Joe Biden Announces Presidential Campaign

I was at Charlottesville.

In hindsight, I look back on that “defining moment” in American politics and it looks increasingly bizarre to me. I now see it as the ultimate example of America’s dysfunctional polarized culture and politics which is being driven by Boomer identity politics and political correctness.

Joe Biden’s announcement video is an instructive example of this:

Violent Antifa groups are just a group of “courageous Americans”? They alone had the “courage to stand against hate”? Everyone who identifies with Lee and Jackson in Virginia are just evil haters?

This is the reason why the GOP wasn’t totally blown out in the 2018 midterms and held on to the Senate. It is the reason why Blompf is now our president and nearly won Walter Mondale’s Minnesota in the 2016 election. If this is the message that Joe Biden is running on in 2020, I would say that even Blompf has a real shot at being reelected because the alternative is legitimizing political violence.

Do you know why Charlottesville looks so strange to me three years later? It is because I have realized that the things which I believe in – preserving the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville, Medicare for All and enforcing the laware exactly what most Virginians believe in as well. Far from being an “extremist,” it turns out that I am actually in the dead center of the electorate.

The Battle of the Boomers, 2020

That’s the reason why I am supporting Andrew Yang.

My values are social cohesion and economic fairness. I combine social conservatism with economic populism. This is why I identify as a populist and nationalist, not as a mainstream conservative or progressive. As a Left-Authoritarian populist, I am at odds with Left-Libertarian anarchists, Right-Libertarian lolbertarians and Right-Authoritarian conservatives. The fact that Joe Biden endorses violent anarchist fringe groups makes him dead to me as a centrist voter.

Fortunately, there is a “long shot” candidate running for the Democratic nomination for president who is going to finally move us past all this bile, resentment and division. It is time to move beyond Boomer culture war politics and forward into the 21st century.

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  1. About the ONLY chance the Dems have of beating Dron Drimpf is Boomer Biden or somebody very similar to him – Drimpf won by appealing to the blue-collar goyim in OH and MI and those guys aren’t going to vote for Phlegmy Sanders, Pete Buttplug, Genghis Yang, Kabbalah Harris or Beta O’Dork.

      • Right now the task for any SN is to literally unf#ck Dixie.

        Independence movements aren’t going to arise with a dying culture more obsessed with Tarquavious catching balls than with racial collapse.

        And to rebuild culture, one needs to halt the economic collapse.

        Note that conservatism, wars for Israel, and weird Boomer shouting matches are NOT going to halt anything.

        • The Independence movement is what will regenerate the culture; in fact they are synergistic and synonymous.

          “And to rebuild culture, one needs to halt the economic collapse.”

          The average Southerner is richer beyond all the dreams of avarice of the ancients. People haven’t been poor since the neolithic. It is all in the mind / soul / spirit.

          Furthermore, if by economic collapse you mean the decline of the value of human labor except at the very highest peaks of technology, the only way to halt that is with a total or near total ban of AI and robotics. UBI is just a tranquilizer so that as we are heading towards extermination we won’t put up too much of a fuss.

  2. Well Biden just proved he’s stuck in the old mindset of the Democrat party. Mix his anti white hate with that of the rest of clown brigade and you got your acceleration. He has nothing to offer, no vison, just classic hate.

    Yang offers a positive message (from their prospective) not this same old tired hate message. I can’t wait till Biden starts fondling Yang and sniffing him on stage. The Democrats have a monumental disaster on their hands.

    • nope. The dems could run Stalin’s corpse and still win the popular vote by 3 to 5 million.

      Trump may, once again, creep thru in the EC. But

      I doubt it. In 2016 the dems neglected to steal PA and didn’t campain in Wisc. They won’t make those mistakes a 2nd time. That puts Trump @ 278 EV. He must hold 3 states that are about to do the perm demographic flip – AZ, Tejas, FLA – and hope it rains again in Michigan.

      possible, but not likely. So

      say hello to Prez Biden. From a hardRight accel viewpoint,

      he’ll do nicely.

  3. The Democratic Primary is going to come down to Biden vs John Hickenlooper, Tim Ryan and a few of the other “normie” White men.

    Because of Obama, Clinton, and the antics of Casio Keyboard, all of the Black, radical, and she-man womyn candidates will be off the stage.

    Sanders will be screwed over and shoved to the side, like last time. Beto and Buttplug will fall away, before they even make it onto the stage.
    Yang won’t make it onto the stage to debate President Biden, either.

    Biden is simply going to capture West Yankeedom, and the Presidency, by making promises about union steel and auto jobs, and subsidies for corn, soybeans, and engine ruining ethanol.

    East Yankeedom and Mexifornia will begrudgingly vote for Biden, out of spite for Dixie and Idaho, and to beat Trump and the Republicans.

    Yang: Automation, AI, UBI.

    West Yankeedom: What about steel mills and corn syrup?

    East Yankeedom: What about Jews, Fags and coffee shop Socialism?

    Mexifornia: What about Mexicans?

    • @James Owens — I have a sick, sinking feeling reading your post that you have above divined the future.

  4. I’m reminded of what George Wallace said in 1968: If you take all of his opponents, Democrat or Republican, put them in sack, shake the sack up and pull one of them out it won’t matter who it is. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between any of them.

  5. The A not-A argument almost perfected; over half the Virginia electorate is with you, but it is the boomer war that divides? Hahahaha on tv, it goes like this; the moderator now consoles the one with hurt feelings and directs the discussion away from the over half into the boomer war more hahaha

    • You should lay off the liquor a bit, your post might be actually comprehensible if you weren’t half-skunked.

  6. So Biden is going to run on racism. He is going to run on that Trump has created Nazi Germany in America. Good luck with that.

    Looks like Bernie’s chances just went up to be the nominee. I was thinking Biden might be smart enough to come out and open with that Trump has failed working Americans & focus on popular issues etc. Instead he opens his campaign with racism is America biggest issue.

    If Biden runs as the corporate Democrat focusing on racism he is going to have a hard time with Bernie who is focused on popular issues and is not taking donor money. Hillary ran the identical campaign that Biden seems to be running.

  7. Guess “Handy Man” Joe Biden is going to try to grab the Democratic nomination — among other things.

    • “Guess “Handy Man” Joe Biden is going to try to grab the Democrtatic nomination — among other things.”

      He won’t have to grab it, or even try. The Oligarchs will make sure that he gets it. And all the others fade out, or go down in defeat in the Democratic primaries.

      The titt grabbing will be quietly obscured, then erased from the public consciousness.

      People in Michigan and Ohio will be excited at the prospect of union steel and auto jobs returning from their graves in the 1980’s. Iowans, Illinoisans, Minnesotans and Indianans will beam at the thought of new subsidies for corn, soybeans, corn syrup and ethanol.

      But they’ll not give one thought to Biden ‘s grab ass.

      And Biden won’t give a single thought to Dixie and the West., except for a half assed nod to Mexifornia.

  8. “Instead he opens his campaign with racism is America biggest issue.”

    Which is interesting in light of the Democrats giving up on Black folks.

    And in light of the fact that he needs the votes of Western New York, Pennsylvania, and the Great Lakes States in order to win. Which are places with still majority White populations, that have no particular love for Blacks.

  9. You really think “social cohesion” is possible in a diverse society filled with racial animosity and a grievance/victim culture, HW? What did Putnam write about that? What, 1000 Genghiz Yang bucks bring “us” together?

  10. ANTI-Christ pope francis and the other big-shots in the novus ordo Vatican want Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. Francis and the Vatican big-shots wanted HELLary to win in 2016. francis is very COMMUNIST and he hates traditional PRE VAT2 Catholics. “Novus Ordo” is Latin for “New Order”, meaning “New World Order”.

    One reason I voted for Trump was because the ANTI-Christ novus ordo ape of the real Catholic Church supported HELLary and wanted COMMUNIST HELLary to be the president of the United States. The Vat2 novus ordo church is VERY ANTI-White. There was a time when the Catholic Church was ANTI-Communist, but that was a long time ago. Now the church is COMMUNIST so the church is ANTI-White.

  11. this is a teachable moment for hunter, as democrats would say.

    how does it feel to be completely wrong about charlottesville, and also completely wrong about the democrat party, so wrong that joe biden now leads donald trump in a national poll, and is 20 times more popular with democrats than andrew yang.

    you’re often wrong, but you’re wildly wrong here on these two related topics. maybe you want to take a time out, step back, and think about how you could get things so wrong? the most important things in the world to you, according to your own words.

    how could you spend that much time, a decade, thinking about this stuff, and get it so wrong?

  12. As an aside. UBI needs to be 2K a month.

    What if they took the money they’re spending on Aircraft Carriers and other weapons needed to win WWII and fight the Soviets in the 1980’s, and spent it on the people instead?

    What about the money they’re using to bribe the Third World with? Or feed Africa?

    Both of which are policies designed to defeat Soviet influence and expansion outside of Europe.

    If we can afford to take care of the Third World, why can’t we afford to take care of ourselves?

  13. One way or another, Dems win 2020 in a blowout not seen since Hiroshima.

    POTATUS Blormph has fully sold out his base to the Jewish agenda, and President Kushner has been in full effect for some time now;

    Therefore Blormph’s utterly demoralized base will simply stay at home and doze on opioids and booze and monkeyball, just as they’ve been trained to do;

    Between massive Internet purges and censorship, a full-on MSM nuclear-powered full-court press, demographic tsunami, flat-out brainwashing, and vote fraud so robust you’ll be able to see it from space, Dems will be taking absolutely no chances. Until we get partition and separation, from here on in it’s Dem jackboots all the time, all the way down.

    Which trained monkey will win? A Retard of Color? An Aging Confused Boomer Puppet? A Gay Wild Card?

    It hardly matters. Edgar Bergen will select some flavor of Charlie McCarthy, then it’s off to the races.

    Blormph was literally the Last Chance, and he punked out.

    “Darling, maybe so…
    It’s still too soon to know.”
    — Thomas Pynchon

  14. Professor Giggles is spot on I think. I’ve been arguing something like this on Gab to the Trump cult. They refuse to see what is right in front of them. A demographic shift (TX, FL, GA going blue some) along with a failure for Trump to make good on his 2 most important campaign issues. Immigration and Globalization.

    Those are winning issues because both negatively impact blue collar workers the most.

    Those voters can see that he only cares about the mega corporations and the rich and they see the Democrats who used to speak to these issues talk instead about White Supremacy.

    Well White Supremacy doesn’t put food on the table or help build a savings account. So I think a good chunk of those people will stay home on Election Day and it will give the White House go the Democrats.

    The irony is ironies here is that if Trump had kept his promises despite the coming demographic shift, I think he would have won by a landslide.

    I don’t see and EC path for him to win this time.

  15. I really don’t know who’s the biggest pervert….Biden or Trump. However Christian Conservatives will look the other way like a bunch of Cucks and Vote Trump. What a joke. We need another Jeff Davis. Deo Vindice !

  16. “I don’t see and EC path for him to win this time”

    The five Northern states that switched sides and voted with the South and West for Trump, are gonna switch back in 2020.

    They’re going to, no matter what Trump does, or doesn’t do. It’s just in their political nature. The fact that their voting patterns and habits always have disastrous consequences for us, but not for them, is why they don’t pause, before flipping one way or the other.

  17. Biden is running on hatred of Nazis. Blormpf is running on hatred of socialists. That is the absolute state of US elections. Can anyone doubt at this point that Nazbols are the most oppressed group on earth?

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