Florida Governor Ron DeSantis To Sign Anti-Semitism Bill In Jerusalem


“The Senate Monday may have given Gov. Ron DeSantis the perfect agenda-sweetener for his Florida Cabinet meeting next month in Jerusalem – a signing ceremony for a new Florida law requiring public schools to treat anti-Semitism as discrimination, and anti-Semitic speech and acts as racist speech and acts.

The Florida Senate unanimously approved House Bill 741 with all 39 members on the chamber floor Monday signing on as co-sponsors.

HB 741 – approved by the House 114-0 on April 11 – was substituted for its Senate companion bill, Senate Bill 1272, which had only progressed through one committee, on the Senate floor and adopted after senators consented to waive procedural rules to accelerate its passage.”

The 2018 midterms were a real nail biter.

I remember listening to the TRS election coverage with Mike, Sven and McFeels. Thank God that Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz squeaked in there. It would have been huge for Israel had they lost.

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  1. I was a supporter of DeSantis early on… first election. He really pissed me off by signing The Dark Act but I could see he was slowly turning Yid-lover anyway. It’s the key to high places and it’s what funds them.

    Most of them aren’t even Semites for crying out loud. The biggest cons of all time are connected. Anti-Semitism and the Holohoax.

    Kosher Clown World.

  2. Ron DeSantis, I call down the judgement of YHWH God Almighty on your BLASPHEMY and SATANIC LAW MAKING. The Jews are NOT Semites, and to favor them, is to serve Satan.

    Christians MUST BE ‘Anti-Semitic’ TO BE TRUE CHRISTIANS, for it is the Jews who CRUCIFIED CHRIST. To side with them, against the Christians of your state, as well as the ethnic heritage of your own NAME, which means ‘to be HOLY’ is the most Christophobic thing you could do. May you be cursed in your going in, and your going out, in your sitting down ,and in your rising up. May your name perish off the earth, and be remembered no more.
    Anathema, anathema, anathema.

    If such TRAITORS are allowed to exist in this accursed land, why hold it up as a paragon of virtue, when all their righteousness… ‘ is as bloody menstrual rags.’ (What the verse in Isaiah really means.

  3. I disagree with the so called incorporation doctrine, if FL wants to restrict free speech, so be it. I am concerned that this will become a Federal impetus however, especially under Trump and the bought and paid for congress. Maybe it’s best to get this adjudicated by SCOTUS now. Things are sure accelerating, Soviet America is upon us.

  4. The politicians have all gone crazy. The Democrats and Republican can’t do anything but beg Corporate America for factories jobs in the South. The Jew / Yankee closes his factory up north and puts 100 plus people out of Work. The same Jew / Yankee will open a Factory in the South because the cost of living is the lowest in America. Pus our land is full of Illegal Immigrants that will work for less than Minimum Wage. Yes I’d say the Jew / Yankee don’t care much about the Southern Worker. Deo Vindice !

  5. What’s the over/under until denying the Holocaust is a jailable offense here in the United States like it is in Germany? 5 years? 10 years? Of course, with Drim Drormf office it could be six months.

    • DeSantis is a Roman Catholic and only displaying the Catholic perchant for censorship, and the persecution of opinions they consider heretical.

  6. Missouri legislators are working to ensure free speech on Missouri college campuses with a bill that eliminates “free speech zones” (ensuring this right on the entire campus) and demanding that professors stick to teaching their class and leaving out their personal politics altogether.

    • Are they having their state meeting in a foreign country?
      I doubt it.
      This is insane.

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