who stands up to the baby-killing terrorist organization that is the United States military is my friend.

      But, go ahead and cheer at Julian being waterboarded and beaten by ZOG…

        • Yes, yes….
          Everyone who disagrees with me is a jew/troll/fed/cointelpro/supersecretagent/whatever. Paranoid much? Pardon me while I roll my eyes.

          Has it ever occurred to you that some pro-Whites care about the rule of law even though the current system is badly flawed?

    • Assange and Snowden are people that I would look at, after everyone else responsible for the subversion of our civilization has been dealt with. Until then, bigger fish and all that. Pollard is scheduled to be released next year, the agreement was made in 2015 as part of the Iran deal though they deny it, and he has been “free” but unable to leave the country heretofore. National security is a fucking joke to these criminals.

  4. In one of his last public interactions, Julian Assange chastised someone who suggested there were trash people. He stated that there are no trash people, only nice and less nice people.

    No Julian, there is real Evil in the world. Once they have enough robot laborers, the rest of us are dead.

    Too bad too many will have to learn the hard way and too late.

  5. Our enemies end goal is for us all to be sent to their gulag to be tormented and tortured. Freedom of Speech is dead!!! The Oligarchs who rule America will start jailing bloggers soon. Mark my word.

    • Our enemies are the type who would horde us all into FEMA gulags then moan and groan that we’re “privileged” because we weren’t suffering every minute of every day. They’d torture someone for a week then lecture him on how lucky he was to be alive.
      We really need to put these people into gulags before they do it to us. #outgulagthejew

  6. This ‘arrest of Assange’ is kabuki theatre. Every major government knows, that there is nothing real about either Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, both helping to identify and ‘rat trap’ real dissidents, who are turning up dead.

    Seems Assange was not really ‘living’ at the Ecuador embassy in London. The UK police ‘watched’ the place so UK intel could move him in and out for his meetings and photo opportunities. What you are seeing is the wind-down of the Assange fraud and farce … a nice distraction from the Brexit betrayal being enacted right now.

    Assange was admitted to be an Israel-shielding intel fake by no less than Benjamin Netanyahu himself, and also by Zbigniew Brzezinski on American public television (29 Nov 2010 PBS News Hour). Zbig made clear the leaks were ‘selected’ and highly limited, obviously an intel op. Assange served Israel well like a good little faker.

    Assange’s anti-Hillary leaks were part of the ‘control file’ to keep Hillary in line, so that they didn’t need to do a repeat of the fake ‘impeachment’ of Clinton to force him to bomb Serbia (which he did right after his ‘acquittal’), the surprise was that Trump won.

    At least two people who contacted Assange have turned up dead – Seth Rich & Peter W Smith. Assange pretends to be ‘concerned’ about the former; he denies receiving the latter’s files. Others are jailed. Assange and Snowden are ‘rat traps’, vehicles to destroy real whistle-blowers who are duped into contacting their CIA-goon media pumpers, NY Times, UK Guardian, Rothschild’s Greenwald, etc. We don’t know how many may have been quietly killed after contacting them.

    You will all notice that the Western powers have not de-platformed the allegedly criminal Wikileaks from fundraising, and they are shilling for more shekels right now … How zo?

    From Ian Greenhalgh on Veterans Today: « If Wikileaks were a real organisation carrying out real leaks that do real damage to real people and even nations, then those charged with protecting those people and nations, such as the FBI, would surely be kicking down doors and making arrests and extradition requests in order to reign them in and prevent further damage in future. The FBI is not looking for any Wikileaks people. No-one is hunting them, or cutting off their money, or even restricting their travel, or accusing them of anything … Without the protection of the FBI and other Israeli assets in the US, then Wikileaks could not operate nor could it survive very long. »

    Regarding Snowden, the intel agency report on why Snowden is a fake, is very thorough … Putin plays along on a ‘deal’ as he plays along on 9-11, Snowden is perhaps not even in Russia.

    For example, Snowden first ‘leaked’ to Bart Gellman, Dick Cheney’s friend and biographer at the CIA’s Washington Post, ha!

    Glenn Greenwald is not only a gay ex-p-rnographer (same previous profession as his friend Jimmy Wales of the CIA-Mossad Wikipedia), Greenwald has worked in turn for 3 billionaire families – Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, and now CIA-project-funder Pierre Omidyar.

    Another proof that Assange are Snowden are fakes, is how neither says a word regarding the devastating files on USA Virginia federal judge bribery – the very same judges who would allegedly put Assange & Snowden on trial if they were real. The bribery of Virginia federal judges was outlined in the US Dept of Justice file on Robert Mueller’s corruption, that helped shut down Mueller and prevent the Trump impeachment:

    Those files are already blocking a series of USA extradition requests for other people … yet Assange & Snowden say nothing, ‘not interested’ in what would make their own extraditions impossible.

  7. There has always been something too polished about Assange (and Snowden) for me to think that they are anything other a limited hangout – the way things have been going lately with Trump and his love of All-Things-Zionist it looks like mossad were the ones running the hangout.

  8. At least Pamela Anderson will no longer have to fly overseas to bring him casseroles.

    Not sure if Trump is behind this. You do know that he does not have TOTAL control over the government, correct?

    From Martin Armstrong at Armstrong Economics:

    “Julian Assange has been arrested by British police and the USA will no doubt want to put him on trial for ensuring Hillary lost the White House. The British Police say they were invited in the Ecuadorean embassy where he has been holed up since 2012 after the Ecuadorean government’s withdrawal of asylum. You can bet that there have been threats against Ecuador and rumor has it that the threats were rising to the level of blocking them from the Swift system.

    The rumblings behind the curtain are that the Democrats are behind this hoping to force him to say he got Hillary’s emails from Putin. The danger of all of this nonsense is simply the plain fact it will bring us one more step closer to World War.”

  9. I’m still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be arrested for the numerous felonies she has committed. Must be that Democrat privilege.

  10. Wow! Cuck Island must be proud of themselves. Scotland Yard can’t control criminal Islamic radicals in the jew kay, but boy oh boy can they roughhouse a forty year old thin White male.

    Talk about ‘bad optics.’

    Hopefully, Wikileaks retaliates by uploading some more damaging Deep State secrets.

    F*ck zog!

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