Andrew Yang Draws Youthful Crowd In DC

Business Insider:

“WASHINGTON — Andrew Yang, the upstart Democratic presidential candidate without a background in politics, held a rally Monday at the Lincoln Memorial and drew a large and diverse crowd on an unseasonably cold and windy day.

Yang’s candidacy is unconventional and outside the mainstream, as is rallying in Washington while the rest of the Democratic field is traversing early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. …”

When chanting broke out, Yang did not try to reel the crowd back in to focus on his speech, instead joining them by repeatedly shouting, “Chant my name! Chant my name!”


What the hell is the “mainstream” anyway?

Is the “mainstream” what the media says it is or is it something different? No one trusts the media especially after getting the 2016 election and the Russia conspiracy hoax so wrong. My theory is that no one trusts “journalists” because they are so f***king dumb.

How am I outside the “mainstream”?

I’m an American citizen, right? I’m a voter, right? I voted in the 2016 election. Everyone who is outside the “mainstream” can still vote to send “journalists” a message.

Note: In 2016, the message that was sent was that we elected a moron as president because the political correctness and mass immigration had become so intolerable. Blompf literally almost won Minnesota and two years later the media still had clue why he came so close.

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