Trump Looks Forward To North Korea Peace Negotiations


This is why we elected him in 2016. For at least this fleeting moment until Mike Pompeo and John Bolton spoil it by throwing a monkey wrench into the peace talks, he isn’t Blompf.

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  1. I think you’re forgetting that Blompf torpedoed the previous talks because Pompeo wanted regime change and immediate disarmament in exchange for some sanctions going away.

  2. “This is why we elected him in 2016.”

    I elected him to keep the Clintons out of the White House and head off the possibility of war with Russia over Syria. And to ensure that Syria beat ISIL.

    If he did any of the other things, that’s just icing on the cake.

    In the long run, Trump is like any other President. No matter who wins, we still loose. Especially if We’re Southrons, Westerners or folks living in Yankeedom, who aren’t Yankees or Jews. Or as one Northern gentleman described them, “Bugmen and Yids.”

  3. The DPRK must be seeing all the stupid nonsense going on in this country and realize that they can bargain with the US from a position of strength. Drump is an inept fool and President Kim knows it.

  4. DPRK should provide a few of their nukes to Iran to offset israhell’s nuclear monopoly and blackmail of the Middle East with their “Sampson Option.” Plus it would be a big f*ck you to the MIGApedes.

    The North Korea’s may be a ‘hermit kingdom,’ but they are smart enough to understand that the same zio-globalists want to overthrow their regime.

    Make zog bend over and grab their ankles Chairman Kim.

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