Rich Lowry: The 8chan Terrorists

Editor’s Note: I responded to Jim Geraghty’s article about the Poway shooting at National Review yesterday.

Rich Lowry writes:

“Anti-Semitism is a millennia-old phenomenon, and anti-Jewish shootings in the U.S. aren’t new either (several occurred while George W. Bush and Barack Obama were president).”

Why is it a millennia-old phenomena? Why is this group resented so much by disaffected White Nationalists? Why aren’t Asian-Americans resented so much?

Could it have something to do with the immoral behavior of our hostile Jewish elites? I would argue that taking a collective shit on the White majority from their perches in the mainstream media, the universities, Hollywood and all the other key nodes of cultural power under their control has everything to do with it. In fact, I would argue that is why there is so much resentment about this one particular group.

“Today’s Internet anti-Semitism is based on very old lies, at the bottom of which is the belief that the Jews are an alien, parasitic force conspiring against their host, in this case supposedly the white race. The San Diego shooter even cited a notorious lie dating from the 15th century that Jews had used the blood of a Christian boy to bake their Passover matzos.”

This isn’t a lie.

It’s true that Jewish donors finance and control the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. That’s why all of Congress snaps to every whim of AIPAC as we recently saw on display during the Ilhan Omar controversy. It is why Blompf is so subservient to Bibi Netanyahu and has attacked Syria multiple times along with Israel, vetoed the Yemen resolution, ended the Iran nuclear deal, declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, given $38 billion dollars to Israel of our money and allowed Netanyahu to annex the Golan Heights and is preparing to look the other way as he annexes the West Bank. It is why Israel can get away with building concentration camps and declaring itself a Jewish ethnostate while mainstream conservatives stand and applaud while simultaneously condemning White Nationalism.

It’s true that our Jewish elites created and collaborate on a daily basis to enforce the hated norms of political correctness which have gradually hijacked and replaced our sense of morality as our traditional Christian culture has faded in the late 20th century. It is true that Jews overwhelmingly support ideas and policies which are resented by the declining White Christian majority.

The power of the critique of Jewish power, wealth and influence in 21st century America is that it is true. In fact, the entire world sees how utterly subservient mainstream conservatism, the Republican Party and Blompf have become to the whims of Israel and Jewish donors.

“His State of the Union address earlier this year was notably philo-Semitic. “We must never ignore the vile poison of anti-Semitism, or those who spread its venomous creed,” he said while recognizing a hero of the Pittsburgh massacre. “With one voice, we must confront this hatred anywhere and everywhere it occurs.”

How many shekels did Sheldon Adelson stuff down his throat to buy all policies of the 2016 election? How much does it cost to, say, buy the Presidential Medal of Freedom for your wife?

“At the same time that an extreme fringe on the right marinates in its own malice, a different sort of anti-Semitism, rooted in hatred for Israel, is getting normalized on the left. It can be seen in the refusal of House Democrats to forthrightly condemn Representative Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic posts and comments, and in the astonishing publication by the international edition of the New York Times of a political cartoon worthy of Der Stürmer.”

Ilhan Omar deserves credit for standing up to AIPAC. I agree with her on almost nothing else, but there isn’t a single Boomer conservative in Washington who would dare to cross the Israel Lobby.

“It’s not the 1930s again, but the elite atmosphere is becoming more hostile to Israel than it has been for many decades, and the physical threat to Jews is growing. According to news reports, the San Diego shooting might have been much worse if the Poway Chabad congregation hadn’t recently practiced shooter drills, and other synagogues will have to take note. If the freaks on 8chan have anything to say about it, there will be a next time.”

Perhaps support for Israel is declining because the whole world is watching this disgusting subservient love affair between Blompf and Netanyahu and drawing the conclusion that our current antiquated taboo on frank discussions of Jewish power, wealth and influence increasingly make little sense in 21st century America? Everyone knows that Sheldon Adelson is buying the policies and steering our foreign policy in a dangerous direction. Very few people will say it openly.

Note: The reason that I am willing to say it is because I believe in practicing virtue ethics. Unlike mainstream conservatives like Rich Lowry, I am an honest person and someone who values integrity. I’m also an INTP so I just don’t have any time for political correctness. I’m also an avowed enemy of the neocons who are still around trying to incite destructive wars.

BTW, I am also going to go out of my way to do everything that I can to help the Yang campaign crush Conservatism, Inc. like a bug in the South.

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  1. “Jews will always whine without about anti semitism without explaining what causes it. ”

    – That colored guy at the bus station

  2. The Democrats at least have an ongoing debate and conflict in their party over these issues. The GOP 100% will not allow any debate and simply demand and enforce a consensus. Anyone who dissents in the GOP is crushed. They can take it and shove it.

  3. Good stuff. I’ve been saying this shit for years. A very good read, Hunter. Trump is a complete bitch for Israel. And it is sickening to see it.

    That son in law of his.

  4. The thing with me, is that this situation is not healthy for either Jews or everybody else. It breeds resentments, and keeps both the Jewish community and people like the guy who shot up the synagogue, running around nursing all their grudges and abusive behavior. Jews seem to have a problem in that they can’t look At themselves in an honest way. They have made contributions to civilization, but also a lot of bad ideas too. They have been persecuted in history, sometimes in terrible ways, but also do things that have antagonized people they live among. Shutting people down who disagree with you only raises the pressure of the explosions when they inevitably happen.

    • Jews as a group have made zero “contributions” to White Western Civ.

      (((they))) have been subverting and destroying Whites and their civilization for 2,000 years.

      and now (((they))) are approaching absolute victory: White extinction.

      thanks in substantial degree to on-the-take shabbatz goy trash like Lowry.

    • They made themselves revolutionaries the minute they said: “give us Barabbas! Crucify Him! His blood be on us and on our children!” When you reject The Logos, order, rationality, you truly become a child of hell and the spawn of Satan. The Jews are living out their choice to reject Our Lord. Any society that rejects Christ the King will soon be controlled by Jews and will begin to ape Jewish behavior.

  5. Jews got kicked out of countries 109 times but it had nothing to do with them. If I got kicked out of 109 clubs or schools or restaurants I’m sure it would have nothing to do with me.

    Henry Kissinger said that anyone who’s been persecuted for thousands of years must be something wrong.

  6. HW may be right when he says that jewish power has past its peak in ZOG USA. The only enthusiastic support the jews get anymore is from Sean Hannity type boomers. And the Chinx, along with other Yellow Orientals, may soon amass fortunes that dwarf anything Uncle Shmuli has.

  7. Well said,
    Judism and islam are mirror images of each.other. neither fit into christian societies well, every one would be better in their own areas,

  8. > Could it have something to do with the immoral behavior of our hostile Jewish elites?

    Agree that hostile Jewish elites (Soros, Adelson, et al.) are despicable. But what makes for uber- shabbos goyim like Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney? Did their kids marry into the tribe like Trump’s did? Have they made side deals with the tribe to become rich? Blackmail? Something else?

    And before we had a hostile Jewish elite, did we have a different sort of hostile elite, albeit a weaker one?

    • via the Central Bank and associated derivative rackets, the entire White political class is in thrall to the Jews: Jews

      1) own their individual debt

      2) own the collective debt

      3) control their individual wealth portfolios

      4) control campaign finance

      5) control MSM media acess/non-acess

      the pre-Jew elite may or may not have been “hostile”. But they did not intend and carry out White genocide.

      Jews do.

  9. Lowry on Trump:
    > His State of the Union address earlier this year was notably philo-Semitic. “We must never ignore the vile poison of anti-Semitism…

    GOP: If you are not philo-semitic, then you are anti-semitic.

    George W. Bush: “You’re either with us, or with the terrorists.”

    • good point. Had me at first, but the kid’s manifesto now reads like manufactured boilerplate. Then he’s got an AR…and inflcits 1 (one) casualty at a crowded Synagogue??? Then calls the police and turns himself in???? Could be, in fairly short order, he’ll be whining, begging forgiveness, and finger-pointing at the “farRight”.

    • @ Denice, You’re not whistling Dixie about the resemblance.

      Her husband must be über virile and/or a medicine cabinet full of Viagra to lay down with that horse-faced woman.

      Could John Earnest be a modern day Frank Collin?

    • @Denise

      I hadn’t, but the boy seems vaguely Jewish.

      Most of these mass shootings seem like black propaganda stunts.

      Oklahoma city, Las Vegas, and the few shootings that produced massive casualties, were probably the real deal.

      But these others seem to produce few casualties, and the people involved seem to disappear from the limelight. Or appear never to have existed in the first place.

      Just like we know almost nothing about James Fields.

  10. A little Griat for the Mill.

    I have been reading around Imperial Roman history at the time of Christ.

    It appears that there is only a couple of degrees of separation between Jesus and the Prefect of the Praetorian Guard called Sejanus. Arguably Sejanus is the goy who really founded the Praetorian Guard.

    Anyway…Sejanus (son of the Governor of Egypt called Strabo) was manouvring himself into the Imperial family to seize power after Tiberius died.

    He appointed Pilate and Pilate was in a rivalry with the Aminus the Roman governor of Syria (Tiberius’ man)

    Getting right to the point Sejanus was aligned to Herod Antipas in an informal alliance and Herod’s family included Johanna who was sponsoring Jesus. Herod wished to become King of Judea and to demote and hurt the Jewish priesthood.

    Jesus was Sejanus (and Herod’s) special battering ram against the Heebs.

    When Sejanus was executed by Tiberius for conspiracy against him, Tiberius issued a proclamation to Roman governors to respect the customs and will of the Top Heeb. There’s a good chance that Jesus was being kept safe by Pilate until he got news that his sponsor Sejanus was dead and damnatio Memory-holed. Once he got the news that Sejanus was dead, Pilate was compelled to listen to Ciaphas.

    Sejanus was notoriously anti-Semitic. He wanted to exterminate the Jews by all historical accounts.

    Caligula died under much the same circumstances as Sejanus in that key sense. Both where hostile to Jewish power and moved on the Temple. How Hadrian survived the machinations of the Jewish priests and their pets is anyone’s guess.

    • “Jesus was Sejanus (and Herod’s) special battering ram against the Heebs.”

      Is that your own conjecture, or is it suggested in the reading you’ve been doing?

  11. What ‘chan’ are the terrorist war criminals, including their ‘fifth column’ propaganda wing in the media of all the zog nations and especially Israel posting on?

    They’re the authentic terrorists in slaughtering innocent men, women, and children across the globe and leaving nothing but chaos, death, despair in their wake. Their lack of any moral principles. It renders them eminently unqualified to pass judgment on anybody else.

    These Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have exceeded all bounds of acceptable behavior. Therefore, their views on what is good and decent are null and void of any merit.

  12. Push this line, instead- Jews are not Semites, Christians are the “Israel of God.” [Gal. 6:16] therefore, there is, nor can there ever be, anything such as ‘anti-semitism’ EXCEPT for Jewish animus against Christians…. which they have been doing since Caiaphas, and the Council of Jamnia.

    Of course, there is the reality of the Edomite racial mongrelization of Judea, due to the last King of Israel, John Hyrcanyus, about 130 years before Christ’s birth, forcibly circumcising the sons of Esau into the Jewish race. This was the final straw to ‘fill the cup of wrath’ that ended up in the Destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. And why Christ was against ‘the Jews’ but cared for the ‘common man.’ The nation of Israel was beset by men of power, who were racial Mischlings, and the devout Judean, who hated them for it- Think only of King Herod, and there you are. Trouble is, ALL of the ruling class had by then been admixtured, and only the few were still ‘real Jews’ – Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, etc.

    Jews (today, as a race) are apostate mongrel whores. Nothing more. Their religion is a sham, their ‘holy books’ are blasphemies, and their Christophobia is real. And Jared Kushner is among the greatest evils this nation has ever seen, because he’s a fundie Kike.

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