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It is no accident that I have been showing more of my personal life lately in recent blog entries. I have given a great deal of thought to what went wrong with the 1.0 and 2.0 movements.

The Poway shooting is going to be a turning point. I was already headed in this direction before that incident, but after reading John Earnest’s manifesto last night it occurs to me that a centerpiece of the 3.0 movement has got to be more mature voices and a more positive and healthier discourse. Frankly, we have too many voices in the 2.0 movement who come across as raging alienated irony nihilists and the impression that they leave on the public and the toxic values which are being instilled in their own followers, especially the gullible ones whose heads aren’t screwed on so tightly, has always bothered me. I got fed up with it over a year ago.

“I willingly sacrifice my future—the future of having a fulfilling job, a loving wife, and amazing kids. I sacrifice this for the sake of my people. OUR people. I would die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race.”

I wish that I could have smacked some sense into this kid.

This is a kid who has thrown away his entire life by walking into a synagogue and opening fire on a bunch of random people to impress a bunch of nihilistic spergs on the internet by acting out a morbid violent fantasy while giving shoutouts to MoonMan and PewDiePie. Few people will even remember that this incident happened six months from now.

John Earnest had no idea what he was doing. The gun jammed on him. He went in there believing that he was going to save the White race by murdering a 60-year-old woman. This whole strategy is as retarded as the time that Dylann Roof killed a bunch of elderly blacks at that church in Charleston, Robert Bowers killed a bunch of elderly Jews in Pittsburgh and especially the time that Glenn Miller killed a 14-year-old Methodist Eagle Scout and his 69-year-old grandfather in Overland Park. It was a dumb tactic then and it is a dumb tactic now and will be a dumb tactic next time it happens.

Instead of doing something negative with your life like throwing it away in a pointless mass shooting, why not try to do something positive? Why don’t you get married and start a family? Why don’t you try to better yourself by practicing the moral virtues and studying the Bible? Normally, I just watch these incidents unfold in horror in the news cycle (after it happens a dozen times, you become numb to it), but from now on I am going to proactively argue in favor of an alternative strategy. There comes a point when you have just have to stand up and say, no, this is a better way forward.

I will never forget the day that I found out about Dylann Roof’s manifesto. I had heard about the shooting the night before on television, but I had nothing to do with it and was distracted by personal matters. When I was contacted by the media and asked to comment on the story because “journalists” were trying to link Roof to the C of CC, I was at my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta. At the time, I was surrounded by normal people doing normal things that White people do and having normal life experiences like marrying a beautiful woman in a Southern church in front of friends and family.

Yesterday, I was preparing to go out to eat with family at an Italian restaurant in St. Louis when I got the phone call about John Earnest. Initially, I didn’t have the time to react to the story except for posting a link to a news article. It was only later in the evening that I read the manifesto and learned that Earnest had sacrificed his life … the sort of experiences that I was having this weekend for a few toasts from a bunch of anonymous strangers who lived vicariously through him for about 5 minutes.

It was a stark reminder that so many people who get caught up in the White Nationalist movement these days simply lack most of the things that White people have typically taken for granted in the West: a healthy family life, a spouse, children, a strong moral sense, religious faith, deep roots in a community, a network of real world friends. Instead of having those things that provide balance in life, they come online where they engage with other angry people on the internet. It is angry loners like Robert Bowers and Dylann Roof who are responsible for virtually all of these mass shootings.

While there are some similarities between those people and people like me which align us together in the same “movement” (we agree, for example, that race exists, Jewish influence is a negative influence in society, White identity is legitimate, etc), there are also major differences. I’ve yet to see anyone but an angry disaffected loner plugged into nihilistic discourse online engage in one of these mass shootings. It is the people who have nothing to live for who throw away their lives.

As I was saying, my day consisted of being surrounded by family and celebrating meaningful events in life that create positive memories like my wife’s birthday and my nephew’s birthday. It wasn’t unlike the day that I spent at my cousin’s wedding when the media called me to ask me about Dylann Roof’s manifesto. In contrast, other people online spent the day celebrating, well, the sudden demise of Jewish power, wealth and influence in this country because a hapless 19-year-old kid is going to prison for the rest of his life for murdering an irrelevant 60-year-old woman at her synagogue in California.

John Earnest could have done far more to save the White race by going out and getting the fulfilling job, finding a loving wife and having amazing kids, playing the piano and by tuning out all the spergs who have ruined his life. That’s because the only way to really save the White race and navigate our way through this terrible phase of history is through having children, immersing them in a healthy culture, networking with likeminded people, rejecting and attacking the “mainstream” and creating a movement that is attractive enough that normal, talented, well-adjusted people want to join it. We survived five centuries of the Dark Ages, the Black Death, the Saracens, Mongols and the Turks and we can survive this. Here in the South, we survived the demise of the Confederacy in which 1 out of every 4 Southern White men of military age died as well as the Great Depression which lasted from 1865 to 1940 here.

How did we overcome countless tragedies throughout history? Devastating wars. Occupations. Cultural degeneracy. Economic collapse. It was mostly due to the sheer passage of time because no awful regime lasts forever. In the meantime, we have to start living for the future:

The people who aren’t having children, who are committing suicide and who are throwing away their own lives shouldn’t worry about the future. Their descendants aren’t going to be a part of it anyway. If you are worried about the future of the White race, then stop what you are doing, find a spouse and go have children and partake in the amazing experience of parenthood.

It would be hypocritical of me as a White Advocate to do one thing while counseling you to do another thing. I’m going to argue that you should do the same thing. I think you should have children, become religious, practice the moral virtues, criticize “mainstream” society with alternative takes on the issues, enjoy meaningful experiences with your family and develop a deep interest in the welfare of your own people and their history and culture while trying to ignite that same interest in other deracinated people in their ethnic heritage through persuasive rational and emotional arguments.

Here’s a persuasive argument: if John Earnest hadn’t thrown away his life to become a piss poor failed mass shooter, what could he have done with his life by having children and developing his obvious musical talent? Are more people moved by music or mass shootings?

Note: The images above are from a birthday party yesterday. Normally, I don’t share details about my personal life because of the violent leftwing weirdos who read this blog, but I am frustrated with violent weird people in general at the moment and want to emphasize normalcy.

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  1. Christ: Oh shit I actually have to deal with this garbage?
    Luther: I’m not dealing with this garbage.
    Hunter: I’m not dealing with this garbage.

    Who did Earnest love? Luther.

    Sorry, building civilization means you wade through the muck. Earnest is the result of 500 years of “turning points” of people saying they’re not dealing with this garbage.

    It’s great to see you and your family having fun, though. It’s worth visiting for that even though the rest of the content lately borders on cringe.

  2. Electing some gook that promises to give everybody 1000 jewbux per month is not going to suppress all of the White Rage out there.

    • No, but if we elect the gook, start with $1,000 a month as an icebreaker and gradually raise that amount over the course of several generations, then it actually will suppress the White rage out there.

      How come? Automation will abolish the need for cheap labor and will make immigration redundant and politically impossible to continue in the context of mass unemployment. Similarly, it will create a world of abundance, and we will need a new economic model to replace free-market capitalism which was created for a world of scarcity. As wealth is distributed more evenly and poverty is abolished around the world in the 21st century, there will be no need for mass immigration.

      The Jewish oligarchy of the 20th century will similarly succumb to all the wealth created by automation. The source of its power under industrial capitalism was a monopoly on ownership of the media and a free-market economy in which their favored cultural norms could be enforced through political correctness. It will be impossible to maintain that system once UBI is in place.

      One more thing: when everyone in the world is far wealthier than they are now, we will see a reversal of the demographic patterns caused by scarcity that brings “diverse” communities together. Instead of forced diversity, the world will unsort itself into more homogeneous nations and communities when left to its own devices.

      • we don’t have “several generations”, HW.

        combining Jew-induced White birth-rate collapse with

        ever-accelerating shitskin orc insourcing,

        Whites will be a minority in ‘Murka by 2030

        and extinct by 2070. The Jews

        absolutely intend to kill you and your White children.

        John Earnest, though an incompetent gunsel,

        is correct in his situational assessment. You

        remain in cloud koo-koo land.

        • White people will not be extinct in 2070.

          While the White population isn’t at a record high, it isn’t crashing to a record low either. That’s absurd. Also, John Earnest threw away his life to kill a 60-year-old woman, a target of utterly no military value. The only thing Earnest accomplished besides throwing his own life was making the 1.0 and 2.0 movements look even more toxic to the public. It is a ridiculous “strategy” and it one which I don’t want to be associated with although I am happy to argue against people who share that perspective.

          • The Movement will always struggle against life failures … persons who are losers not because of the Joos, but because, well, they’re losers.

            IMO, I would recommend that the rational and mature members of our community try to mentor and positively influence new converts, especially the young, and encourage them to the develop a sixth sense necessary in this time and place …. and that is, anyone who is encouraging violence or chatting them up on how “cool” it is to be a warrior and a martyr, is 99% either an overweight basement dwelling loser or a Fed LEO/CI … Either way, with martyrdom, you always lose and your removal is quicker for our enemies.

            Unfortunately, several of these types (losers and Feds) lurk here.

  3. I highly recommend reading, studying and implementing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and implementing the sensible tactics that Alinsky presents from a pro White, populist, White identitarian perspective.

    Saul Alinsky never recommends committing suicide, throwing away your life for a (just) cause by doing something really stupid, counter productive and cowardly.

    Saul Alinsky and his radicals also had a lot of fun attacking their real enemies (usually rich, corporate types) – they would do things like buy lots of tickets to a classical music concert sponsored by Eastman Kodak then have their activists eat a lot of beans then go fart during the classical music concert.


    National Socialists SA also did lots of fun similar things back in the day – bought tickets to hated Pacifist anti German movies like “All Quiet on the Western Front”, then they would let out mice/rats and enjoy watching the scream in terror.

    Doxing is something that works. This bright young guy could have done so much good by punishing real, in the flesh enemies by doxing them.

    Where does Jeff Zucker live, hang out? How about Michael Moore? Rob the Meathead Reiner?. Paul Joseph Watson did excellent, highly viewed videos showing all the $ million palaces of George Clooney and noting that George C and that idiot author of Harry Potter have been taking in exactly ZERO migrants all the time they preach, preach, preach that our countries must take in unlimited numbers of diseased, hateful Muslim/Black African migrants.

    Again doxing works.

    We must be 100% against pointless suicide like this guy in San Diego/Poway apparently did.

      • Get a good used one from a junkyard don’t buy remanufactured unless it is associated with the manufacturer somehow. The conditions these are assembled under are hard to reproduce in small shops.

        • Thanks.

          We’re going to be dealing with this crisis for the next few days at a minimum. It is hard to believe she bought this car only in January. It is a 2011 car too. She has had it less than four months and here we are.

  4. This posting of yours is exactly right. Yesterday my wife and I went church, after church went visit an elderly couple who have become like godparents to us. He’s on hospice and doesn’t have long to live. She has MS, but both have great faith in God. I told Phil I loved him, and was going to miss him. We are going along with others going to make sure his wife Beverly is taken care of after he passes. It’s all sad, but not hopeless, and the joy of Christ is over all things like THIS is how you make things better. Not shooting people. Live a life of joy and with and among people you love, and love you. That can change things

    • Why isn’t this obvious, Shadowbass?

      It is all the negativity in 1.0 and 2.0 that drives even committed ideologues and sympathetic people away from those movements. Why aren’t we doing things like you were doing yesterday? We care about our own people, right? Why not express that in a better way?

    • I have faith in beer in that if I have enough of them I tend to not worry so much about all the problems we are facing.

  5. The 1960’s children’s pic makes me cringe. The evil unethical things (((doctors))) were doing to children during that period was pure evil. Lobotomies were being done into the 1970’s on the same children they just drug into retardation now. Don’t mind genital mutilatins being done on both sexes goyim, that was a long time ago… That nostalgia stuff doesn’t work on me.

    • hansfrankavatar,

      The history of medicine is horrifying in general. If you think lobotomies are bad, you should keep reading and go back to the age before we even had penicillin. To put this in perspective, penicillin wasn’t even discovered until 1928.

      • They had colloidal silver and other antibiotics. They still use these in India. The (((myth))) of medical helplessness before the Jews came along and saved us is a just that, a (((myth))). Romans had excellent medicine and all records of it seem to have been destroyed interestingly. You can see from the skeletons of gladiators that they had bone setting methods that I would bet are superior to what (((doctors))) are using today. As 60’s for (((medicine))) Lou Reed is a great case study. In addition to the usual multiple mutilations children were subjected to his parents gave him (((electroshock therapy))) because they thought he was gay. From a biographer “He apparently was never able to forgive them for this.” LOL! We need to move forward in a big way and not be looking back unless is is before about 1910 for culture and 1935 for social movements. I think we can learn from the non-jewish socialists and other cooperative movements of that period.

  6. Joseph de Maistre once said that what he wanted was a counter-revolution, — the opposite of a revolution. What we need is a counter-nihilism. Negation should not be embraced as an end, but a starting point for affirmation. We have to, as a people, recover what it means to live a good life. Such a life expresses the moral tradition that forms the character of a specific people; it is rooted in faith, family and the household.

    There is much to be done. Mass shootings and throwing your life away is not among them.

  7. I find it – quite a cohencidence – that this most recent shooting happened just after Trump reinforced the Second Amendment via a speech a day or two before the incident. I also find it odd that most of them have manifestos, often lengthy ones. They have manifestos (scripts) to steer the cattle. My personal opinion is that most, if not all, of these “white supremacist” shootings are controlled incidents. They ALWAYS kill innocent people. I would think a genuine white supremacist would kill people who are the cause of his/her grievances. I also believe many of the other shootings not involving fake white supremacists – blacks and muslims – are highly suspect as well. Often with a specific controller assigned to the task. Controllers are not just for presidents. The possibility of being able to brainwash an individual is not a possibility but a fact. The MK-ULTRA program (aka Monarch) an experimental program that used trauma was another taxpayer benefit courtesy of the U.S. Government and whatever controls it. It has been outdated for decades which means their methods have been greatly improved. It’s like weapons of mass destruction, they don’t disclose the existence of – or sell them to foreign nations – unless they have advanced replacements.

    You’ll never find the truth about dark ops on Wikipedia. “Jimmy Wales” is a front.

    Remember what the Washington Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, carved into the stock of his shotgun? This is “My ELF weapon”. Extremely low frequency. It most likely was a genuine mass shooting targeting a broad direction that was responsible in the shooter’s mind.

    If you don’t understand frequencies, you don’t understand reality. Remember a dog can hear a whistle you humans can’t. Royal Raymond Rife understood frequencies and he was destroyed because of that knowledge. Like Nikola Tesla, he was destroyed by the controllers. As were the many unknowns you never heard of.

    Competition is a sin.

  8. hunter’s children will grow up to hate him, hate europeans, and hate the south. hunter wants that to happen, because he votes for democrats and tells other people to vote for democrats too. democrats will teach his children to hate every single thing about him, and will make sure his pointless exercise of having 1 or 2 kids is totally irrelevant when they replace him and his family with a dozen third worlders.

    hunter is not very smart. though we knew this. he proves it every day.

    • Oh … is that the case?

      If I love the South, I have to vote for the GOP to save the Confederate monuments, right? It was the Democrat Nikki Haley and the South Carolina legislature who tore down the Confederate Battle Flag at the South Carolina State House in Columbia. It was the Republicans who rule Tennessee who stopped Nathan Bedford Forrest’s grave from being vandalized.

      It was the GOP that saved the Confederate monuments in New Orleans. It was the GOP which saved Old Joe monument in Gainesville, FL. It was the GOP in Texas that stopped Democrats from tearing down the Confederate monuments in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. It was the GOP Congress that stood up for us and defended us after Charlottesville.

      How did I not see this? It was giving the GOP control of nearly every branch of government in the Southern states and nearly every Senate seat that stopped tens of millions of Third World immigrants from pouring into the United States. Blompf has secured the border and there are fewer illegal aliens coming here now than under Obama. The 2 million legal immigrants that have arrived from the Third World under Blompf are going to vote for the GOP in 2020 to stop the descent of this country into “socialism.”

      Blompf is going to take the Boomers back to the 1950s even though there are fewer manufacturing jobs here now than in 2008. None of this talk about automation from virtually everyone in Silicon Valley is real. It is all exaggerated.

  9. Hunter, this is a great piece and chimes well with a lot of other stuff I’ve been reading lately like Wrath of Gnon, Traditionalist Western Art, etc. White/Western man and woman have lost their way precisely because they have “heaped up fables” and forgotten how the steel of society is forged.

  10. I think one of the long term chronic problems for our sector is, because certain interests, parenthetical and otherwise, cock block the ability for the kind of people in our sector that we wish were front-and-center and driving the conversation from doing so, (fear of their jobs, social lives, etc.), by default it leaves our sector to be defined by the not so desirable people. And it also deflects desirable people away from our sector and into the arms of enemy ideologies. If not for organized activist Jewish interests (et al.) cock blocking us, our sector would have a hundred Jared Taylors in leadership rather than just one. But it’s because they do that we only have one, and the other 99 are shilling for lamestream conservatism, lamestream liberalsm, or something else.

    Speaking of San Diego, I noticed a common denominator between San Diego and Pittsburgh nutbars.

    Brad loves Becky, but Becky never loved Brad. Brad sees Becky out on a date with Greg, and runs into the restaurant and rages out that Becky is cheating on him and turned traitor on him.

    The through line between SD and Pittsburgh is: Open contempt for Trump’s “treason” on the parentheticals.

    Which means they have two other things in common:

    (1) Neither have ever read The Art of the Deal, to see all the parentheticals Trump thanked for helping his way up the ladder, and also for the fact that a parenthetical co-wrote it (actually, wrote just about all of it), one Tony Schwartz, who was one of those feely-good Stuart Smalley motivational speakers of the 1980s.

    (2) Neither have a lick of common sense, to realize that you’re not going to make a multibillion fortune with Manhattan commercial real estate as its core without being nice to at least a few Jews.

    There would be a lot less hot lead flying from certain segments of our sector if they just realized that Becky never was into them.

    San Diego and Pittsburgh were examples of misplaced jilted lover syndrome, albeit jilted from romances that never existed.

    • I think you are right.

      I would add that one of the biggest problems is simply a lack of vision. There has been a failure of imagination in the 1.0 and 2.0 movements. The 1.0 movement provided virtually the entire intellectual foundation. This is why the movement has been frozen in the “vote for the Republicans who are our secret friends” OR “withdraw from society and occasionally shoot people” frame for at least the past 40 years. Neither of these strategies have worked and the movement oscillates between the two poles.

      As for the 2.0 movement, it was composed of virtually nothing but nihilistic discourse, trolling and comedic rants on the internet. It made ZERO effort to build upon the intellectual foundation of the 1.0 movement. It didn’t produce a single book from within the movement. The only thing it added to 1.0 was a stylistic difference. It tried to be funny. It was obsessed with memes and optics. It aspired to infiltrate politics. Otherwise, there was no difference at all between the 1.0 and 2.0 movements, and in fact in some ways 2.0 was even a regression as in the case of the pure loathing and hatred of women by people coming out of the manosphere.

      Now that infiltrating Republican politics has failed, some of the most frustrated people in the 2.0 movement like Tarrant and Earnest are lashing out and turning to violence. Once again, what’s missing is a vision of how to proceed.

      • You pointed to another long term issue in our sector. We tend to think in either-or terms of extreme polar opposites: Debating society, or armed revolution. Most of the rest of the world, including the parentheticals, operate in a schemey scammy middle ground between the two extremes. When our sector can figure out how to live and work in that middle ground, then we’ll start racking up some real wins.

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