Trump Vows To Monitor Social Media Censorship

Just be good.

At least PJW and Alex Jones got an obligatory “In Memorium” tweet from Blompf. Most of us who are being blacklisted and deplatformed by these corporations don’t even get that much. We’re going to do something about that though with the tools we have available:

Tucker Carlson had a great segment on this tonight as usual. It’s absurd!

Cernovich was so exasperated with the situation last night that he told everyone to unfollow and block Blompf, Brad Parscale and his social media director Dan Scavino on Twitter.

Note: Tucker Carlson can’t run for president because he has to educate his audience. We need to adopt a similar strategy.

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  1. LMAO. Yeah, the Trump tweet was like a send off. Like a see ya! Been nice knowing ya! My guess is in a few weeks if this ever comes up again Trump will be like “Paul Watson? Who’s that? I don’t know him…”

    Isn’t that the treatment Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Flynn, Ann Coulter and all the rest got? Why would PJW and these alt-lite D-List e-celebs think Trump will be any different towards them?

    Look, Trump will be out there in 2020 with Parscale talking about social media censorship just like they did in 2018 but they have ZERO plans to do anything about it. The GOP has a consensus and it is enforced without question. They believe in absolute free-market principles on these issues and that is that. All of these guys are shit out of luck expecting anything from the GOP.

    • Indeed, Ulfric. Every-one is on their own. I will not be voting in the 2020 charade. Unless it’s for Tulsi Gabbard. Or a write in. Perhaps I’ll vote for Julian Assange. Sorry Hunter – but Yang is as jewed up as any-one.

  2. Only the most hardcore MAGAtard seriously believes Trump is actually doing something about censorship, the border, illegal 3rd world invaders and unaffordable health care other than talking about it.

  3. Let’s write in Tucker Carlson. He can educate his audience from the Oval Office. FYI – I was on an official Fox Livestream during Tucka last night; the comments were right out of Dur Sturmer.

  4. No democrat is remotely on the Nationalist side. Better that Trump wins. Maybe we can get the white wizard to free him from Kushner’s spell in a second term. No special counsel and no election to worry about. If nothing else, he’s more unpredictable. All the politicians running are firmly in the globalist camp, at least those with any chance of getting the nomination. We made progress on message since 2016 if not on tangible results. To backtrack now means utter defeat short of a revolution.

      • @ Michael oneal, How many times does Blompf have to lie to your face and kick you in the balls, before you’ve had enough?

        BTW, Drumpf isn’t in charge of the Oval Office or the policies coming out of it. (((Kushner))) and the Neo-cons are dictating both domestic and foreign affairs.

        You sound like a battered spouse that thinks it’s going to change for the better next time.

      • Well Nationalism comes in many forms, White Nationalism, Black Nationalism, Asian Nationalism , Jewish Nationalism, and Arab Nationalism, to name a few.

        What you’re referring to is Civic Nationalism which is faux nationalism. We all know such a divergence can never work because, first of all, a nation needs to adopt a uniform patriotism, culture and religious belief system, and with thousands of diverse ethnic tribes competing for privilege and supremacy in one living space, Civic Nationalism is never going to success other than through government compulsion which could be overturned at any moment through insurrection. In fact, it would probably increase the demands for even more race-based privilege-conferring such as Affirmative Action and Quotas with some being granted approval and others not. We already know which!!

        No, the only way all this nonsense is going to be ended, is either through secession or set-aside territories presently under White domination, for non-Whites to be compulsorily transferred to out of White homelands altogether Now that could well mean America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand being designated as transfer territories. Personally, I would settle for Canada being selected for such purpose.

        Whites resident in Canada, for example, would be encouraged to translocate to one of the remaining territories or back to their ancestral homeland, the European continent AND, of course, non-Whites already resident in Europe would be compelled to translocate to Canada.

  5. The same people that said nothing when we were banned, are now screeching that conservatives won’t do anything when they are banned. Also Loomer and Alex Jones are now saying Trump is not their friend.

    • Respectable conservatives thought they were safe because they always go out of their way to prove they aren’t racistnaziwhitesupremacists. They’re finding out the left will brook no opposition regardless of how marginal it is.

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