Yellow Dawn: Great Helmsman Xi Jinping Celebrates Nationalism and Socialism Among Chinese Youth


“BEIJING, April 30 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called on the country’s young people to be patriotic and strive for the bright prospect of national rejuvenation.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks at a gathering held at the Great Hall of the People to mark the centenary of the May Fourth Movement.

Xi said the May Fourth Movement gave birth to the great spirit centered on patriotism, progress, democracy and science, with patriotism at the core.

“As long as the banner of patriotism is being held high, the Chinese people can unleash great powers in the endeavors to transform China and the world,” Xi said.

The essence of patriotism is having unified love for the country, the Party and socialism, Xi added, urging young Chinese to follow the instructions and guidance of the Party, and remain dedicated to the country and the people.

Young people are also urged to establish belief in Marxism, faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, as well as confidence in the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.


Xi said young people always play a vanguard role in realizing national rejuvenation.

In the new era, the theme and direction of Chinese youth movement and the mission of Chinese young people, Xi said, are to uphold the leadership of the CPC, and work along with the people to realize the two centenary goals and the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

Xi said Chinese youth of the new era should bear their responsibilities of the times and carry on the spirit of arduous struggle.

He urged them to hone abilities and nurture fine morality.

Xi also encouraged young people to not only care about their family and country, but also have concerns for humanity. …”

Charlie Kirk and Steve Bannon see China as their greatest enemy.

I’ve already explained how I don’t see my friend Wenbo who is studying for his mathematics degree at Auburn University as my enemy. I’m happy for Wenbo who will do great things in the field of automation, robotics and AI after graduating and returning to China.


“Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping commemorated the centennial anniversary of China’s May Fourth Movement this week by telling Chinese youth that patriotism, nationalism, and socialism are inseparable.”

“Socialism with Chinese characteristics” is a catchphrase Xi and his followers have invented to excuse his authoritarianism and a technocratic system of government-controlled but privately owned enterprise that frankly resembles fascism more than classical Marxism by treating it as a Chinese cultural phenomenon that cannot be fairly criticized by anyone beyond the borders of mainland China. …”

The Chinese have made Great Helmsman Xi Jinping their President-For-Life. They have banned hip hop, tattoos and degenerate culture from television. They recently landed a rover on the dark side of the moon while the probe sent by Israel crashed into the moon. They are continuing to kill Blompf in trade as the trade deficit with China has hit a record high.

The New York Times recently ran a whole series of articles on China which sought to explain to arrogant American liberals why the Chinese tortoise had failed to fail and had refuted all conservative and lolbertarian predictions about how Western liberal democracy and free-market capitalism represented the “end of history” and boasts about how “capitalism has defeated socialism.”

I’ve always admired China.

I see parallels between how China, which is a great nation and one of the world’s ancient civilizations, was victimized and underdeveloped by Western imperialism. Similarly, I see parallels between China’s triumph over poverty and our own triumph over poverty and underdevelopment here in the American South after the War Between the States. Dixie is also an authoritarian social conservative nation.

The Chinese should be congratulated for rejecting the stupid antiquated Yankee system of liberalism that we are burdened with in the United States which has made our government and culture utterly dysfunctional and ill suited to meeting the challenges of the 21st century. While the Chinese are seizing on the new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and building massive infrastructure projects like high speed bullet trains to develop their economy, Americans are arguing about whether transsexuals should serve in the military and the Russia conspiracy hoax.

Unless there is a dramatic change in Washington, the United States under the MIGA oligarchy is on track to becoming the laughingstock of the world within 20 years. Who do you think is going to be the first superpower to build a 21st century economy? Who is going to build infrastructure around the world and develop a network of international alliances? Is diversity a strength or weakness?

Blompf has alienated the entire world outside of Israel and can’t even manage build a single mile of border wall. It is so bad he can’t even push Syria or Venezuela around anymore. What’s more, the more the bankrupt Washington establishment lashes out abroad with neocon regime change stunts the more it will draw attention its own receding international leadership role.

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  1. That’s the way they wanted it! If it were not for Amerikan industry/technology China would still be a 3rd world nation. All of their wealth comes from the backs of our ancestors that was piecemealed for ‘their’ personal gain only in the last decades since 1970.

    How dare you praise a country thats been OUR industry/technology for decades.
    We’ve been sold out!
    Keep reading your retarded books, HW you’re going backwards.

    • LMAO.

      Yeah, how dare I … praise the Chinese for f***ing over Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Boeing and so on. Hell, I should be LOYAL to all our multinational corporations who fired all of their American workers and moved production to China in order to exploit cheap labor for THEY could all get rich at the expense of thousands of towns and cities in the South and Midwest.

      Do you want to know what I think? I have no loyalty to whatsoever to American multinational corporations which have no loyalty whatsoever to American workers. I’m also going to toast the Chinese as they drive them out of the Chinese market and destroy them in competition in foreign markets in the 2020s and 2030s. It’s about time that Zuckerberg and Bezos & Co. got a dose of their own medicine.

      Why should I be mad at the Chinese for acting in their interest and cloning American technology? Why should I be mad at China for taking advantage of DUMB Americans like Bill Clinton who brought China into the WTO or for using Wal-Mart to destroy and hollow out American industry?

      That’s smart.

      China is only acting in its own national interest. It would be hypocritical for me to condemn China. I also believe in economic nationalism and getting rich and building infrastructure and investing in AI, robotics and automation like China is doing now. I’ve believed in that for 15 years now

      • You should be mad who’s responsible. The only way China made it was from the backs of our ancestors. When are you goung to realize we’ve all been robbed of our children’s future? You say you’re a pacifist and I got to ask why? You like getting kicked in the nuts day in and day out? There is a reason for our amendments but people seem to forget, they’re is no more fight. Instead they put up livestream articles on retarded TV shows that don’t even matter and praise communist countries that robbed our children’s future.

        You’ve changed HW. As I said before, you’re defeated and deflated. Your articles are no different from our (my) enemies. I’ve been here for over two years and seen your change. But still, I thank you for my 1a on your blog.

        • Re: General Butt Naked

          1.) Who is responsible for bringing China into the WTO? Bill Clinton. Who is responsible for free trading away our industrial base? American multinational corporations who wanted to exploit cheap labor. Who is responsible for the cloning of American technology? Dumb Americans who were lured to China by cheap labor like Apple (which manufactures the iPhone there) and who were stupid enough to believe their own rules and ways of doing business are universal. Who is ultimately to blame for this state of affairs? Pretty much every economics department in American academia which preaches the “mainstream” gospel of the Chicago school of neo-liberal economics rather than the German historical school of economics.

          2.) Are the Chinese to blame for this? I don’t think so. I assign 100% of the blame to our smug and failed political and corporate establishment. These Chinese were smart for pursuing their own interest and trying to raise the standard of living of their own people. Why on earth should they be faulted for taking advantage of the gullible American globalists?

          3.) I’m not and never have been a pacifist. I’m an economic nationalist. I don’t blame the Chinese for being economic nationalists. I admire them for being smarter than all of our dumb leaders in this country.

          4.) China didn’t rob “our children’s future.” It was our own political and corporate establishment which thought it was a great idea to exploit the world’s largest reserve of cheap labor in order to get rich and the expense of American workers. They’re the ones who should be blamed, not hardworking folks in China who simply wanted to escape poverty.

          5.) I disagree.

          Do you see all these articles on the South that I have posted lately? I’ve written 75% of those articles over the course of a decade on this blog. I’ve been an economic nationalist for 15 years ever since I read Pat Buchanan’s book The Great Betrayal. I’ve been writing about economics and history and ordering books and researching the issue for years now.

          6.) Well, I don’t think of myself as being your “enemy.” I voted for Blompf in 2016 because he was an economic nationalist. Go back and read all these articles that I wrote in 2015 and 2016 about the subject. Now that I see he was faking it, I have simply switched my support to a different candidate who is a more authentic economic nationalist.

          7.) I’m willing to grant you that I have changed somewhat over the past year. That’s called GROWTH. I’ve GROWN beyond the 1.0 and 2.0 movements by developing my interests in health and fitness, economics, religion and morality, philosophy and political science and other areas and by drawing upon my knowledge of these subjects to construct a 3.0 movement. I consider the 3.0 paradigm that I am articulating here an advance over the 1.0 and 2.0 movements which have failed and which are stagnant.

          • What does 3.0 mean for our people? In actuality they’re too brainwashed to even know the importance of their blood. We’re going to be out-bred by 2050. Your civic nationalist view will only accelerate it. I’m sure you noticed what the democratic system feels about people like us who love our people who want to destroy our unity (for what is left) and call us ‘supremist’ or ‘racist’ for just standing up for ourselves. You got jew privilege, muslim privilege and negro privilege that doesn’t compare to being White privileged, how dare you! This is the new norm. We’re going extinct and no one cares.

            Go get your democratic Yang bucks. He doesn’t have a shot and no one will ever talk what he talks about, automation, because money is more important to these scum bags who rule over us. History already proved it.

            Maybe the young should start targeting the freemasonry lodges instead of jew synagogue’s. Hit the real enemies. Yes, our own kind who sold us out for other interests. Big interests!

          • General Butt Naked,

            1.) I wanted to create a movement that has broader appeal and a better chance of success than the 1.0 and 2.0 movements.

            2.) I’ve argued that we should focus on fixing our economy, culture and politics. Isn’t that the only way to accomplish our goals? What is being accomplished right now by the 1.0 and 2.0 movements? It seems like the expectation is that if people get mad enough that the Confederacy or the Third Reich or 1950s America will magically reappear in 2020s America. Maybe what this really is though is just a combination of being alienated from the present and lacking a vision of a better future?

            3.) Why don’t we try communicating our message and beliefs in a better way? If it doesn’t work, then nothing is lost. It’s not like the 1.0 or 2.0 movement is even close to gaining traction. Quite the opposite.

            4.) In the 15 Points of 3.0, I said that the 2.0 movement lacked a cultural message. I also said that message should have been a full bore attack on political correctness which has created the double standard you have described.

            5.) If Yang doesn’t have a shot (and I agree maybe he doesn’t), then what has been lost by supporting him? As far as I can tell, nothing. There is no downside to voting for the best Democratic candidate.

            6.) Violence is the primary reason why the 1.0 and 2.0 movements have become so marginalized. There is no viable path forward though through violence. We’ve seen dozens of these mass shootings. Rinse and repeat. If you have seen one, you have seen them all. The effect of mass shootings is nothing but becoming more marginalized and more stigmatized.

        • Mr. Wallace,

          I think it is obvious that China has been built up by the white internationalists. Without that help they would be many decades behind. Yes, I do not blame the Chinese for taking all they can. The rich white capitalists care nothing for their countries or ideology. Their god is more money.

          The Chinese also do not suffer from the angst that anglo/nordics have or has been inflicted upon them. Neither do the Russians. And both countries have had about enough of US bullying them.

  2. China is not a Communist country anymore. It’s a National Socialist country.

    Years ago, I asked people what would happen when the Chinese no longer wanted to be our slaves, but our masters. Or what would happen when they couldn’t be bribed or bought off anymore, because they value their identity, sovereignty and dignity more than they do the round eyed foreign devils’ money.

    • Not for long. The Jews are already white-anting them. I just saw a movie called The Wandering Earth. They say it is the coming of age of Chinese cinema and it is a huge hit in China. The effects just as good as the best Hollywood has produced, and the script is as bad as the worst Hollywood hasproduced.

      And guess who they have as one of the main characters in this blockbuster sci-fi movie? A half breed Euro/Chinese blond boy from Melbourne to provide comic relief!

  3. Now now. Gentlemen. Here here 🙂 We must learn all we can from every nation. WE are the superior ones … which makes it possible to sit back and decipher what works and what doesn’t. What’s cool and what isn’t. What’s ok with God and what isn’t. THEN we combine it all into OUR Utopia.

    We can copy some things from China. Nothing wrong with that, ( or their hot women that know their place better than modern American women 🙂 )

    Of course we don’t want to copy organ harvesting or the Orwellian social credit score system or the death trucks that pick up and kill citizens who cheated on taxes or their “dictatorship” of a government system.

    Copy and hone tweak and polish the good, to our liking. Discard the bad. Hell, the best food I ever ate was Persian. Iran and Iraq may be filled with towel head fanatics … but they know how to cook.

    As you were.

    Carry on.

    • ” ( or their hot women that know their place better than modern American women ? )”

      I chuckle when I see ignunt Americans peddling this myth.

      Anyone who has worked with Chinese knows they are shallow, very materialistic and their women always get their way. Keeping up with the Jones is all that matters to an Asian woman. So good luck with that Asian mail order bride you are lusting after GG, you will need it.

      • Yes, female gooks are money-grubbers without peer. We didn’t come up with the nickname “ant-jew” for nothing. And then there’s the joy of Eliot Roger (sp.) offspring.

        And even if you found a unicorn, they;ll get corrupted the second they find themselves in the West unless you somehow keep them isolated from the “wench herd.” Women readily take the shape of their environment, being true conformists. Bring a gook here and in a year she’ll be duckfacing on Instagram and thinking about a trip to Dubai to whore herself out to fat sand nigger tycoons in exchange for those sweet oil dollars.

      • Oh inexperienced young’n. A lot of Jap and China women are hot in and out. Many are not but most American women are damaged goods thanks to your buddies the Jews and associates and their media brainwashing. And it’s more Filipino women that get the attitudes. It’s lonely at the top of streetwise / been around the block 20,000 X mountain. Boy.

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