Southern History Month 2019: Top 15 Species Lolbertarians Hate

Editor’s Note: For those who believe I have only recently become critical of free market capitalism, the material in this article is adapted from our archives.

#1. The Passenger Pigeon

Consider the fate of the passenger pigeon.

It was once the most common avian species in the world. There used to be billions of them in the United States. The pioneers that settled Trans-Appalachia often encountered flocks containing millions of birds, but that was until settlers and loggers destroyed their habitat and market hunters annihilated the species. It was discovered that a cheap buck could be made through turning their carcasses into hog feed. Sadly, the passenger pigeon is no longer with us in the 21st century.

#2. The Buffalo


The American bison used to roam the North American heartland from Idaho to Georgia. Before the Civil War, there were 30 to 60 million bison on the Great Plains. By the 1890s, the bison had been hunted to near extinction by market hunters. There were only around 1,000 of them left in North America. The bison would have gone the way of the passenger pigeon if the federal government hadn’t intervened at the last minute by creating the first American wildlife refuges.

#3. The White Tail Deer

As hard as it is to believe now, the white tail deer was once extinct nearly everywhere east of the Rockies, and thrives in the South today only on account of the game laws that restrained free-market capitalism and saved the species. In 1930, there were only about 300,000 of them left in the United States. They have since made a spectacular comeback thanks to government intervention.

#4. The Wild Turkey

Enjoy Thanksgiving? A turkey sandwich?

The wild turkey (which Benjamin Franklin wanted to be America’s national bird) was similarly pushed to the brink of extinction by habitat destruction and market hunting. A century ago, there were only 30,000 of them left. The wild turkey could only be found in secluded areas like the swamps of Alabama. A coordinated effort between government agencies, the National Wildlife Turkey Federation and the hunting industry brought the wild turkey back for sportsmen to hunt.

#5. The Black Bear


The black bear, Alabama’s state mammal, had been pushed back by settlers to a few isolated wilderness pockets by the 20th century. Bears were shot as vermin or “varmints,” food and as trophies. The black bear population was wiped out in most of the eastern United States. As with countless other species, the black bear was saved by legislation which outlawed market hunting.

#6. The Bald Eagle


What could be more American than the bald eagle? It is our national bird and a symbol of the United States. In the 18th century, there were once as many as 300,000 to 500,000 bald eagles in U.S. and their range extended across the continent. By 1950, there were only a few hundred nesting pairs left in the continental United States. The use of pesticides like DDT, habitat destruction and market hunting decimated the bald eagle population which rebounded after DDT was banned and commercial hunting was outlawed. Government intervention and restraint saved the species.

#7. The Pronghorn Antelope

The majestic pronghorn antelope was once a common sight in the Old West. By 1908, there were only about 20,000 pronghorn antelope left in the United States thanks to market hunters. The population only recovered after wildlife preserves and hunting restrictions were established.

#8. The Beaver

There used to be as many as 60 million beavers in the United States before the fur trade drove the American beaver to extinction in most of its original range. The European beaver was likewise hunted to extinction throughout many parts of Europe. Both species are recovering in the 21st century on account of the game laws which outlawed market hunting.

#9. The Blue Whale

Blue whales were abundant in the world’s oceans until the 20th century. They could be found chilling along the Pacific coast from Alaska to California. In a mere sixty years, 99% of blue whales were hunted to extinction by market hunters. There are only an estimated 5,000 to 12,000 of them left alive today. They have experienced a slow recovery since whaling was banned under international treaties in the 1960s. We’ve had to restrain free-market capitalism from destroying the world’s biodiversity.

#11. The Red Wolf

If you live in the Southeastern United States, chances are you have never seen one of these magnificent creatures. The Red Wolf used to be a common predator in the Southeast with a triangular range that stretched from Texas to Florida to New York. That was before private property owners destroyed their ecosystem and exterminated the hated “varmint.” There are only about 200 Red Wolves left in North America. Most of these welfare parasites are currently slumming on public property maintained by taxpayer dollars which are unjustly being redistributed from the Koch Brothers.

#12. The Carolina Parakeet

If you’re anything like me, when you think of parrots the tropics usually come to mind. Most White Southerners are unaware that an indigenous species, the Carolina parakeet, used to be found in the forests of the eastern United States from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf of Mexico.

Unfortunately, the Carolina Parakeet suffered the same fate as the passenger pigeon. Their habitat was destroyed by careless White settlers who cut down forests to make room for new farmland. They were also shot en masse as “varmints” by private property owners and their colorful feathers were highly in demand as decorations in ladies’ hats. Although the Carolina parakeet flourished in captivity, free-market capitalism couldn’t find any commercial incentive to preserve the species and so it sadly went extinct in the early 20th century due to the inexorable logic of the operation of pure market forces.

#12. The Cougar

White Southerners love to swap stories and rumors about mountain lions prowling about their hunting land. As I child, I distinctly remember being spirited away one afternoon to see some of their tracks on my own family property. The ubiquitous cougar once roamed most of the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Chile. It just so happens that a few weeks ago my wife had made a late night run to a nearby convenience store and spotted a huge cougar on the side of the road near Opelika, AL.

Cougars are rarely seen in the eastern United States these days. East of the Mississippi River, mountain lions were extirpated virtually everywhere outside of Florida by private property owners as another hated “varmint” thought to be more trouble than they are worth. The cougar was able to survive into modern times due largely to having such an extensive range while less widespread species haven’t shared their luck and have gradually gone extinct under free-market capitalism.

#13. The Heath Hen

In Colonial America, the heath hen was an extremely common and popular animal. It could often be found on the dinner plate of poor Americans. Some have speculated that it was heath hens (and not wild turkeys) that were consumed on the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts.

Now all but forgotten, the heath hen was driven to extinction by market hunters and private property owners who decimated the species over the course of the 19th century. The “free market” apparently couldn’t find an incentive to preserve this animal for posterity either.

#14. The Bighorn Sheep


By now you should be starting to get the picture. There used to be millions of Bighorn sheep in the American West. By 1900, the market hunters had reduced their population to a few thousand. The species has made a dramatic comeback on the wildlife refuges established by the federal government. Libertarian ideologues insist that ‘government’ can’t do anything the ‘private sphere’ can’t do better, but any number of successful examples in wildlife management show otherwise.

#15. The White Race

I would like to conclude on an optimistic note.

Last but not least, White folks are projected to become a minority in the United States by 2042. A perfect storm of Third World immigration, miscegenation, feminism, abortion, homosexuality, cultural degeneration, differential birthrates and so forth, which are all rationalized in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ and ‘growth’ under the paradigm of liberalism and free-market capitalism, has conspired to bring down the White man in his native habitat too. As with the black bears, wolves, cougars and the mountain lions of yesteryear, the White race is now despised as a vermin species and is denied an exclusive habitat and positive sense of identity by the US political establishment.

There is something that big government is definitely better at than the free market – wildlife management – and White Nationalism (Indian reservations for White people) is but a logical extension of the principle of conservation. I shudder for the fate of the White race should the cosmopolitan lolbertarianism of our global elites be taken to its logical conclusion which is the complete freedom of global capital and labor under our current system of globalization.

White folks are territorial and have emotions like all species on the planet and react defensively when they feel threatened. Far from being evil, this is natural when you think about it.

Note: I consider it a small miracle that Americans began to wake up to the sheer awfulness and destructiveness of free-market capitalism shortly before the Redwoods in California were turned into grape stakes. This was a turn toward conservation that began in the early 20th century which is sadly not a time which is well remembered by modern progressives.

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  1. Lolbertarians want a world where five year olds are allowed to snort cocaine and where our corporarions are allowed to poison our drinking water and environment with toxic sludge. Everything the left says about them is true – indeed, the left generally does not go far enough in hating them. Pride and the love of money (two things listed in the Bible as being the root of evil) are their idols. In Atlas Shrugged, the protagonist makes The Sign of the Dollar instead of the Sign of the Cross. This is the LOLbertarian dream.

    And it will be lolbertarians who will most assuredly lead the charge to normalize bestiality and pedophilia.

    • Your characterization of libertarians is as infantile as the left’s characterization of all white advocates as low IQ, inbreds bent on genociding brown people. Giving or selling poison to a child would still be a crime in every situation. Many libertarians advocate privatizing government owned land, rivers, and even oceans to a degree. That way, tragedy of the commons issues are eliminated, and pollution of other people’s property and persons would be a crime just like anything else. For those that don’t go that far, they still support environmental regulation due to governments still controlling the resource. If the government owns it, they need rules. Bestiality will always be disgusting to most people; I don’t think that will ever change. Whether it should be a crime is debatable, since killing an animal is certainly not murder. Child rape will always be a crime no matter what because children cannot consent.

  2. That was well done. When I read about white tail deer and turkeys being scare once I was surprised. On one of our properties in Texas there are flocks of turkeys everywhere and the deer are a pleasure to watch early in the morning or dusk. There are lots of them.

    Unfortunately, there are also scorpions everywhere. I think if the libertarians or any one else wishes to destroy them I would be on their side.

    I have been stung in Texas and Durango.

    • Ms. Romana, It is misfortunate that you’ve been stung by scorpions twice.

      Scorpions were here on this planet prior to Homo sapiens, and they don’t deserve to be vanquished as “varmints or pests” simply because an occasional human gets between them and their stinger.

      All the creatures of the Earth are a part of its wonderful mosaic. Take away the scorpions or just about any other species, and the web of life is disturbed or broken in often unimaginable and terrible ways.

      Be well, and watch where you step.

      • November,

        Thank you for your consideration and kind words. Mexico has about an estimated 250,000 scorpion attacks a year with most going unreported———like mine. I was sick for a while. A fever etc. Traditionally, there has been a bounty in some States like Durango for brought in dead scorpions. Massive spraying to kill these creatures has helped in recent years.

        My great-grandfather has a preserved dead black scorpion that measures over 6 inches long. Very scary.

        It is more than the occasional person that gets stung. I can tell you are a white man. Only white people care about creatures. I do not understand it but I recognize it is there.

        So once again I think you for your kindness.

        In one house where I stayed for 3 years my family killed an average of 10 scorpions a week. And that was inside the house!! I have younger brothers and sisters who are even more vulnerable than me. So perhaps you can realize my view on such creatures is different than yours.

        Christina Romana

        • This article would contradict the view that only whites care about creatures. Some truly disgusting and shameful behavior exposed here. The picture of the buffalo skulls is truly sad. We whites do seem to have changed for the better now, for the most part. Although I still know plenty of white men with the attitude of “kill anything that moves.” See pathetic “trophy hunters” as an example.

          • Powell,

            It was a generalization about current anglo/nordic mentality. Not every white cares about such matters. Past or present. But whites buzz around the world worried about animals. The first thing my grandmother taught me about anglos is that ——-they love animals and hate people.

            That the WASP will cry over animals faster than over humans. My religion/nature/society etc. just does not place animals as being important like that.

            My catechism even states that giving animals more importance than their worth is a sin. The sin of sentimentality. At the same time my catechism says that animals may be killed for sport, experiments, and any reasonable need. But the unnecessary killing of animals is wrong. In short animals do not have rights. Their abuse is only wrong because it offends God and might lower our respect toward each other. Non-sentient creatures are even lower than sentient ones.

            The lowliest human is more important than all the animals that have ever lived. So I agree that wasteful killing of animals is wrong but I could never be outraged over it unless it harms humans.

            Christina Romana

      • November,

        My family owns a Mexican movie called the Black Scorpion. It is a science fiction movie. I had to bring it up since the topic is scorpions.

        Any scorpion Christina sees is dead. But not to worry. In the war between Christina and scorpions I can tell you the ending. Christina loses. The world is not going to run out of those little creatures anytime soon.

      • November,

        Regarding your comment down below. Well I tend to agree with it. In Mexico I would be considered white. My family is not aware of any Indian blood. But it must be owned that I act Indian. My germanic grandfather even said that I would ride a horse to exhaustion and then kill it and eat it. I never did but he said that is the Indian mentality.

        Thank you once again that even when you disagree with me that you act like a gentleman—–meaning with decency and dignity.

        Christina Romana

  3. Hey Hunter,
    I confess that your support of Yang Gang has saddened me, but I did enjoy greatly this article.
    Concerning this piece, I love studying the history of the early Southern back-country, perhaps especially frontier Kentucky. When around 1775, Daniel Boone and Judge Henderson and others started to draft a laws for the “new Transylvania” colony in present day Kentucky, they wanted to include some protection for game animals. They were already seeing the results of unlimited hunting on the new land. It was not uncommon to kill a buck for his hide, the meat left to rot, or to kill a buffalo to cut off and eat his hump (the best part) and leave the rest to the wolves.
    In a perfect world, I would strictly regulate hunting on public lands, though not apply as much regulations to small landowners (maybe 160 acres or less) who were full time residents on their land (not rich guy absentee owners). And all market hunting would be banned, of course.

  4. Joe ,

    You will get it eventually. Most people haven’t grasped yet the full extent to which deep learning AI will change the global economy. Yang is only the messenger and is irrelevant and whether he wins or loses isn’t going to change how this new technology will pulverize the working class. It will be either $1,000 a month in 2020 or somewhere else down the road .

  5. I would put the destruction of the domnant overstory tree the American Chestnut as the number one ecological catastrophy caused by human in North America. Also, there is no evidence DDT caused the bird die offs. The clean water act cleaned everything up quite rapidly in the 70’s. It could easily have been other pollutants killng birds. Could have been military waste also which needed a cover story.

      • The Chestnut blight was an accident but probably as devastating or worse than the comet or asteroid that wiped out the camels and horses in N. America. So many species depended on them. Not only were they stunning trees they were the dominant overstory tree pretty much to the Mississippi in the North and Midwest. You can see the massive rotting red logs in the woods still. There are efforts to bring them back through genetic and other engineering and it will probably happen but the other species that depended on them are probably gone.

      • There are serious attempts to bring back the American Chestnut. Wondered if anyone else knew this. A very useful, and beneficial tree.

      • The best way to save the elephant would be to legalize ranching them and selling the ivory. Not likely to happen tho.

  6. Great article! This is something that libertarianism never gets. I’ve heard them says that private landowners, and hunting and fishing clubs , and organizations have an incentive to preserve nature. But the nineteenth century was full of sportsman’s clubs, and it was all for naught. It took Goverment power to enforce laws to get people to protect the environment. Humans are basically greedy. They will always justify in their own mind anything if they can make a buck. Growing up in Arizona in wilderness, I came to hate bulldozers and developers. I saw so much beauty wrecked

    • I remember caves in Arizona with dung on the floor. It looked recent. It belonged to the extinct Shasta ground sloth. You could still see pieces of yucca, Mormon tea plants , etc. if you wet it, smelled like manure. I would love to have seen one alive

  7. Basically America would look like coastal China without regulation. Lolbertarians are such an embarrassment.

  8. Yep. I can’t remember the exact time I decided that a good animal is so much better than bad humans. The beautiful African lions and African elephants so much better than Robert Mugabe, Idi Amins.

    When I was searching, searching and searching for answers – I found so many in Savitri Devi. Read her “impeechement of Man” – deep ecology….

    Then maybe move on to “The Lightning and the Sun”.

    Most regular White environmentalists are not open on the first talk to presenting Hitler as an avatar God sent to cleanse this world of evil and restore a new Golden Age.

    • Physicist Chris Langan made a completely empirical and rational comment on his facebook saying that African gorillas are both more deserving of refugee resettlement than most African gorillas, and less likely to cause disruption in their new environments.

      He was banned for doing it, of course.

  9. A lot of the coming technological innovations that HW predicts are going to chip away at the very concept of a Westphalian nation-state. (And a lot of the coming collapse and Long Emergencies that I predict are ALSO going to chip away at the very concept of a Westphalian nation-state.) That in mind, I almost wonder if we’d do better calling ourselves “white conservationists” rather than “white nationalists.”

    Is there anyone who does that already? Jared Taylor, maybe?

    A point I make in Vae Victis: if you look at the populations and overall outlook of all members of the hominid family, ALL of its species except for Homo Sapiens are Endangered or worse.

    Homo Sapien Asiaticus and Homo Sapien Europaeus are Conservation Dependent at best, probably Vulnerable in the latter case. Unmixed specimens of Homo Sapien Americanus are Critically Endangered. more than a few count as Extinct in the Wild. Homo Sapien Neanderthalus (if you consider it a separate racial taxon, and I do), of course, is extinct.

    So, only Homo Sapien Africanus is Least Concern. And that is largely artificial…

  10. If your livestock were being attacked and your family was in danger because of cougar and wolves, would you do something about it or would you celebrate the beauty of nature as your child was being dragged away? Where would we be today if humanity never killed the predators that were competing with them? How many hours do you spend a day pining for the return of the saber-toothed cat?

    • Nikandros,

      I liked your comment a lot. The modern view on animals by white society is not a moral development but an indication of softness. Of course animals can be killed for any reasonable need or sport.

      • It’s not softness to show concern for creatures that are losing habitat and are defenseless against unchecked human population growth. It also doesn’t make you “tough” to shoot defenseless animals with a gun. It’s not even challenging. It’s fine to defend yourself against predatory creatures, but you don’t have to hunt them into extinction. I also disagree with your earlier comment that “the lowliest human is more important than all the animals that have ever lived”. You can’t tell me you would kill every last elephant on Earth if it would save some child molester. Would you rather see an Africa with a variety of life in it, or populated with two billion black bi-peds who have wiped out all other animals?

        • Powell,

          One black person (and everyone else) is more important than any animal. I also quite clearly stated my position on when you can and cannot kill animals. And I never said anything about killing needlessly animals on to extinction. Except worthless creatures like vermin.

          And yes. I would rather see any amount of humans on earth than Africa with a bunch of animals in it. Humans are more important. Not only is that my personal belief but the defined dogmas of my religion.

          This is further proof on why you people on going belly up. Quit wasting your time and money on animals. Humans are what counts. You represent a view that is heresy and idolatrous. Huge differences not only among races but ethnic groups as well.

          My religion and my people are strongly against your view. We are the future in the USA. And everyone on this website knows it.

          God died on the cross for humans not buffalo or scorpions.

          • I have been in the presence of humans that have less value than loyal dogs. Your religion(dogma, you said it yourself) is a miserable, mind damaging failure that grows weaker with each passing year.

          • Miss Romana,

            “Your people and your religion ” might be a power to be reckoned with in the future, but this planet has a way of self -limiting uncontrolled population growth. It’s called ‘carrying capacity.” Once the carrying capacity is exceeded, Mother Nature will cull the herd to sustainable levels in a chaotic die off.

            Homo sapiens are not exempt from the laws of nature. Your God will not rescue your people when that tipping point is attained.

            People of European descent are the “Golden Goose ” of mankind. Without our input, discoveries, and innovations , this planet will become a wasteland filled with what you’d call “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

            White people created the modern world and all its wonders. We aren’t infallible, but without us, progress in just about every crevice of society will crumble and fall.

        • Powell,

          Well I am hoping for a Catholic recovery the same way you are hoping for an anglo-saxon recovery. I hope both our desires come true.

  11. Great article. Where I live in the North, part of what turns people off about conservatism and the GOP is the anti-environmentalism. That’s true everywhere outside of the South.

    For us to win, we need to break off a block of white liberals to join with a nationalist lead right-wing.

    So we have two battles. One is to bring the boomer type conservatives on board with nationalism and the other is working on the Bernie supporter type left.

  12. Nice discussion on the Tragedy of the Commons. Libertarians will never think of such a thing.

    I live in an area where beavers have been restored at taxpayer expense. We were better off without them. You should be praising how they were eliminated without government subsidy.

    Also, you accidentally gave the Free Market (hunting industry) partial credit on the wild turkey. Better fix it.

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