UNCC Mass Shooting

Washington Post:

“CHARLOTTE — Two people were killed and four others were injured after shots were fired Tuesday at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

It was the last day of classes for the school year, one that many students had expected to finish off with a concert, but that ended with gunfire and barricades.

“Unbelievable grief,” Jeffrey A. Baker, chief of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Police & Public Safety agency, said at a news conference Tuesday night, “that this — came to our campus.” …”

UNCC Shooter being taken away, hope everyone is safe pic.twitter.com/l7QsgUtwbS— Katherine Lopez (@K_lopez94) April 30, 2019

This was worse than the synagogue shooting in California. The suspect, Trystan Andrew Terrell, is said to be White but appears to be mixed race. He killed two White males.

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  1. The frizzy hair, hooked nose and oversized lower lip is a dead giveaway. This story will quietly dissapear. There will be no official handwringing in Washington D.C. over the ethnic group this guy belongs to.

  2. Commentary on Charlottesville, and (incidentally) Biden’s jackass candidacy, and USING the American People.

    which came from this post-

    “Understand that the vast majority who have heard of C’ville understand and accept the event exclusively through the Red narrative prism.

    Despite this independent report.


  3. He’s about as White as George Zimmerman is. The hell with the two Whites he killed. It was just random crime. Lets concentrate on the 3rd worlder that didn’t get killed, probably a hate crime. Cucks and Jews will be talking about the synagogue victims long after this goes down the memory hole.

    • They treat non-white attacks like random animal attacks. “If people hike in the woods, some of them are going to get eaten from time to time.” They are more White Supremacist than I am.

  4. It was the last day of spring semester classes at UNC-Harlot and the “student” shooter had already withdrawn from (i.e. flunked out of) all of his spring semester classes except the Anthropology class that he shot up. The real tragedy here is that the evening’s scheduled Woka Flocka Flame concert was either very low key or canceled. There’s more intersectionality in all of this than a simple solid black circle.


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