Tulsi Gabbard Slams Regime Change In Venezuela

2020 is proving to be a challenging election cycle for “white supremacists.”

As the race stands today in May 2019, it seems the top three choices are Yang, Tulsi and Crazy Bernie. Blompf isn’t even in the conversation. He has been eliminated from consideration due to his policy choices. Most people are backing a Jew, a Hindu woman or a son of Taiwanese immigrants:

If the media was correct about the Alt-Right, how do we explain this? Why aren’t more people rallying behind Blompf 2020? Shouldn’t all the White Nationalists be supporting Trump because it is gospel in the “mainstream” that Blompf has fueled the growth of White Nationalism?

Here’s a theory: what if the vast majority of these people were in fact disaffected White populists and nationalist voters and radicalized moderates who are somewhere in the middle of the electorate? If the “far-right” was actually to the left of the conservatives, wouldn’t this explain the seemingly bizarre swing behind Yang, Tulsi and Crazy Bernie over UBI and foreign policy?

You know, Tulsi has even won over David Duke because he feels so strongly about opposing absurd and destructive regime change wars. Imagine that … David Duke the humanitarian!

Note: I should add here that Not Voting is also one of the leading options. If Tucker Carlson were running, pretty much everyone would vote for him but right now the choice is several imperfect candidates. It reminds of the Ron Paul campaigns in 2008 and 2012.

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  1. I’ll take the Not Voting option for anyone in the two party duopoly. I won’t get fooled again.

  2. Answer me this: If Trump wins the election-and he will if Democrats keep on the psychotic road they are on-can we expect a war with Iran in his second term to placate his Zionist handlers? If so I do not see how we avoid a conflict with Russia. As I have said before the LAST thing we need is for the two most powerful white nations to make war with one another. If that happens you have just handed over mastery of the world to the Chinese because regardless of who wins they will be weakened and fade from power. I was wondering when the goddess would speak up! She is easy on the eyes and a better choice than Lang.

    • @Ethnostatist

      “Answer me this: If Trump wins the election-and he will if Democrats keep on the psychotic road they are on-can we expect a war with Iran in his second term to placate his Zionist handlers? ”

      It won’t matter who the President is. If he wants to remain president, and/or remain alive, or have any kind of political career, he’ll do the Jews bidding, or else.

      Reference JFK and Jack Rubenstein. Or Nixon.

  3. It’s an ugly election cycle so far, the president seems to be a rabid neocon. The democrats are crazy socialists without a plan. The democrats best hope is running as a independent.

    Then there’s Yang, a non-offensive candidate with a plan. I belive Yang’s perspective, will be the most influential force on politics starting in the mid 2020’s. I do believe in order to achieve this, him and those like him, will need to shed the Democrat party to attract morality based voters though.

  4. I’m interested in the Democrat primary but ultimately if this comes down to Biden vs. Trump I will be sitting it out. Both are corporate neoliberals and Trump is a Israel-first conservative on steroids and neither one offer me anything.

  5. Tulsi Gabbard and all of the other she-man womyn wannabe candidates are off the stage.

    It’s going to be four or five normie White men on stage, vying for the nomination. One of those four or five will be Joe Biden.

    He’ll be touted as the anti-Trump who’ll put America’s steel mills, auto plants and ethanol refineries back to work. With union wages and benefits, like back in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

    And those evil Southrons and cattlemen in Colorado won’t be able to stop it.

  6. As an aside.

    When the Boomers are all gone, we’ll still have to contend with their young protégés. It may take until the middle of this century, before we’re finally done with the politics of the last two centuries. Assuming that the U.S. doesn’t just up and collapse.

  7. When all Whites comes to realize that “neo-liberals” and “neo-conservatives” are just the same subversive jews travelling about in different masks – pulled from the travel trunk – then they’ll understand precisely who is responsible for this destruction of America.

  8. I’d say there’s a 5% chance that I vote Gabbard (I have no idea what else she offers besides a decent foreign policy) and a 95% chance I sit it out and withhold my “consent of the governed” or what I would call “participation in a farce.” Mass murder and destruction for Israel, tsunamis of illegal and legal invaders, every week “holocaust” memorial week, etc no matter who wins.

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