Tucker Carlson: Displaced By A.I.

Very interesting:

Very interesting:

More on Kai-Fu Lee.

Hurr Durr … Chinaman:

Guess whose books arrived here today?

I think this issue might be worthy of more of our attention.

Yeah, this is due to a combination of automation, offshoring, mass immigration and a broad shift back to the conservative-lolbertarian economic paradigm:

“What’s happening: Since the early 1970s, the American middle class has shrunk to about half of all families, from about 60%, according to Pew, a trend that’s taken on more importance since the financial crash, becoming a substantial feature of the nation’s broad disaffection.”

I’ve described in recent posts how bad it got here under sharecropping and farm tenancy until that way of looking at the world was marginalized in the Great Depression.

There is really only one choice in 2020.

Note: I’ve always read other smart people because I enjoy learning more about the world. See all the dozens of book reviews in our archives. Also, there is probably some dumb leftwing journo reading this site who wants to play the stupid “do you disavow” game, and will continue to ask Yang and Kai-Fu Lee about the budding interest of “white supremacists” in this subject.

YES, I am concerned about this issue and fascinated by the impact it is going to have on both my own future and that of everyone in my area, and I couldn’t care less what dumb politically correct leftwing journos think about it who are less vastly less educated than me. In fact, one of the best aspects of artificial intelligence and automation will be automating away the jobs of dumb leftwing journos and doing away with all of their politically correct nonsense.

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  1. What do you think will happen when there are more people out of work than in work? How will the small number of people still in work afford the taxes to support the burgeoning numbers of unemployed?

    How will companies fund the devcelopment of new products when hardly anyone can afford them? Imagine for instance it costs 50 million to develop a robotic vaccuum cleaner and there are X customers today, who can afford to buy one at $1500. What will the companies do in 20 years when most people don’t have a job? Will they increase the price of a robo vac to $20,000 per unit to make up for the much smaller number of units sold?

    What if the robotic revolution does not make the world wealthy, but breaks the economy instead? Could we end up in another great depression with no possibility of recovery?

    • Simple.

      The error is assuming that human beings are producing the wealth when it is now actually some combination of technology, energy, trade, investment and management. Millions of people will be driven out of the workforce because machines are creating wealth. We will simply redistribute it.

      • HW’s neo-Marxist delusions intensify:

        machines create products, not wealth. Wealth

        is created when people get paid to produce stuff, then use the wealth

        to create demand for more stuff. Under the UBI regime,

        people get paid to do nothing, then use the debtbucks to bid up price. Result:

        hyperinflation. Which is what just happened in Finland during a one-year beta-test of UBI.

      • The vast majority of jobs are bullshit jobs and produce nothing of value. Especially white collar jobs. The only reason they are not eliminated is the people at all levels of management boost their own salaries by hiring lots of underlings to do unimportant work.


        And don’t get me started on things like the legal profession or insurance industry. Lots of paper pushers adding nearly zero to the overall living standards of society.

        Think about it – what does an auto insurance company do but collect premiums from every driver and make payouts to those select few involved in crashes? I could do all that for 300 million American drivers on a single spreadsheet. Yet we have thousands? millions? employed in the auto insurance industry – actuaries, underwriters, accountants, agents, marketers, etc. etc. etc. Do they really do much important work that couldn’t be done more efficiently with a single spreadsheet?

        Same for lawyers – they spend all their time suing one another or hedging against lawsuits. A few write meaningful contracts to reflect complicated business transactions but that could eventually be automated too.

        However, the lawyers and the insurance agents will never give up their cushy salaries unless they have an alternative income stream.

        UBI is just a bare start – obviously no lawyer is going to take the $1000 bag and quit his job. But over time if taxes on the lawyers go up, and UBI for “doing what you want” also goes up, there will be an inflection point where the useless lawyers go off and do something actually productive – or at least something that isn’t detrimental to society.

        Seriously, what are the useful jobs?

        Programming robots to make clothes, cars, all material goods.
        Programming robots to plant crops, process crops & livestock, make food.
        Programming robots to build houses.
        Programming robots to run the plants that produce electricity (coal, nat gas, nuclear).
        Programming robots to be waiters, retail clerks, food preparers, baristas, etc.

        Hence, if you have no aptitude for coding, then your job is a bullshit job.

        And of course soon the robots will program themselves. So there go the coders’ jobs…

  2. > “Andrew Yang’s campaign and supporters struggle to push away extremists, leaked chats show”

    LOL, first the establishment was mad when Tay went racist. Now they can’t believe the racist extremists support Yang…

  3. Yang posted a video of AI diagnosing brain tumors more quickly and accurately than a panel of doctors.

    A lot of people think that automation and AI will only affect unskilled labor, but in reality most “educated” work is even more vulnerable. I recently had an argument with a pharmacist who claimed that his job was safe. I informed him that his job could already be fully automated right now. Dosing drugs is already basically a simple algorithmic process, and obviously counting out pills can be easily automated. The only thing preventing it is government regulation that requires licensing and so on for doctors and pharmacists. These jobs could be eliminated with the stroke of a pen on new legislation. The same is true for a lot of other professions too. Accountants, a lot of lawyers, etc.

    • Watch the videos above.

      I’ve started reading Lee’s book. I would recommend buying it yourself and reading it. I’m going to break it down over the next few weeks.

  4. I think that this period of time is different than when heavy industry was building itself up,say 100 to 150 years ago. Industry was actually creating something. This period seems to be marked by doing away with banking laws and running the stock markets up by any means necessary. The people running things want to play games with money and as long as the people at the top stay rich and get richer, they don’t seem to care what happens to anyone else. What happens when they can’t run real estate prices up anymore, or manipulate the equities markets? That’s the question.

  5. Don’t forget trans-humanism. The Enemy is going for immortality in this life, not the next. That’s why niceties won’t stop them, even threats won’t stop them, they have to stopped physically.

    I’ve long been hammering away at the threat of robots-AI-transhumanism, ahead of the curve yet again.

    I’m also ahead of the curve on the solution: state formation (via Partition).

    Once they have replacement workers (robots) we are all dead.

    That was what was so frustrating about the movement, we are for mankind and mankind’s God. Why are we losing? Because we were being lead by the Godless. Let’s get right.

    • How does partition solve our problems? How would we make the movement “right,” and also stop the rise of the robots? Please don’t just brag about your prescience, give us a clue that would help.

  6. hunter doesn’t know anything about robots, robotics, AI, or automation in general. he’s never thought about it before, and just encountered these ideas recently. that’s probably why he’s being taken by the totally stupid ideas coming out of yang, and other retarded ‘futurists’. this stuff sounds like bitcoin hucksters barking about the future of money.

    i chuckled in 2016 when he openly admitted he had never thought about ethanol before, for instance. as if he was proud about not knowing much about tech. who has ever thought about a 10 billion dollar industry before? not hunter wallace.

    10 years from now, mexicans will still be doing almost all these jobs. there won’t be some big AI unemployment wave. that is simply incorrect.

    i have a degree in robotics that i got over 20 years ago, worked professionally in the field, and have been paying attention to this stuff for decades. there’s a reason boston dynamics was sold at a loss. there’s a reason rethink robotics went out of business. there’s a reason ABB makes a killing on industrial robots, but there is not a single hamburger making robot being rolled out in mcdonald’s.

    it’s because robots are not about to replace all blue collar workers. if the smartest guys at MIT can’t make it work…

    cue absolutely retarded response from hunter, trying to tell me he knows more about robots and AI than a guy with a science degree in them.

  7. Again, the phantom of ‘Partition’ and not ONE proposal on HOW to do it.
    Might it ever occur to you, that AI and 4IR might be God’s will – either for the ‘end’ or for the overthrow of the Kingdom of the Deicides?

    We are talking of 2020, not the 23rd Century. How can we partition off ANY land, when we don’t have the resources (Money, troops, infrastructure, our own held businesses, etc.) to do so?

    Might as well talk about the CZ’s eschatological wet dream, the “Rapture.” Ugh. It’s the same pie-in-the-sky fantasy. And equally as heretical.

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