The Centrist Strategy: One Mind Blowing Chart That Explains American Politics

For some reason, I can’t stop looking at this map of the 2016 electorate:

Hmm … where are they in American politics?

In order to be the king, you have to be a political outsider and look the part. You have to present yourself as someone who can rally disaffected moderate and populist voters.

#44. President Barack Obama

#45. President Donald J. Trump

#46. President Andrew Yang


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  1. As a Southern nationalist why would you be interested in supporting a candidate like Yang who is (presumably) interested in saving the Union, HW?

  2. I find your charts to be both informative and fun to study, HW. They are a welcome change from the usual pie charts and bar or line graphs.

  3. I’m loving this”what would happen if?” Line of thinking you’ve been On the last few days. Throwing thoughts out, and seeing what develops. Your graphs are cool. The whole dissenting right needs much more of this. Instead of trying all the old failures all over again. Agree, or disagree, make people think again

  4. Geez, man, you still running with this Yang stuff? You have made some good points against Trump and conservatism and in favor of populism the last couple of months. However, you could have made all of the same points with hitching them to a non-entity (as a presidential candidate) like Yang.

    [Note: I don’t get your reasoning nor do I see any justification for placing Yang so far above the X axis on the social identity metric and somewhat toward the center on the economic metric. It looks like you’ve just arbitrarily shoe-horned Yang into the sweet spot without much of factual basis.]

    • Virtually all Asians are Left-Authoritarians. They are collectivists, not individualists. What’s more, they all value social cohesion over social liberty. Just look at their countries. I’ve studied Yang’s life and he is no different.

      Look at his biography and compare him to Blompf who is a thrice married, serial adulterer who used to own a casino in Atlantic City. How on earth is Blompf a social conservative?

      • Depends on what you mean by ‘social conservative.’ Lots of men who drink, gamble, and womanize utterly detest the latte-sippers, planet-savers, gay-libbers, feminists, psycho-babbling, anti-white, anti-male types. Trump might be an example though he doesn’t drink.
        Yang believes the government should censor “misinformation” on the internet. After a little consultation with his fellow Dems he would have you and your crowd behind bars or at least off the net. You wouldn’t even get your $1K after all that.

  5. It’s not just capitalism that has lifted millions out of poverty, it’s capital constrained by a moral order. That order had been provided by Christianity. With no moral balance, the agency that helps those not getting their share of the scraps left behind by the elites is government. If government can protect people from starvation, without making them lose everything before they’re eligible, then that’s better for people. Any move towards providing resources that enables people to live exactly how they want to is a boon. Want to live around folks that think like you? When you’re in a distinct minority in this CivNat empire? You need money to arrange that.

  6. Yang does have some good ideas, but man, is he terrible on immigration. If he wants to dramatically increase the size of the welfare state, he’s going to have be a lot tougher on the issue. Hopefully, he realizes this and is just saying these things to get elected. Since Trump won because of his immigration hawk stance, it would be interesting to see how well a candidate could do that was more like a Yang or Bernie on most things, but a Trump (campaign) on immigration.

    Yang supports:
    1. Amnesty for illegals.
    2. DACA.
    3. Making Puerto Rico and D.C. states.

    • Yang’s quandary is that he is running in the Democratic primary.

      He is running for the nomination of a party that is pro-open borders and pro-amnesty. It is really dumb as it is that issue more than any other which propelled Blompf into the White House along with the extreme political correctness. My take which could be completely wrong is that Yang is simply trying to navigate a thorny issue. The issue that really drives him is the looming AI apocalypse.

      • no, HW, Genghiz Yang is open-borders because he is an

        anti-White Asiatic. Same as his ashkenazic Jew co-ethnics.

        and the only apocalypse is the Jews’ ongoing destruction

        of the White Race and White Western Civilization. So

        you are indeed “completely wrong”.

        • Well, I disagree.

          It really makes no sense in light of his take on the global economy. There is no social or economic need for cheap labor anymore. Cheap labor will be abolished by AI, robotics and automation over the next 20 years.

        • How can you say a Taiwanese is the same as a Khazarian Talmudic? The differences are so vast, they boggle the mind. The “jew” pretended to be white for millennia- they’ve never pretended to be ‘asian.’

          Have you LISTENED to Yang?!?- he actually seems rather altruistic, concerned for ALL American’s welfare (even as he disavows the gap-tooth racist alt-right jerkoff) – Or are y’all just having a knee- JERK reaction to the fact that he’s a chink? I think it’s the latter, and nothing BUT the latter…. I’d rather have a sane married, intellectual with slanty eyes, than President Buttplug.
          As Cantwell made visually quite clear….

  7. Yang needs to do something else to distinguish himself from the crowd. UBI alone doesn’t seem to be cutting it, so taking a hawkish stance on immigration might help. Of course, maybe that will change after the first debates.

  8. The way to synthesize economic reality (an unstoppable drift to anti-capitalism as a result of neoliberal looting) with conservative’s dislike of the word “socialism” while at the same time driving a wedge between GOP voters and GOPe is to simply call the top-left position in your graphic “national capitalism.” The Yang stuff is never going to work because this is not his actual position; his actual position is halfway down.

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