Victory In Charlottesville

Daily Progress:

“A Charlottesville judge has ruled that two downtown statues depicting Confederate generals are war monuments and therefore are protected by state code.

Circuit Judge Richard E. Moore stated in a letter dated April 25 that the city’s statues of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson are war memorials.

“I find this conclusion inescapable,” he wrote. “It is the very reason the statues have been complained about from the beginning. It does no good pretending they are something other than what they actually are.”

The Monument Fund filed suit in March 2017, claiming the Charlottesville City Council in 2016 violated a state code section that bans the removal of war memorials when it voted to remove the statue of Lee. The suit was later amended to also include the Jackson statue. …

The matter is so clear, Moore wrote, that he also wrote that if a jury were to find the statues not to be monuments or memorials to Civil War veterans, he would find the verdict “unreasonable” and contrary to the law.”

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening savoring this great news. It’s not often that Charlottesville is associated with good news. I propose a toast to Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson!

Deo Vindice

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  1. A pyrrhic victory to be sure.

    We strangled our own movement in its crib by getting in over our heads, following numbskulls and maladjusted shockjocks into armed conflict.

    We failed our race.

    Food for thought.

      • Hunter – you are correct. I am amazed; this is beautiful little bright miracle. I will contact that judge, and thank him. One man doing something honest, decent, just and true is a miracle. I think we regular American have has no idea how deep the evil runs, in the creatures in power. Charlottesville ripped everything open. We have a long hard road ahead – but all is not lost. We have to be sober and lucid, and plan.

        • Perhaps we should regard the Charlottesville fiasco as our version of Hitler’s failed 1923 Beer Hall putsch, madam?

  2. Yes, this is always a problem for our side. Stop complaining, and rejoice that the law worked for us. Every small victory matters. And the thought how much this is going to cause wailing and gnashing of teeth from the SJW crowd makes for a fine evening to smile and enjoy it.

  3. hey I read a comment on ZeroHedge weeks ago calling America the most pathetic great power ever, I think that many people can agreed with that.
    So I was thinking, the Industrial Revolution was mainly a Germanic-Celtic phenomenon, it gave countries like Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, US, a stunning and unprecedented advantage technologically, economically, military, compared with other countries. It has been truly an abyss of difference, not for a couple of years but for more than two centuries.
    But how these countries failed so miserably and pathetically in politics? What they created that was politically wise? They should have the planet, even the solar system at their feet at this point, but astonishingly they are facing prospects of virtual extinction in a century or so, and dragging all the rest of Europeans with them.
    Everything was a disaster estrategically and politically, pursuing restlessly and fanatically infantile ridiculous ideas, see the dumb Protestant Reformation and its practical results, the (((British empire))) conquering and bulding infrastructure in ludicrous shitholes in Africa and Asia, universal democracy, Nazism,
    feminism, guilty syndrome, multiculturalism, etc.
    To the point that the populations in those vast countries are unbelievably subjugated to a very small group of ancient known little unarmed (((liars))), where hundreds of millions fall for and worship such laughable scams like the Holohoax.
    Isn’t there something inherently wrong? Extreme naivety and lack of understanding of the real world?
    Intelligent people like Mr. Hunter Wallce wasting time and energy
    with Martin Luther and dreaming of being ruled by a racial enemy (Chinese) in his own country?
    Why instead of blaming Jews for everything and producing (again) foolish politic ideas these people finally don’t look a bit at themselves?

    • Shut your hole, (((Nemo))). It is JEWS. Greedy, duplicitous, malicious, murderous rapacious, SADISTIOC Jews – who have abused Humanity for CENTURIES. You are not “US”, Zhid. The only thing that Whites have done wrong is allow you to abuse us for ever. We are too generous and trusting and THAT is what needs to END.

    • @Nemo

      You shouldn’t be so arrogant. You clearly don’t understand how powerful the brainwashing is in America (and these other locations).

      Every single thing in our culture, every…thing….is hardcore anti “us.” They take 75% of our money and spend it attacking us, strong attacks.

      You shouldn’t be so critical.

  4. “Denise” obviously is the logical product of an emasculated society. Funny imitation of men.
    But I’m really thankful for the technologies that came out of US, Britain, Germany. Life is so easy because of them.
    It’s interesting really, I live in a place that have many pure descendants of Germans, I like and admire them I think. But generally talking to people of my own ethnicity is different from talking to Germans. My own people is cynical, escrutinizing what I’m saying, what game I’m playing. Most Germans simply believe.

    All the best folks. Thanks for allowing my comments.

  5. That’s why (((your Race))) “loves” Aryans, Germans especially – you regard us as suckers to be plucked and bled dry. Your infestation marks the failure of White men, for centuries to keep you OUT.

    • Funny how no one seemed to complain about those Civil War monuments went they were erected over 100 years ago. That was during a time when the war was still a living memory for many people. So isn’t it kinda dumb to be “offended” by those monuments now? In fact, couldn’t it be argued that taking offense to those monuments in Current Year betrays a level of arrogance, ignorance, immaturity and stupidity that one should be ashamed of possessing?

      • Anti-Whites are offended by anything that’s White. Maine, one of the Whitest states, just changed Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day”. In a few more years most other states will follow suit and the holdouts will be blackmailed into it.

        Guilt ridden, self hating Whites go along with the destruction of their race and culture. This is what a half century of anti-White programming and demoralization yields.

          • They’ll do a lot of whining at first like they always do about the latest outrage. Then they’ll capitulate, especially when the business interests of any holdout states are threatened with boycotts (can’t boycott Israel though). God Bless the Chamber of Commerce and screw your White base once again.

  6. “I propose a toast to Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson!”

    Toasting them right this moment, my good sir, a cold American beer in hand!

  7. None of this would have arisen if Charlottesville were still a Southern town. This is the result of it being filled with cultural and biological aliens.

  8. We have different temperaments and we all have different responses to the attempted erasure of our lives, culture, future.
    One thing we all have in common is justifiable anger.
    It’s painful isn’t it?
    There is a middle ground between pointless nihilistic acts as this kid committed and trying to hold back the onslaught with virtue alone.
    Did anyone read Greg Conte’s article on Charlottesville?

    Has anyone seen any other public attempt to set the record straight?

    We are wasting time when we do not speak.

    3, 4, 5, 10 men to attend a venue, well prepared to speak.
    A group of men to write such articles or speeches and demand to be heard.
    A project with political impact for a group of men to push and demand exactly the way the loud mouth Bolsheviks manage to get attention.
    When you and your group of men see or hear a slur or aggression against us, when you see or hear what you do not want, resolve to punish them.
    Punish them with balls each time they say or do what you don’t want.
    Not violence, not illegality but with reason and common sense, and masculine power stating what you demand instead.
    Channel anger and testosterone.
    Don’t be fat, blubby and mealy mouthed when you state your case.
    When they name call, simply state: “What’s your argument? I hear bullshit but no argument. Either state your argument or go the fuck home”.
    That’s where we need to be right now.
    Never say “they don’t even allow us to do this or that.”
    Punish them.
    I’m a girl.
    I don’t want to use my nonexistent balls.
    It feels weird and painful.
    But I’m tired of mealy mouth reactions to these assaults.
    Punish them.

    • @Scarlett

      I had a long response but I erased it and will keep it short.

      Our men need to see a reason to save this place.

      • “Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.

        As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.

        I am the beginning, middle, and end of creation.

        Among animals I am the lion; among birds, the eagle Garuda. I am Prahlada, born among the demons, and of all that measures, I am time.

        I am death, which overcomes all, and the source of all beings still to be born.”

  9. @Hunter

    Let me preface by saying I think we have a lawless and unjust society, run by an illegitimate government…

    Have you considered us moving geographically, banding together and balkanizing ourselves? I am willing to move and have been looking for people serious about this. I tried to contact Chris Cantwell because he talks about it in N.H….but he’s not serious. It’s going to take serious people who believe in ourselves over the system ensnaring us. I am willing to monetarily contribute to building this. Thanks.

    • I’m probably going to stay put for now.

      The future of the Alabama Black Belt is more people moving out of here. I live in the middle of the nowhere and the near future this area becoming more depopulated. At least until AI, robotics and automation changes everything.

  10. charlottesville was a huge defeat, and a tremendous victory for the left, that will be used against us for years and years. all thanks to total idiots like hunter wallace and richard spencer.

    it’s mind boggling they think there was any kind of victory here. this shows how not smart they actually are. hunter wallace and especially richard spencer are excellent contrarian indicators. if they’re strongly for something, it’s a good bet, that’s exactly the wrong direction to go if your goals are preventing europeans from being overrun.

    we already knew this though, since hunter wallace votes for democrats. the absolute, number 1 thing you never, ever do if your goal to stop europeans from being eliminated.

    joe biden is leading in the polls and is using charlottesville to do it. is it even necessary to explain that the direct actions of hunter wallace are the reason his own chairman yang candidate will get completely blown out in the democrat primaries?

    • Those who want to support glarg blarg and vote for the GOP, Blompf, Conservatism, Inc. and the MIGA agenda with all the other Boomers are free to do so. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to analyze the race and see what happens. There are lots of things which could have an impact between now and the 2020 election like, say, John Bolton and the neocons intervening in Venezuela.

      As for Charlottesville, the good news from last night is that the Confederate monuments are actually staying as required by state law, so unlike all the other Republican-controlled states where Confederate monuments were torn down like Texas these aren’t going anywhere. The whole purpose of holding the Unite the Right rally was about the monuments.

  11. That statue of General Lee and Traveller is so dignified. Who but the most subversive and degenerate elements could possibly have a problem with it?

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