Trump: Real GDP Grew At 3.2% Last Quarter

The GDP has grown:

GDP is a meaningless statistic to the vast majority of the country. The same is true of Wall Street’s bull market. If a marriage collapses and a divorce happens and a single household becomes two households, that is counted as economic growth under GDP.

How many illegal aliens crossed the border last month and were allowed to waltz into the country? How much more are we in debt? It was another new record, right?

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    • Last year the govt borrowed over $1 Trillion – more than half of that went to debt interest payments.

      The only reason the Federal Reserve is holding down interest rates is because if they let them float to the 1990s levels – 5% to 6% which was normal – the interest payments will balloon and the govt will collapse.

      Consider that in a few years we’ll be at $30 Trillion in terms of what the govt has borrowed. 5% interest on that amount is $1.5 Trillion (the current Fed interest rate is about 2.5%). The current govt revenues add up to about $3.5 Trillion – let’s say it grows to $3.7 Trillion by the time the debt hits $30 Trillion. So take the revenues and subtract the interest payment amount – that’s 3.7T – 1.5T = 2.2T At that point the govt could maybe pay for social security and medicare with a few Billion dollars left over. So no money for defense, no money for all other govt agencies (FBI, State Dept, Dept of the Interior, Dept of Education, etc. etc. etc.). The result would be tens of millions of people laid off – the ripple effect might be such that over 100 million people lose their jobs.

      We are on an unsustainable path. At some point nobody is going to buy the American debt anymore. At some point the interest payment amount on the debt will force the govt to slash spending (social security, medicare, defense, etc.) or force the govt to default on the debt in order to fund the budget. At some point the Saudis are going to decide to sell oil in a non-dollar currency – that’s when the dollar ceases to be the world reserve currency and then hyperinflation begins here in our country (Zimbabwe-style).

      We are on the Titanic and instead of trying to avoid the iceberg, or getting everybody into the life boats, we’re (the politicians – not us) arguing over how the deck chairs should be arranged.

      • “The only reason the Federal Reserve is holding down interest rates is because if they let them float to the 1990s levels – 5% to 6% which was normal – the interest payments will balloon and the govt will collapse.”

        Yep, and people like me who are savers are getting screwed. Like you say, this is unsustainable. Maybe HW can explain how deep learning AI robots can fix the problem.

  1. Yep, the GDP just means the rich are getting richer in the context of our current economy. I know free-market theorists claim it is a measure of how well the country is doing economically but it’s not. It doesn’t measure the Main st. economy which has been left behind and who are the “forgotten” voters Trump needs to win 2020. These numbers literally mean nothing to them since all the wealth is somewhere else.

  2. That’s an interesting fact about Divorce being considered economic growth. No wonder Republicans stopped talking about Family Values and Morality. The Republicans only care about Money. It’s more like the Jew Party especially under Trump. Deo Vindice !

    • They count pre-existing home sales as GDP growth. Think about how much THAT makes our numbers look way better than they are in reality!

  3. Amen!

    GDP can reflect so many hypothetical measures.

    The real question is:
    How are White people doing, are they safe, can they afford a house, can they afford a family, can they afford health ( care and sustenance ), are their lives low stress and happy.

    These are the REAL measurements.

  4. the “GDP” measure is as phony as the price inflation and unemployment indexes.

    in GDP (((they))) are including price inflation, debt, and debt-based financial “products”.

    subtract price inflation and financial “products” and the economy has flatlined since 2008.

    Murka’s principal product is…Jewbux.

  5. GDP numbers are so retarded. Inflation actually gets counted as growth unless (((they))) correct for it. Welfare spending also.

  6. It’s a jewish economy…barter and trade, speculation and accounting tricks. Smoke and mirrors.

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