Rosenstein Has Formally Submitted His Resignation

Great news:

“Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has formally submitted his resignation to President Trump, effective May 11.

Why it matters: Rosenstein was expected to leave the Justice Department after seeing the Mueller investigation through to its conclusion. His successor Jeffrey Rosen has already been nominated by President Trump and is awaiting confirmation in the Senate.

The big picture: Rosenstein’s rocky 2-year tenure as deputy attorney general made him one of the most intriguing and puzzling players in the Mueller saga. After writing the letter that Trump used to fire then-FBI director James Comey, Rosenstein appointed the special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign for its ties to Russia — as well as possible obstruction of justice by Trump himself.”

Unfortunately, Rod Rosenstein is expected to be replaced by his successor Jeffrey Rosen pending a Senate confirmation vote. Such has been the staffing of the Trump administration.

It has been a total disaster from Day One.

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    Look no further than the Supreme Court and congress for non-Jewish Whites that betrays their folk’s well being and marches to an alien cabal’s tune.

  2. “A Jewish Rose, by any other name, would still stink to high Heaven.”- Apologies to Shakespeare

    Our only option is to outlaw Jews in banking, real estate, business, as doctors, lawyers, and government officials. You know….. like the Rudder (of the Orthodox Church) so wisely noted of Church council decisions of the first millennium.

    Jews are the cancer of the Human Race. – NO apologies to Susan Sontag, may she rot in hell.

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