Andrew Yang Pressed On Support From White Nationalists

Yang got hit with some tough questions tonight.

The media continues to press him on the “White Nationalists are supporting your campaign” talking point. It is important to remember these “journalists” are stupid.

You are damn right there are “White Nationalists” supporting Yang 2020. That’s because Andrew Yang has literally solved all our problems by helping us create a new social and economic paradigm. There are a lot of smart people involved in “White Nationalism” who are ahead of the curve.

Look, I have already pointed out this morning how during the Space Race in the 1960s we literally worked with Wehrner von Braun, a card carrying ex-Nazi, to walk on the moon. I’ve also repeatedly cracked jokes about how I need to be personally put in charge of the SPLC.

We don’t really hate anyone. We just want to “secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The thing is, there just hasn’t been until now a viable path to a White ethnostate, which actually shouldn’t be a controversial idea. After all, the world is already full of homogeneous peaceful ethnostates like China, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Hungary and lots of other countries.

The problem is that our part of the world is f***ed for a variety of reasons. It has become racially, culturally and ethnically heterogeneous. There is the toxic political correctness. I really don’t have the time to explain before Game of Thrones comes on at 9:00 PM, but the short answer is history and the rise of free-market capitalism in the form of chattel slavery and wage slavery during the modern era.

In the post-modern era of unimaginable abundance in which scarcity has been eliminated, as Yang pointed out to you, because of artificial intelligence, automation and robotics there will be so much wealth created over time that we will have to simply redistribute it to buy social peace. Yang understands that having more money and distributing it more equally will “unstick” the world.

In the long run, it means that your descendants will have the money to move wherever they want and not be a wage slave. Humans are social beings who need a positive sense of identity in life. When they have the money to resegregate, they will simply resort themselves into homogeneous tribes. “Solidarity” can manifest in an endless variety of forms whether it is racial, cultural, religious, ideological, etc.

Do you remember the Middle Ages? The world used to be a much less heterogeneous place before Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. The world will “unwind” itself in the age of artificial intelligence. It will naturally revert to being more homogeneous than it is today. Try thinking of it as being like a coiled spring of racial, religious and class animosity releasing itself.

Note: BTW, AI has made all of your ideologies obsolete. We’ve got to maintain human supremacy now!

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  1. Patrick Little is the only presidential candidate who is naming the jew. Therefore he shall get my vote. I made the mistake of re-creating Trump in my own image, a mistake I won’t be making again.

  2. When one considers the other Democrats running only Yang and Tulsi demonstrates any intelligence. Obviously, he has views I don’t agree with but he has done a great deal of thinking about the future.

  3. Patrick Little does an excellent job naming the Jew however he loses me with his talk of reparations. No reparations without repatriation.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about naming the Jew.

      The Jews have only been this powerful since around 1950. Sheldon Adelson is nearly dead and his ilk don’t have enough money to cling to power forever.

      • Why not? Adelson and his ilk keep getting richer as most of us get poorer. There’s always a new generation of rats to take over from the previous ones.

          • Which the Jews and other globalists created.

            And, by the way, Jews have had incredible power for more than two centuries. Their money system existed long before the Federal Reserve. Although central banking existed long before the Rothschilds.

  4. Trump has been a dismal failure for our people. He’s subservient to his Jewish Oligarch masters. For the record,I’d be willing to give Yang a try. Lest we forget the Germany and ?? alliance during WW2 aka Tripartite Pact in Berlin.

    • There was no alliance. Japan did ZERO to help Germany while making things worse, and Italy’s actions also made things worse.

      • Just imagine if Germany attacked the USSR from the West while Japan attacked the USSR from the East, with 0 involvement from the USA.

        One can only dream in retrospect…

  5. The way they use it, “White Nationalist” covers a heck of a lot of people.

    They call Trump and his 60 million supporters WN.

    They called Candice Owens WN. She was the only WN called up before their hearing on White Nationalism.

    They called Gavin McInnes and his multi-racial Proud Boys WN, when they defended themselves against a violent anti-Fa mob.

    They call the Conservative Republicans “racist, Nazi, KKK, WN”, routinely too.

    That’s a lot of people!

    • “White Nationalist” is another one of those negative, hostile terms the jews came up with that don’t really have any precise definition. It’s just more jewish name-calling in lieu of a sound, irrefutable argument.

      • That’s because White Nationalists are never permitted to define ourselves, or our grievances in the jew mainstream. They are so frightened of what we have to say, they violently attacked us in Charlottesville to stop us from speaking.

        Because we cannot define ourselves, the jews define us, and they define us as extremists, terrorists, and their definition of racists and White supremacists. None of their smears line up with our stated agenda which is “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

  6. Tribalism is the past and the future, because it’s part of human nature. Governments ultimately can’t change that, no matter how they try to force the issue. As Eastern Europe is proving, eventually there will be pushback against the idiotic, interfering machinations of the kakistocracy. The US is the closest thing the world has to the Kumbaya Utopia, but not many are really fooled by the propaganda. No matter what people might publicly say for the sake of their jobs or reputations, most of us know better. Heavily-mixed neighborhoods are rare, because there’s always a lot of conflict in such places. People just like to be among their own.

  7. Could it be, that the (((Jew))) fears the egalitarian nature of Yang’s 4IR/AI vision, and would do ANYTHING to enact their perverted vision of Jewish Supremacy?

    Why are they so antagonistic against ANYONE (even a lowly Chink!) that they would smear, and defame every single individual that does not see their Hegemony as somehow ‘divinely purposed’? (It’s not, BTW)

    Because Jews are PSYCHOPATHS, cursed by YHWH, and suffer the blood guilt of the Crucifixion….

  8. Listen folks as to Mr. Griffin’s strategy on this subject. Yang is correct about the social/economic upheaval that is on its way. On the Republican side, there will be no serious contender to Trump. On the Democratic side, there is where the action is. All of the candidates are detrimental to our political way of life, only Yang addresses other issues and has a plan.

    Yang, while we may not like most of his positions, sees things different than the other candidates. If your state allows you to vote in the Democrat primary, vote for Yang, it is that simple. While Yang may not win, it is his policy influence that will be his most important contribution.

  9. Boon in the adiuence said”as a survivor of Charlottesville” What crap lying media keep covering the facts and turning fat anti fa into martyr. Lots folks are white nationalist whether living in gated community,5 star hotels,suburbs whites by homes for better school and safety.Non whites with medium income flee violent hood.

    The problem is Capitalism and the welfare taxpayer funded feeds capitalism with consumerism.Stock market which is at above 20k is driven by consumerism,no real economy value.its ponzi sceme they account criminal justice prisons as economic value.

  10. I’d like to point out that Andrew Yang is absolutely not in favor of stopping the opioid problem. He outright said that his “fix” for it was to legalize most opioids.

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