Entrepreneur: Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs

How will technological change alter our economy and by extension our culture and social order? The invention of electricity, telecommunications and the internal combustion engine defined the 20th century and transformed the world in hitherto unimaginable ways:

Sophia the Robot on Nat Geo:

President Andrew Yang and Vice President Tulsi Gabbard huddle to discuss the real issues facing our society in the 21st century like growing income inequality, the rise of artificial intelligence, the subsequent loss of millions of middle class and working class jobs and unnecessary regime change wars:

Hot take.

The rise of free-market capitalism shredded the social and economic fabric of Western Christendom in the modern era, but the economy of the post-modern era will change that by gradually eliminating work and scarcity and by redistributing wealth from machine slave laborers. In such a world, human beings will reorient toward reconstructing traditional cultures to provide the structure, meaning and purpose to life that was lost in the wake of the popularization of Enlightenment philosophy:


“Are you worried about losing your job? Perhaps you should be, not because of an influx of illegal immigrants but because of robots.

Our jobs are not being stolen, they are being destroyed. A recently released report conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute estimated automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030. While companies spend billions trying to improve efficiency through automation, we are often complicit in the job loss, perhaps without knowing it. Do you pump your own gas? Go to the self serve line at the grocery store? These were jobs once done by people but automation and the eager adoption by consumers eliminated the need for a paid position. …”

This got me wondering, how big an impact would the loss of 73 million jobs make? According to Statista, there were 128.7 full time workers in 2018, leaving 55.7 jobs remaining. In other words, 43 percent of the jobs that exist today, will be automated out of existence if the McKinsey Global project plays out.

Yes, I have noticed the UPS trucks that are constantly delivering Amazon packages in my area, the new touch-screen kiosks at McDonald’s, the self checkouts at Wal-Mart, the proliferation of the Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores in the rural South, how all the unemployed blacks whose ancestors were sharecroppers are simply given free food with their EBT cards in exchange for social peace. We’re going to have to dramatically expand the welfare state to cope with automation.


When hedge fund CEOs, presidential candidates and college professors shout that something is wrong with capitalism as practiced, they are — unwittingly in most cases — attacking a long-deceased, 800-pound gorilla in the economy.

The backdrop: Thirteen years after his death, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman — a 5-foot-tall University of Chicago economist — continues to exert a dominant hold on public opinion with his stark call for a stripped-down, profit-making-only role for business. But the Friedman Doctrine, as some call it, is under threat as Americans attempt to make sense of the anger in the roiled U.S. heartland, beset by hollowed-out cities, bankrupt pension plans, and decades of flat wages.

What’s happening: In recent months, hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, numerous Democratic presidential candidates and others have called for a more socially minded corporate America.”

I’ve never read Milton Friedman.

I suspect he will be fun to read one day though because of how wrong he was about economics. Everyone can look around and see the paradigm of neo-liberal economics crumbling before their eyes. The underlying cause is that the various assumptions the model is based on are flawed and are being dramatically exposed by accelerating technological change.

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  1. Are we letting all the illegal immigrants cross our Southern border because they will do the jobs the robots won’t do?

    • Virtually no aspect of American public policy makes rational sense. We live in Clown World. It is not just immigration. That’s only one issue where our current polarized culture and politics has generated unsustainable trends.

  2. I don’t think millions of disenfranchised whites are going to allow power other grid services to these robotic centers. Maybe a roundup is planned soon.

  3. “Yes, I have noticed the UPS trucks that are constantly delivering Amazon packages in my area, the new touch-screen kiosks at McDonald’s, the self checkouts at Wal-Mart, the proliferation of the Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores in the rural South”

    This is the extent to which they’ll allow automation. They still expect the vast majority of people to shovel shit for twelve hours a day and live in fear of homelessness and hunger.

    Without that, they have no power or relevance anymore.

    They’ll use automation to save a few pennies here and there, and as proof that America is a “modern” country. But that’s about as far as it’ll go with them.

    It’ll be European and Asian companies that fully institute an automated economy in the former United States.

  4. Friedman supported the Jew World Order and the dismantling and outsourcing of US industry 110% That is the only thing anyone needs to know. Ayn Rand also.

  5. I don’t think all this automation will work the way they say it will. Not because I don’t want it to work, but because the most successful and productive economies never practice free market capitalism. The whole concept is a fairytale that only works when you’re in academia. Successful economies such as China and Japan are full of state intervention, regulation, central planning, strong protectionism, and subsidies which should not exist in a sink-or-swim free market economy. Such countries take their population carefully into account too, at the very least providing them their basic needs.

    This whole idea that you can dispose of 80% of your population and get away with it is the real experiment here, not automation. And I think this experiment will fail. Even if the US government succeeds in abolishing the 2nd Amendment, there’s something like 380 million firearms in civilian possession. There’s even enough to go around for foreigners to come join in the fight when it goes down. Not to mention all the sabotage that could take place.

    Every one of these “let’s enslave the goyim” schemes fails, most notably the USSR. The real failure there was when Trotskism got displaced by Stalinism. Something similar is guaranteed for the US if the jews dare make that move. These (((people))) are good at wrecking the world, but they are not destined to rule it.

  6. An interesting aspect of this is what will it do to affirmative action? When the going gets tough and your relatives and friends are suffering you’re going to be more likely to flaunt such laws in favor of your own group. I doubt that Hispanics and Asians give more than lip service to AA NOW, and that sort of in-group behavior will become more widespread, leading to more social instability.

  7. There is a question I have never seen answered, but it came to me while I was reading. It has to do with the sin of Envy. If Niggers are getting ‘free gibs’ from ‘Whitey,’ the underlying thought is, ‘I’m making the Honky pay.’ If anything like an UBI is enacted, will the lesser races start experiencing envy, because now EVERYONE is getting ‘gibs’? Just an observation. But the social ‘safety net’ that Yangbux might offer, would certainly have some problems, if Envy raises its head….. As it already has, among those who think that to take ANY money from FEDGOV is ALREADY ‘slavery.’ However they define that…. especially when April 15th rolls around, each year.

  8. pic.twitter.com/D4Z8bmIXrU

    On the above TWIT comment, one ‘Shawna Burley’ noted of Yang: “He’s also this extremely anti-LGBTQ.”

    Really? All the better! Stupid Indians don’t like Tulsi? All the better.

    These two, together?
    Got my vote!

    To hell with God-damned sodomites.
    Buttigeig for seventh circle of HELL.

  9. Real eye opener. See what’s going on at your local “better” universities robotics & electrical/electronic/computer departments?

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