Andrew Yang: Trust The Process

I made a mistake in 2016.

As an INTP, I don’t like making mistakes in my analysis, so I try to learn something from them when I screw up. The biggest mistake that I made in supporting Blompf was that I paid too much attention to his rhetoric and positions on the issues and too little to the character of the man.

Quite honestly, I didn’t care about the Access Hollywood tape. I didn’t care about the Russia conspiracy hoax or that he was lying about banging Stormy Daniels. That wasn’t my problem. The only thing that I cared about was whether he could start solving our major national problems.

Blompf told me that he was going to build the wall, get rid of sanctuary cities and was going to be “strong on the border.” He told me that he was going to end the suicide and opioid epidemic in White America. He told me that he was going to rebuild our infrastructure and preserve entitlement programs. He told me that he was opposed to regime change wars and that we would have an “America First” foreign policy and a more positive relationship with Russia. He told me that he was going to renegotiate our awful free-trade agreements that had deindustrialized America. He condemned the media as the “enemy of the people” and ridiculed his opponents like Jeb Bush as puppets of big donors.

At the time, I was dismissive of the “character argument” because it was being made by people like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and there wasn’t much that I admired about their character. They all repeatedly said he was a con artist. In hindsight, it was absolutely true though that Blompf’s character – his vanity, whoremongering, gambling, scams, etc – gave us a lot of insight about the man and what he would be like as president. It’s just that this message didn’t resonate in the primary because it was being made by conservatives and we were so hell bent on overthrowing those people.

Who is Andrew Yang? Is he anything like Blompf? He likes to say that he is the opposite of Donald Trump:

“I was talking to my wife last night about introverts who are/were politicians.  It’s probably not the norm.  Having met Barack Obama several times, I believe that he qualifies.  After meeting him, my wife said, “For an introvert, he seemed very personable.”

I was a very nerdy, bookish kid.  My favorite thing to do was read books.  As a kid, I devoured biographies of Native American leaders and fantasy books: Dragonlance, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey.  I played Dungeons & Dragons with my brother and our neighbors growing up, and later moved on to video games.

I struggled with various social interactions throughout my adolescence, particularly when people started drinking.  I went from nerdy kid to somewhat mopey adolescent, listening to the Smiths and the Cure.  I was in the high school play and joined the debate team.  But I was still the last person that anyone thought would become a politician much less run for President. My high school yearbook photo recently appeared in New York Magazine. I suppose my fashion choices are proof that I’d never intended to run for anything. …

I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder, and started working out and playing basketball in my late-teens. Going to the gym became another way to process things.

I noticed recently that my emails have become a bit similar.  They say something like, “Look how much awesome progress we are making!  Here are some news clippings and photos!  We are going to grow and grow and shock the world!”

All of which is real and sincere.  I mean, it’s staggering how far we’ve come.  Now that we are cool, I realize just how uncool we were until recently. #YangGang.  I appreciate all of the creativity and artwork that people are producing—including the good memes.  People being excited enough about this campaign to put their time and energy into it is awesome.  Thank you for believing in me. …

As an adult, I remained an introvert, but I found myself developing different capacities.  Mainly because I revolted when I found out it was supposed to be my job to process other people’s documentation as a corporate attorney.  I was like, “No way this is what I’m going to do for a living.  I need to figure something else out.”  I was willing to adopt behaviors that were very uncomfortable for me at the time to reach certain goals.  Putting myself out there.  Selling an idea for a company.  Asking women out on dates. (I am now grateful to be married.)  Over time, those behaviors became, if not second nature, at least things I could do in service of something I felt strongly about. …

This is, I believe, how an introvert finds himself running for President.  You have certain goals.  You realize that the only way to make them happen is certain behaviors. You get better at those behaviors. Eventually, you find yourself with a goal so big that it is almost impossible—prepare society for the automation of labor that is already tearing us apart.  Keep the country whole.  There is a vanishingly short list of ways to meaningfully do so.

I’ve said in various forums that I don’t much care for the actual job of being a politician.  It’s true.  I think one of the reasons we despair for our future is that politicians traffic in certain behaviors and get rewarded for them.  There is little need for deep thought or consideration. 

Maybe he is.

If this is the real Andrew Yang, he sounds nothing like Donald Trump. Ironically though, the real Andrew Yang sounds a lot more like Donald Trump’s real base, which is the disaffected populist Right. Aside from being an Asian Democrat with various positions on the issues, the two are actually very similar. In contrast, Blompf the man is nothing like his populist Right base in real life.

Note: This was the first time in his life that Marco Rubio the politician ever said anything honest.

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  1. Man, he sure sounds a lot more healthy and normal, character wise than most everyone running for president these days does. Sounds a lot like me when I was a young guy. He doesn’t bang porn stars on the side. Has a healthy marriage with the same woman. Two beautiful children. Very normal. Actually thinks about something besides hating white people, etc. hope he comes out of this swamp people election without getting nasty things happening to him and his family

  2. Not to be a blackpiller but if that’s who he really is – and I have no reason to think otherwise – THEY will never let him be president. Another candidate who I always thought was sincere and was much more principled than anyone else was Ron Paul, even though I’m not a libertarian. But a man like Ron Paul never had a chance because he’s simply too clean and too good, and the system is too corrupt. I had hopes for Trump because he knows how to fight dirty. We needed someone strong enough to fight but good enough not to succumb to the machine. Maybe that’s impossible at this point. Maybe Trump tried at the beginning, we’ll never know. Or maybe it was a con all long.

    America gets the leaders it deserves, and I guess Trump is exactly what we deserved.

    • No one gets a shot at the Presidency unless they are anti-White.

      Libertarians want open borders. Ron Paul has said so several times. Ron would have been at least as bad on immigration as the con artist Trump.

      Ron Paul seriously believes you can move the entire third world into White countries and then magically, every country on Earth would become first world. Trump may be the ultimate con man, but Ron Paul and his son are both childish.

  3. This was the first time in his life that Marco Rubio the politician ever said anything honest.

    Rubio, despite his relative youth, represents the politics of the last century.
    He is a part of that group of people that will be a problem for us, after the Boomers are gone.

    They were groomed by the Boomers and WWII generation to carry the legacy of that era’s Politics into the 21st Century.
    Which is the last thing we need.

  4. They’re all con artists to some degree. I’d say many of them have some psychopathic traits and a few may even have a lot of them.

    How many does your elected officials have? This is one of many lists:

    The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:

    1. glib and superficial charm
    2. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    3. need for stimulation
    4. pathological lying
    5. cunning and manipulative
    6. lack of remorse or guilt
    7. shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
    8. callousness and lack of empathy
    9. parasitic lifestyle
    10. poor behavioral controls
    11. sexual promiscuity
    12. early behavior problems
    13. lack of realistic long-term goals
    14. impulsivity
    15. irresponsibility
    16. failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    17. many short-term marital relationships
    18. juvenile delinquency
    19. revocation of conditional release
    20. criminal versatility

  5. It reads like a character list for every sodomite I’ve ever had the misfortune to come to know – both in the Church (yes, they like to hide there, pretending to be ‘pious’) and in the world. Of course, not all are equally as depraved- some characteristics ‘shine’ out greater, some less. But they (and many actors as well) clearly are the exhibitors of these immoral impulses that Christianity has long sought to sublimate; when such tools as confession, fasting, and a cultural morality of Christendom (with its concomitant shunning and excommunication) reigned. If nothing else, a Christian consensus in those nations historically Christian (i.e., Europe/West) keeps such vermin under control.

  6. “There is no practical reason for citizens to have assault weapons. We need to treat gin ownership as an awesome privilege and responsibility and regulate accordingly. Guns are more deadly than cars and we take tests to get drivers licenses.” Andrew Yang- Tweet, Feb 15, 2018

    “I’d start fining gun manufacturers $1 million for each person killed by their weapons.” -Andrew Yang

    Is this the guy you want Hunter?

    This is the guy that will leave Whites defenseless when we’re finally outnumbered… 2030?

    Never, ever give up your guns. We’re not voting or blogging our way out of this. Just ask any South Afrikaner.

    • 1.) First, I am not a single issue voter, and I already have all the guns that I would ever need. I’m pro-gun, but that simply isn’t a persuasive enough reason for me to vote for conservatives.

      2.) Second, this notion that there is going to be an uprising against the federal government and people are going to fight drones and the robotic soldiers of the future with semi-automatic weapons is risible.

      3.) Third, we have far better chance of winning people over through persuasion than through gruesome nihilistic mass shootings, which polarize the country and repulse and alienate virtually everyone else in our society.

  7. Andrew Yang is a Christian, a husband and a father. Unlike Blompf, he seems to actually be loyal to his wife too.”

    Be that as it may, he’s still a Democrat and seeming “to actually be loyal to his wife “is not proof.

    We don’t know anything about his life before his sudden appearance on the political scene. He was the toast of Obama and his Mafia party, the Democrats as recent as 2016.

    That should automatically rule him out as a prospective presidential candidate in the eyes of Conservatives and Nationalists.

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