Sen. Tom Cotton Condemns Trump’s Plan To Expand Guest Worker Visas

National Review:

“Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) on Monday blasted President Trump’s plan to issue an additional 30,000 guest-worker visas to foreign laborers in fiscal year 2019.

Under the plan, which is laid out in a temporary rule set to be published Wednesday in the Federal Register, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor will grant the additional visas to workers whose employers who would suffer “irreparable harm” otherwise, and who were employed in the U.S. during the past three fiscal years.

Cotton, often a staunch Trump ally, lamented the administration’s announcement of the plan Monday, saying the “immigration system should prioritize the needs of U.S. citizens over cheap foreign labor.” …

“Allowing an additional 30,000 seasonal workers into the country forces Americans to compete for jobs against non-citizens who drag down wages,” Cotton said. “We should be setting immigration policies that support wage growth and employment for Americans instead of encouraging a race to the bottom by importing low-cost labor.”

This can’t be happening.

I’ve been told that Trump is “strong on the border.” He is also “strong on immigration.” White people have to come together to vote for MIGA 2020 in order to stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration. Otherwise, the Democrats will take over and immigration will return to the levels of the Obama presidency when it dipped between Blompf and George W. Bush.

Note: In the Star Trek universe, the Ferengi race were inspired by the way British free-market capitalists acted in India under the Raj. I’ve always found Quark & Co. to be hilariously true. Lots of people assume that Quark was modeled on Jewish merchants but we was really just a capitalist.

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  1. The episode of deep space 9 where the head of the ferengi world, the Grand Nagus flys a shuttle craft thru the worm hole, and the beings that live there turn the Grand Nagus into a saintly person who gives workers days off, pays them well, holiday’s, etc. Quark and his brother fly another shuttle into the wormhole to explain to the beings that turning the Grand Nagus into a Christ like person will bring down the whole Ferengi civilization. The whole episode is hilarious. You ought to try and watch it.

  2. Bringing all of these foreign(non White) workers into the former “United States” is about White displacement, not economics.

    The fact that there are large numbers of White student graduates, with degrees in IT, engineering, and other hard sciences that are applicable to industry, that are not being hired, and looming automation, exposes the real purpose of the mud flood.

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