The Creeping AI Economic Revolution Is Here

While the rest of the Alt-Right was drunk on the Trump Train, I was far ahead of the curve on how Blompf was selling out to the donors and was going to screw everyone. Similarly, I am ahead of the curve on how Andrew Yang is only the messenger of a looming transformation:

“Walmart has offered a glimpse at how it plans to move its stores into the future, announcing the addition of 3,900 aisle-mopping and shelf-scanning robots to its floors.

Reality check: Though 3,900 robots is a massive deployment, the impact to jobs will be significantly diluted as those bots are spread across 4,700 stores, says Darrell West of the Brookings Institution.

Among the bots joining Walmart’s workforce: 1,500 autonomous janitors, 300 shelf-scanners, 1,200 truck unloaders and 900 pickup towers that put items ordered online into a vending machine for customers to retrieve. …”


“New York City is facing a transportation crisis that is triggering new political consensus on old ideas like congestion fees and is helping to move the needle — ever so slightly — toward self-driving cars as part of the solution.

Why it matters: New York’s past reluctance to embrace AV testing, for both practical and regulatory reasons, means the city has missed out on the tech buzz and new jobs that the robotaxi boom has brought to smaller cities like San Francisco, Phoenix and Pittsburgh.

Amid the crisis, a new AV pilot program in Brooklyn could signal a possible shift in attitude.
What’s happening: Optimus Ride, a Boston-based self-driving startup, plans to deploy an autonomous shuttle service this spring in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, once the epicenter of American shipbuilding and now home to an urban industrial park. …”

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Andrew Yang is really only trying to help you. Quite honestly, he is the only figure on the national stage in American politics who has a f***ing clue about the real issues.

Here’s why I like Andrew Yang so much: he is an honest, practical minded realist and seemingly genuine human being like me. In contrast, these other liars in the “mainstream” don’t want you to notice that deep learning AI is chewing its way through the US economy right now because they are afraid of the consequences of what would happen if the public grasped the magnitude of the change that we are about to go through in this country. What’s going to happen when these people realize that “capitalism vs. socialism” is now obsolete and all these rich people are staring at an inevitable reckoning?

Once again, the only real question facing the electorate in the 2020 election is whether it is going to be $1,000 bucks a month now or somewhere down the road. By 2024, I can’t imagine where this country will be if Yang isn’t president and Blompf and LARRY FREAKING KUDLOW are still dealing with this issue. Can you imagine Kudlow selling the Goldilocks Economy of the 2020s?

HELLO, HELLO, the DOW is hitting record highs while the suicide and opioid epidemic is raging and getting worse. No one but Yang had the audacity to pull the fire alarm in American politics. He is the only one who is trying to show the people the answer is automation.

Note: This will be the country after taking the Yang pill.

How come?

Your descendants are just going to be people. Every ideology is now obsolete. They haven’t caught up with the changing underlying structure of the economy.

Yang was studying this 6 years ago.

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  1. Do you want to see outrage over human replacement? Wait until the robots start beating the crap out of human shoppers while they compete with each other for all the cheap Chinese junk Walmart sells on Black Friday. There will be blood in the aisles and circuit boards, too!

    No matter how rushed, I do not use self-checkouts because I do not want to put my fellow Americans out of work. I always try to use mom & pops when needing labor services. Even my lawn service was a white man with white workers (and I told him this is why I hired him) until the f*cker passed by my house one day skipping the lawn service that week while I stood in the driveway and watched him go by. Then he had the balls to bill me for it and when I told him he didn’t even stop to say anything he replied “I have a schedule to keep.” Moron! He finished the contract because he knew I was not going to let him get away with anything. Now we mow it ourselves. I hope the Mexicans put him out of business. So much for supporting whitey, heh?

    • Snowhitey,
      This white guy you hired is only interested in $$$. You yourself told him why you hired a white man, and despite your overt in-group preferencing, he still tried to jew you over. You see, his group is the money group, like so many whites thesedays. And that is a distinction you must be cognizant of. He has no notion of racial preservation, tribal loyalty, or honor. He just wants your money. Money whites are 2nd tier jews; treat them accordingly.

    • @Madame: I always try to support blue collar, working-class whites and white-owned businesses. Unfortunately many ( though certainly not all ) are only worthy of a kick in the ass. They have no racial loyalty and are always trying to screw over their customers.

  2. Who’s going to buy their goods and services when humans, no longer getting an income, will not be able to? Will robots pay income taxes? And, will they vote?

    It’s all about commerce. Everything is controlled by corporations including us through the U.S. federal government corporation.

    This is all happening because most of the f*cking idiots out there don’t have a clue! And worse, they don’t want to have a clue.

    • They will simply redistribute the wealth created by the robots to humans through a debit card. Then the humans will buy all the stuff. It is not unlike the way EBT currently works.

      • Hunter, when all this happens and we have the new robot underclass doing all the work for us…how do we get the money? What’s stopping the rich people who own all the machines from just doing what they’re doing now and hogging it?

      • So, we’ll all be joining the nigger and white trash class? You’re talking serious socialism. You’re also implying that there is no such thing as a useless eater.

    • “Who’s going to buy their goods and services when humans, no longer getting an income, will not be able to? Will robots pay income taxes? And, will they vote?”

      You are asking the right question, which this guy asked as well. His answer was total economic collapse.

  3. Good effort, good to see OD once again going where others fear to tread; but the problem is even worse than you are willing to write about: once the elite no longer need our labor, we’re all dead.

    The $12,000 per year is to prevent us from pulling the plug too soon. Be crystal clear about that.

    And no this is not new, people have been talking about this for centuries.

    Samuel Butler 1863 “War to the death should be instantly proclaimed against them.”

  4. Walmart has been closing stores for years, but no one seems to notice. They don’t give a fuck about providing jobs, they’re about making profits. Like all businesses. If they can save a few shekels by firing cashiers, janitors, and stockers and bring in robots to replace them, what do you think will happen? If online retail presents a downward profitability trend, will they keep stores open to help their loyal workforce and local customers out? Hell no.

    But the automation trend will go into the fields requiring more education and experience, as well. Thanks to e-file programs, how many of us need accountants? Software does bookkeeping for you already. I had been a proofreader and editor in the past. Not many proofreaders around anymore, right? The trend for decades has been workplace automation. It just hasn’t been noticed by the society at-large, because lower-paying jobs have been plentiful enough to statistically offset the overall job-loss numbers. And enough people are doing “okay,” so as long as they’ve got theirs, well, too bad for you, but I’ve got me and mine to take care of….

    If you don’t think ahead, this won’t end well.

  5. Stores like Dollar General already have automated stock control. The manager doesn’t have to reorder stock, because the smart system automatically recorders stock based on sales. All the employees do is unpack the stock and put it on the shelf.

    If an item doesn’t sell well, the system doesn’t reorder it. Each DG location, even in the same town, has somewhat different stock based on the buying patterns at that particular store.

    The same is true of Walmarts.

  6. Another thing to consider.

    Since the school system is designed to dumb down the masses and make them more predictable and controllable, a concept straight out of the late 19th Century, we have an ever expanding class of unemployables.

    These unemployables are simply uneducated, unskilled and in many cases, too dumb, to get decent paying factory or other jobs.

    In a sense, they’ve become like the vast majority of Niggertown residents. Simply lacking in the proper faculties of mind and character necessary to hold a job.

    The reason we have American students with degrees in electrical, software, IT and automation engineering, unable to get jobs because of all the HB1 muds, is because the oligarchs are stuck in the late 20th Century. Which is defined ideologically, by White genocide and the destruction of the West.

  7. In the 1950s and 60’s, with decolonisation, Leftists/Jews thought about transferring the wealth of the West to the Third World.

    When they couldn’t make it work, they thought about transferring the Third World to the West. Hence the mud flood.

    The exact opposite of the Japanese, who have steel mills in Korea, not Koreans in Japan.

    We used to have Englishmen, Frenchmen, Belgians and Germans in Africa, not Niggers in England, France, Belgium and Germany. The master manipulators have inverted that equation, too.

    We’re stuck battling the political upheavals of the last 150 years, instead of moving forward into the present and future.

  8. You notice how he’s not giving the money to a person or family in California. Or Hawaii. Or New York City.

  9. “You notice how he’s not giving the money to a person or family in California. Or Hawaii. Or New York City.”

    California will fall to Mexico, making it their problem, not ours. Hawaii will eventually fall under the influence of China, making it their problem, not ours.

    New Yorkers, like the Yankees in the rest of Yankeedom, and as they often tell us, every chance that they get, are rich because they’re the only people who work and pay taxes. Nobody else in what used to be America®, does.

    That’s why Mitch McConnell and the other ostensibly Southron and worthless cuckservatives voted against hurricane relief for the Northeast Coast. The North is rich and doesn’t need federal assistance, so they keep telling us.

  10. I think Gleat Yerrow Hope is too cerebral for the average Joe Sweatsock, HW. His appeal thus far is limited to the upper income STEM / TED Talks crowd. As well as “smol historicists”, LOL.

    • My bet is that everyone else who is a White populist inclined voter in the electorate is significantly less “racist” than me. It’s true there are people in the comment section who are more “racist” than I am.

      How many people are there like that though in America? If people like me are already supporting Yang in April 2019, then what does that say about his potential with people whose politics are more moderate than my own?

      • “How many people are there like that though in America?”

        The vast majority of “racists” are simply averse to Black social pathology, violence and parasitic and predatory behaviour.

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