Snoop Dogg Is Furious About Louis Farrakhan Being Banned From Facebook

As lots of people have pointed out on Twitter, Louis Farrakhan is one of the major leaders of American Islam and by banning him the Jews are now openly escalating against their perceived enemies. They also tried to destroy the Women’s March because of Farrakhan’s involvement.

There is only one group of people on earth who lump Louis Farrakhan and Laura Loomer and White Nationalists together as their enemies. Politics is a game and we should all set aside identity politics for a minute and stop falling into their divide and conquer trap and team up against these people. We have a common interest with the Muslims in curtailing Jewish power, wealth and influence.

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  1. Farrakhan is a Black nationalist with millions of followers. Regardless of his hatred for whitey, he’s the kind of guy we could cut deals with down the road: White homelands for us, Black homelands for them. The political map of the USA is going to change radically in the coming decades. We are never going back to 1950.

    • I’m willing to work with him.

      Why not? Jewish organizations like the ADL are flexing their power and both want us gone from social media. Let’s flex our power against them by voting against them in the Democratic primaries.

    • They’d never accept a nigger homeland willingly. Their goal is to follow us everywhere, mooch off us, and take out their hatred on us by vandalizing, raping, killing, and other African sports.

      Additionally, their homeland would fall apart almost immediately.

      The only solution is to send them all back to Africa. Not that the flaming cuck brigade here is going to accept that.

        • Ironsides is right and you know it. Brown people love living in proximity to white people and the conditions we create. A small number might go to Africa, but most of them know they’ve really got it pretty good living with(and taking advantage of) whitey. Why are all the Central Americans trying to get into the USA? Why are all the Africans and everybody else trying to get into the wealthiest countries of Europe? They can’t create those societies and they know it.

  2. Good for Snoop. Negroes, no matter the level of mayhem they wreak, no when to stand together. This is why Omar is still in office.

  3. “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well that’s a good name, Hitler was a very great man.” – Louis Farrakhan

  4. Reply to Hunter from above. That poverty and violence is a result of low IQ and low impulse control, which are a result of evolving in an environment which did not require the intelligence and planning to prepare for winter. Now, I agree with Farrakhan about many things, and would be willing to work with him. The problem with any black homeland is that it would be poor, corrupt, violent, and unstable just like all the rest, and you’d have the same old problem of “refugees” wanting to get back to whitey. Thinking any significant number of these people would willingly go back to Africa is a pipe dream.

    • Just let the UN takeover like in Haiti, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Congo, Darfur, etc. The Chinese can come in and build infrastructure like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

    • The key to permanently segregating blacks out of White societies is to turn off the spigot.
      Nature would have taken care of the fossil people long ago if whitey didn’t continually go in with money, drugs and religion to prop them up.
      Now we have an exponential black population growth in Africa, i.e. the most useless feeders with a tsunami birth rate.
      Send black criminals to Africa and let them sort it out.
      Stop any foreign aid to Africa and let Mom Nature do her thing.
      American blacks, it can be argued, are part of legacy America thanks to slavery so if they behave and keep their numbers down let them segregate out in the US, Jim Crow style.
      Otherwise its a one way ticket out of here and NO financial assistance.

  5. We should be willing to work with anyone who opposes GloboShlomo. We are engaged in a religious struggle. What should be the basis for society? Is it to be man-made, which is to say, secular Modernity or divinely inspired Tradition? Nation of Islam is opposed not just for its counter-semitism but, like Russia and Iran, for its essentially religious view of life.

  6. As much as I loathe rap Snoop is right!!! The Jews are afraid of Farrakhan because he speaks truth to power and doesn’t cuck before the Jewish power structure. I have two books from the Nation of Islam and they’re well researched. I highly recommend the Secret Relationship of Blacks and Jews volume three. I believe we should reach out to black nationalists as did George Lincoln Rockwell of the past. We have nothing to lose but our chains. I’ll be working towards this important endeavor.

  7. Farrakhan is an intelligent man, but Snoop Dogg is a stoned moron who doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He says that Farrakhan speaks “the truth,” but I’ll bet he couldn’t tell you what that “truth” is, he’s just acting on instinct. No way Snoop would choose Farrakhan over the money and drugs that fame has brought him.

    Incidentally, Snoop’s first appearance was on Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic, which was a milestone in promoting marijuana in the 1990s. There was a track on the album in which Snoop rapped: “B*tches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks … ” I won’t even write the rest of the lyrics, you can look it up. He’s also the genius behind the gang rape anthem “Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Can’t Get None.” If a white artist had those kinds of skeletons in his creative closet, he’d be exposed and hounded out of the industry for being a misogynist. But this degenerate gets a total free pass from the media because BLACK and WEED. There are a lot of rappers who benefit from that double standard.

  8. Why do you people gloat coons…. Have you had close meeting with them? They are all in lock steps with divershity.

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