Easter 2019

Be kind.

Love one another.

Go to church or read the Bible.

Spend time with your family and think about how we got to this point.

I went to see Mel Gibson’s take on the crucifixion and resurrection when it first came out because it wasn’t sanitized and so upset a certain powerful interest group in our society.

Note: There won’t be any further posts here until tomorrow.

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  1. By defeating the Jews by rising from the dead, Jesus Christ guaranteed all of us everlasting life.

    It’s up to us whether we follow the path of Christ, or the path of the demonic and depraved Jew.

  2. It is good that you posted this. Perhaps I missed it but scanning Yahoo News I did not find one mention of Easter.

  3. I am starting to wonder if the building of Notre Dame at the peak of the crusades actually represents a subversion of christianity rather than a celebration. The Virgin Mary/ Cult of Isis worship is a foreign relegion that was added later when it was banned in Rome. Like conversos they just changed their name and kept on subverting.

    • Oh, please. The foundational dictum of the Christian faith is that God became MAN… ‘of the Virgin Mary.’ [Nicene Creed AD 325.] The only ‘subverter’ of Christianity around here, are asses like yourself, who refuse to ‘bend the knee’ to Christ, and to acknowledge the foundational role the “Queen Mother” of Christendom played, even as the Church rightly gives her glory and praise, while acknowledging her own pointing to her Son, as ‘Her God and Savior.’ [Magnificat] While Rome has gone too far in her accolades to the Theotokos…. nevertheless, your jumping to biased conclusions does no one any service, or moral good.

  4. At the risk of perhaps illiciting a little bit of jealousy from HW, I spent the long Easter weekend in Wittenberg. I had already been, during the summer voyage, in fact, spent three days spelunking the various towns and sights and landmarks in the Luther Region. I just figured that Easter in Wittenberg would be surreal and special, and it certainly did not disappoint.

    • How many “invasive species” did you see? I used to want to visit Germany, but I’m not sure I could handle it at this point. Give me some good news and tell me it wasn’t that bad there.

      • Rare is the city or town that doesn’t have an identifiable percentage of mystery meat, and the few that remain that way are in the former East. Overall, the diversity is worse West than East, but most Eastern cities and towns above a certain size have their contingents.

        And yes, Wittenberg has its percentage share of vibrancy.

        FYI, I l live in Cologne. Where there is a whole lot of vibrancy.

  5. Eternium Pascha nostrum immolatus est Christus. Christ our Pasch is sacrificed. Therefore let us feast not with the old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. 1 Cor. v. 7-8. DRV. Tu nobis , victor Rex, miserere. Alleluia.

  6. LINDE – You must know that the Church of Rome (as she exists today) is NOT the Church of the Apostles, especially with two popes in unlawful existence at the same time…. apart from the reality of her ‘recent’ actions in the past.

    “The Second Vatican Council and Popes Paul VI, John-Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis, are merely the public Revelation of the Method manifestations in our post-modernist era, of the previously hidden theology of hell, which began to rule over Rome after 1450; that rule was advanced exponentially through Alexander VI’s exculpation and blessing on Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who was a kind of one-man papist theological virus. ”


  7. Hoffman talks a good thesis, but will never be drawn upon the subject of who is his bishop. He says the kinds of things about the Covenant and its institutions that a Samaritan occultist would have said just before the public ministry of Christ – pronouncing that the Covenant and its house of faith is extinguished because its institutional structure was occupied, infiltrated and corrupt. Back in the day, it did not take an occultist to perceive that the Davidic royal house was in the Galilee (not Judea), whereas the Chair of Moses was occupied by an Edomite heretic who adhered to the Tradition of the Elders. Also, Edomites adhering to the same Tradition had gotten themselves into the Levitical families and thus into the hereditary priesthood. They were administering the temple and its sacrifices. And , of course, the Herodian Edomites had the Hasmonean kingship. The Roman Empire was in occupation of Judah’s tribal land. And the Elders of the entire Edomite Cabal was running the gold exchange for the Roman Empire through their Herodian temple / usury racket. If anything, the corrupt and rotten end of the entire process of infiltration of the Covenant institutions at the time of Christ reminds me of the institutions of the Church today. We already know how this story ends.

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