Politicians Are Killing Faith In Democracy


“People around the world see politicians as unsympathetic to common people and unable to effect change when elected, with more than half feeling dissatisfied with the state of democracy in their country, according to a survey of 27 nations by Pew Research Center. ….

In the U.S., more than half say that most politicians are corrupt, don’t care what common people think, and that not much changes after an election. 58% say they are dissatisfied with the way democracy is working.”

The mainstream media told me that I was “far right.”

Is that really the case though? Am I really on the fringe right? It turns that the majority of Americans agree with my position that the politicians are all corrupt liars who are owned by the donors who are their puppet masters. It is my position on the politicians that is the real “mainstream,” not the media’s position which is totally owned by a handful of powerful corporations.

Note: I’m the centrist. It is the media that is on the fringe.

joking/not joking the “mainstream” is fake lol

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  1. Trump has destroyed my faith in “Democracy” – I’ll never vote again or I might vote for Bernie in the spirit of “accelerationism” (i.e. burn it to the ground faster). But it’s a combination of politicians that stab their constituents in the back (Trump) as well as idiot voters that put back-stabbing politicians in place (the French voters that elected Macron).

    In the end it doesn’t really matter. We’re headed for the formation of the New World Order. If you truly believe in what the Bible says, then you understand that we are in the early to mid preparation phase for the coming of the Anti-Christ. Lucifer hates anything that God has created and thus his attempts to turn everything upside down – destroys relationships between men and women (Feminism, the MeToo movement, etc.), destroys children (child transgenderism, child sacrifice, children being hooked on ADD drugs, etc.), destroys Christianity (the literal destruction and attacks on churches world-wide, the Media’s attack on Christianity, the Gay movement splitting the churches, etc.), and so on (the list is long).

    The elites at the top already worship Lucifer. The “Machine” consists of the Freemasons, and the various organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Grove meetings, the Bilderburg Group, etc. They are getting more and more bold and are showing their true colors publicly via the Satanic Arch of Palmyra events in the various cities around the world (the entrance to the Temple of Baal in which babies were sacrificed by being burned alive), the Satanic Gotthard Tunnel ceremonies, the Satanic closing ceremony for the Olympics in London in 2014 (the Phoenix rising from the ashes), the “in your face” Satanic (Masonic) imagery in Hollywood movies, music videos, corporate conferences and ads, etc.

    So as Andrew Anglin surprisingly said a couple of days ago – “And this is why I am telling you: get right with the real and only true GOD, Jesus Christ, as he is the only one who is going to be able to jam the guns of the Jews.” Whether or not he means it – he’s correct.

    • Anglin is definitely right about that. Pre Vatican II Catholicism taught that Jews were Satan’s children who would be dealt with by Christ once he returned.

      • I’ve come to realize that indeed they worship Moloch or Lucifer. You don’t have hundreds of years of history performing Gentile child sacrifice and be able to claim that you worship the same God as that of the Christians. And this is why they hate Jesus Christ so vehemently – he is to the Jews what Holy water is to a Vampire.

        • @ Jim Hansen, But what about ben shapio and marc levin’s beloved juden-Christianity?

          Kidding. Just kidding.

  2. Calling you ” far right” is a joke.

    By standards of 1950s or 1960s, you are moderate, middle of the road.
    (They) are just pushing to the extreme left and you aren’t cooperating.

  3. Another thing,…… WE AREN’T A DEMOCRACY !!!
    ( ppl are so media brainwashed they don’t even know their form of government.)

  4. The world is run by what I call Elite Consensus.

    What is the consensus?

    It revolves around a technological dream of

    1) Massively extended life evolving into unending life

    2) Robotic slave labor and the elimination of useless eaters

    3) Colonization of space, there are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, each of these wannabe demigods could have their own star system

    4) Overthrowing of moral and legal constraints on their behavior (Christianity, Islam, what ever it may be)

    5) Not allowing any contravening forces to challenge this consensus

    What is the alternative we* are offering to elites? Servitude to the people and the people’s God.

    You see why this won’t end well?

    * I hope I’m not alone on this

    PS The only way they can get #1 is to “merge with the machines” and after a bit, there will be nothing left of the human. White genocide evolving into human extinction.

    • I don’t think you’re alone on this.

      1) The only life they want to extend – to become gods – is theirs. The masses are only there to serve them.

      2) Yes per the Georgia Guide Stones and other sources – they want to eliminate most of the population down to only what’s necessary to serve the elites.

      3) I’m not sure about that – it’s whatever the ends might be in terms of becoming gods.

      4) Yes – turning upside down all of God’s laws and ways. Christianity is the biggest impediment and thus will be attacked the most.

      5) Of course – all resistance will be viciously put down. If you believe that it’s part of God’s plan – the coming of the Anti-Christ – then it’s best to just pray for Him to lead each of us a safe place to ride out The Tribulation. But if it comes to accepting the Mark of the Beast (RFID chip in your hand, etc.) or death – then take death as you will be resurrected with the true God.

      And no it’s not going to end well for those that have chosen the path of Lucifer. For the rest of us, ultimately it will end up very well.

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