Trump vs. Mitt

I’ve been highly critical of Blompf, but he is right about Mitt Romney:

I just couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t vote for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in 2012.

I encouraged other people to do so in the Northern states as a gigantic shit to make a point about Yankees, but I recall voting for the Constitution Party candidate in that cycle. In contrast, I got on board the Trump Train very early in 2015 for a number of reasons.

I’ve been crystal clear in explaining all the reasons why I voted for Trump in 2016: his ostensible independence from the Republican donor class, immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness, infrastructure, entitlement spending, destroying Conservatism, Inc., etc.

Leftwing journos assumed it was because of “white supremacy.” I never said it was because of “white supremacy.” In fact, I said that I was suspicious of Donald Trump because of his tax plan, but that I largely supported him on social issues and economics.

The God Emperor of 2016 has since become … well, Blompf:

joking/not joking at the rate we are going now, many of you will be as mad as Doyle here when Blompf loses to Yang in 2020. Don’t be mad

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  1. “Yankees?”

    How long has the American Civil War been over? One hundred and fifty-four years.

    Gad Zooks!

  2. I’ve been hanging out with White Mormon, White Latter Day Saints for ~ 25 years. They had/have a lot of strengths and weaknesses. If you’re in some terrible Lib Leftist University town like New Haven CT (Yale) , Cambridge MA (Harvard), SS Chicago (U Chicago) or Northwestern (Evanston, IL) Latter Day Saints might be the only “Christian” White folks around that are married and have (White) families. That’s a strong appeal. LDS Mormons managed to dodge most of the corruptions that decimated the mainline protestant churches in the 60s and 70s (Feminism, homosexual extremist takeovers, revolution theology) etc. LDS Mormons (The church is dropping the “Mormon” name) managed to avoid the worst Black African American problems/plagues of the 60s-now because the LDS Mormons were situated in places (Utah, Nevada, Arizona, CA) where there simply weren’t many/any Black African Americans.

    So a Mitt Romney with his beautiful, large, large (White) family looks really good, you can see the appeal of missionaries who go out and put out the idea that if you join the church you’re going to get a pretty traditional (White) wife and get a big family like Mitt Romney.

    But the political reality in 2019 is much different.

    In national politics, Latter Day Saints – Mormons tend to really really suck. Almost all Cuckservatives, go with the flow Christian Zionists as bad as the Jews on immigration.

    Mitt Romney was literally having one of the worst Jew Neo Conservatives Max Boot whispering in to his ear and telling Mitt what to say about foreign policy, military policy.

    I tossed my lunch the day Mitt Romney/Max Boot pronounced that

    “Russia was America’s Greatest adversary/enemy”


    The worst Jew Neo Conservative/Zionists (William Kristol) managed to recruit an LDS Mormon spoiler Egg McMuffin to run for President in Utah to try to spoil the candidacy of Donald Trump and elect Hillary. It didn’t work.

    Immigration patriot Tom Tancredo publicly chastized Latter Day Saint voters in Arizona for always re-electing arch immigration traitor John McCain.

    Why do these very White LDS Mormons do this?

    Mostly because they are the ultimate Cuckservatives – they were once feared and disliked by mainstream (White) America for not being real Christians, real Americans. They also took some grief for being White racialists and not allowing Black Africans, Black African Americans to receive the LDS Priesthood until ~ 1974.

    So now the Latter Day Saints just love LOVE being accepted, being successful, being welcomed at places like Harvard and Yale. Mitt Romney went to Harvard and was accepted as Governor of Massachusetts no less. These LDS Cucks go with the flow, have their finger to the wind and would now prefer to be caught with lots of child porn on their possession than to do something racist, something to accept the (Jewish) powers that be.

    The whole LDS Program now is to look clean and neat and agree with whomever happens to be with them at the time (Muslims, Jews, undocumented even apparently gays/homos) and once others see how nice they are and how decent and clean their children are, the others will want to be with them.

    This program sort of kind of doesn’t work when there are at least 200 Million Black African Nigerians (speak English and profess to be some type of Christians) who want to come to the United States and will gladly convert to LDS church for a year or two, before they sponsor their whole village.

    What to do with the Mitt Romneys.

    So here’s what you/we do with the LDS Mitt Romneys. Don’t bother trying to use reason with these types, don’t try to get them some book which will WAKE THEM UP about mass immigration, Islamic terror or teach them about the Js, fake news media, Hollywood, Communism, Neo Conservative war mongers etc.

    It’s all about power and social status, safety and neatness.

    You/we must make it reality that Mitt Romney’s treason on mass immigration, the culture wars, destroying Confederate Graves, going with the Never Trumpers, BlackLiesMatter, Antifa – this has to cause the Mitt Romneys and their families personal pain, loss of social status – they have to be confronted in public, get their hair messed up, have regular folks who’s children have been killed by Undocumented, 9-11-01 terrorists, killed in ZOG Neo Conservative wars – have to confront them.

    I know it sounds lame, but make those phone calls to Congressional aides. We’ve made Amren 2013 traitor of the Year Rand Paul stop mouthing off about the worst immigration policies, we’ve made Rand Paul stop posing with Al Sharpton and championing BlackLiesMatter.

    I am very much up for confronting Mitt Romney and his family in his personal LDS Church, getting in his face, challenging Mitt to a fist fight. I’m pretty confident Mitt Romney has never been in a personal fist fight.

    Cuckservatives are not hard to figure out and it ain’t some type of secret sinister conspiracy. They are just cucks and very, very successful Cucks. Mitt Romney and his family must have at least 5 beautiful expensive homes, nobody (Yet) is dumping TB infected migrants on their homes. That’s got to change.

    Have some fun out there. And don’t waste your time trying to reason with cucks – they’re just Cucks.

  3. I’m sure our OD readers will not be surprised to learn that Mittens Romney has a posh, Pacific Oceanside pad in La Jolla San Diego CA:

    And like another Southern California beach front multi, multi $ Millionaire Hollywood Lib Director Mike “The Meathead” Reiner (Malibu LA California ~ $9 Million beachfront home), Mittens Romney chooses to house, help exactly ZERO undocumented, migrants in his beachfront La Jolla Home.

    Malibu CA has a sign as you enter the town that “Malibu is a sanctuary city that welcomes the undocumented”. But unless the undocumented migrants can afford ~ $5,000 a month for a small studio apartment, Malibu ain’t welcoming them to live there.

    This just goes to show that in their own private lives the worst RINOs, Cuckservatives like Mittens Romney live identical hypocritical posh lives that are the same as the worst Hollywood Lib Leftists like George Clooney. Mitt Romney and his Donny and Marie LDS family always go to great lengths to virtue signal that they are so much better than regular working stiffs in fly over states – that they virtue signal and hang out in the wealthiest coastal places, that Mitt Romney went to Harvard and he and Paul Ryan think mass 3rd world migrations including mass Somalian migrants are just great for America… only, well – they prefer to dump these 3rd world diseased, bantu Muslim Somalians in places like Ferguson MO, some former safe working class neighborhood outside of Minneapolis just not in:

    Lajolla Sand Diego CA or
    Malibu LA California

    Hey Mitt Romney – hope you enjoy spending eternity in Hell with Ted Kennedy.

    • I could not bring myself to vote for Mitt Romney no matter how unenthused I was by the endless conversations about race initiated by the Obama administration.

      I was creeped out by the way that Romney could flip on a dime and advocate the exact opposite position of the one he’d advocated the day before without looking the slightest bit unruffled. His wife, Ann, commented on his amazing ability convincingly argue any and every side of a position.

      I felt infinitely more comfortable with Obama who would look chagrined and then annoyed and defensive over any mishaps. Not that he did anything to correct them, but he seemed more human and less robotic than Romney who just demonstrates that he feels entitled to be President and doesn’t feel he has to bring anything to the table but be agreeable to the voters to accomplish that objective.

      I found out later that Mormons, and Mitt Romney, in particular, have their own version of kol nidre or taquiyah called “lying for the Lord.” Since Romney has made no indication what “Lord” he serves and what his Lord wants for Americans who are not Mormon, I stayed at home rather than go to the polls.

      Mitt’s conduct with Trump … where he had no problem whatsoever taking Trump’s money for his own presidential run but badmouthed the man all over hell’s half acre when he made his own bid. Then sucking up to Trump once he won after publicly bashing him. Then schmoozing Trump into supporting his bid for Utah Senator only to never stop bashing him out of the box since then convinces me what a snake in the grass Romney is.

      I strongly suspect Romney is setting himself up as Republican Primary challenger to Donald Trump. If he cannot somehow get the Republican presidential nomination for himself, I believe his idea is to bloody Trump bad enough to ensure a Democrat wins the White House.

      He is such a snake in the grass that I will be forced to do my part to foil him in his machinations, i.e. vote for Trump in the primaries and again in the general election just out of general principals.

      I have NO idea whatsoever why Trump keeps extending the olive branch to hostile people who did everything to thwart his presidential bid and then put them in a position where they can and do sabotage him. Reince Preibus should have never been allowed to darken his door much less have the run of the WH. The set-up of Michael Flynn where Comey and company were allowed to interview people without WH lawyers present happened under his watch, for example.

      I have heard it said that Trump is way too susceptible to flattery for his own good and various people who mean him no good were quick to figure this out. It’s too bad that Trump can’t figure out the difference between insincere flattery and real admiration. He’s going for the glitter while turning his ack on the gold. What a shame.

    • “This just goes to show that in their own private lives the worst RINOs, Cuckservatives like Mittens Romney live identical hypocritical posh lives that are the same as the worst Hollywood Lib Leftists like George Clooney. ” – Jaye

      Haven’t you ever heard the saying, ‘The rich can always afford their own Apartheid”???
      It’s true. We just need to call them out on it, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


  4. The only difference between Trump and Mitt is that the latter is very open about his anti-Whitism while the former pretends to care about us even as his actions betray his words.

  5. “I’ve been crystal clear in explaining all the reasons why I voted for Trump in 2016: his ostensible independence from the Republican donor class, immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness, infrastructure, entitlement spending, destroying Conservatism, Inc., etc.”

    I voted for Trump in order to keep the
    Clintons out of the White House. If a fencepost had the same chance to beat the Clintons as Trump did, I’d have voted for it.

    Yankees voting has no negative consequences for them. No matter who wins, they still retain total control of the Federal Government and get to keep riding that gravy train with biscuit wheels that they’ve been riding since 1860.

    Trump got five Yankee states to switch sides and vote with the South and the West, to put him in office.

    The Judeo-Yankee Left in the BosWash Megalopolis couldn’t accept this. That’s why they came uo with the nonsense about Russia. Even though they despise steel mill hands and corn farmers, they still expect a modicum of obedience and allegiance from them.

    Trump won by promising to “Make America Great Again,” by which, he meant union steel mill jobs and subsidies for corn and it’s derivative products, especially ethanol.

    Knowing how Yankees are, they’ll swing the other way, next time, to put Biden in. Who will also win, by promising to MAGA, but in different words.

    The South has no chance, within the system, to get ahead politically. Neither does the interior West.

  6. Take a U.S. map.

    Draw a blue line along the Western borders of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, then along the Ohio river and across the southern borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

    Mark this area “America.”

    Draw a blue line along the eastern border of the Pacific Coastal Strip, from roughly San Diego to north of Seattle.

    Mark this area as “The PacRim Colonies.

    Mark the Interior West “Where the food and gas come from.”

    Mark the South “Thar be monsters here.”

    Now you have a map that shows how Yankees, Jews and Communists view “America®.”

    You’ll also be able to figure out which parts the Republicans and Democrats care about, and which ones they don’t.

  7. It’s time for some More Man religion. Perhaps Million Man?

    The book of More Man states…

    The hashtageth prophesieth

    “Free Nikes overfloweth in the house of Mitt.”

  8. Some may question the possibility of it, but if anything Romney is more of a stuffed shirt than Obama — another guy who’s never done an honest day’s work in his life.

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