Daily Stormer: Trump Should Be Prosecuted For Failing To Register as an Agent of Israel

Andrew Anglin has a great article at The Daily Stormer this morning about how Blompf should be prosecuted for being a foreign agent of Israel.

As I am sure everyone remembers, there was a long stretch of time when The Daily Stormer was being a shill website for the Trump administration which we thought was strange given the growing enormous toll Blompf has taken on the movement. Anglin spent a solid two years ignoring or downplaying what was really going on which we documented on Occidental Dissent.

The transparent lies simply couldn’t be sustained anymore after the 2018 midterm elections when Blompf and the GOP immediately and cynically pivoted from their campaign rhetoric to their actual legislative agenda of Making Israel Great Again. We said all along this was going to happen and vehemently dissented with the consensus in the Alt-Right that we needed to rally behind the GOP.

Anyway, this is all the past and everyone can now see Blompf as the con artist that he really is given how he is not even trying to hide the real agenda anymore which is tax cuts and Israel. I should add here that Breitbart has also always been a fake populist nationalist site. The whole purpose of that site like Steve Bannon’s adventures in Europe was to coopt the growth of nationalism and populism in the United States and channel it back into the dead end of MIGA and mainstream conservatism.

Focus on the map:

Conservatives are 23 percent of the electorate.

Lolbertarians are 4 percent of the electorate.

Progressives are 45 percent of the electorate.

Populists and Moderates are 29 percent of the electorate.

In 2019, there are more Populists and Moderates who are authoritarian voters who believe in social cohesion and economic fairness than the entire “Right” combined in the United States. This is the reason why Donald Trump won both the Republican nomination and the presidency of the United States in 2016. Even today, no one in the media understands why it happened.

The vast majority of us are not “far right.”

We’re actually in the center of the American electorate between the polarized two parties because even though we are social conservatives we are more moderate than the conservatives and lolbertarians. Everyone is mad right now at Blompf over economics and foreign policy.

There is a huge opportunity here.

Why on earth should populists and moderates be conforming to cuckservatism and lolbertarianism? We outnumber both of those groups combined in the electorate in this country. It should be the other way around. It should be populists leading the electoral coalition and conservatives following. While we agree on social issues, cuckservatives and lolbertarians have unpopular views on economics.

Do you see the pink circle?

Every American adult citizen is a potential voter. This means that person is ultimately a blue dot or a red dot. In the game of politics, we win the game by giving a voice to everyone who is within this pink circle. We do not win the game at all by conforming to cuckservatism and lolbertarianism.

Instead of doing that, we should be analyzing politics and creating content from our own perspective. We should be trying to represent all the disaffected folks in the middle of the electorate whose values are authoritarianism, social conservatism and economic fairness.

Who are these middle of the road people? Surprisingly, they are White blue collar workers, middle class people as well as the educated. There are people here who are Asians, Christians and Muslims who are divided by identity politics. Most of the normies who are not ideological are here too. The reason that our political divide runs through the populist and moderate center of the electorate is because so many people who share the same fundamental values and outlook are entirely unaware of it.

It has never occurred to most Asian voters, for example, that their own authoritarianism, social conservatism and belief in economic fairness, which distinguishes them from the Jews, aligns them with White social conservatives and populists in places like the Deep South and Appalachia. The two groups are divided in part by race and religion, but otherwise agree on issues more than they disagree.

What’s the largest possible coalition in American politics? It is a populist-moderate-progressive coalition which is 74 percent of the electorate and which was the coalition that FDR had in the New Deal era. The other 25 percent of the population are Blompf’s Boomers. So, if you truly want to take a plunger and unclog the the American Right by removing the turd that is Conservatism, Inc, what do you do? Do you go out and throw away your life in a futile mass shooting?

NO, there is a much easier way to get rid of Conservatism, Inc. The only thing it takes is exposing the fact that only 4 percent of the electorate subscribes to its position of social liberty and economic liberty. There is no social base for 1980s True Conservatism anymore.

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  1. This is why they have been able to control us for so long. We don’t know what is real, what is truth, what is history, or what is the real agenda on their minds until AFTER the dust settles.

    Breitbart had help growing. Is it attacked much? Although I suspect it is the base for more rational thought than the Lefty tools. It is still a propaganda machine.

    Controlled opposition is a well known tactic but remains the least suspect of our enemies’ strategy. Until…

  2. Another thing… I’ve never followed Anglin but he always had that trance-like look in his eyes. Just saying.

  3. Most people have never heard of a political quiz. So many run around saying “Conservative” or “Liberal” and knowing nothing. That’s especially true for the South. People get stuck in the Conservative vs Liberal political spectrum. I’ve took many political quizes over the years. I’ve even printed political quizes before and would keep them in my folder. When I was meeting with friends I would give them a copy of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Most people would be shocked about the results. I think most of our people are Socially Conservative. That means we believe Government should enforce Christian Moral Law. That includes having Police and things like that. What few Southerners realize is that few of us are Conservative on other issues. We have a Nationalist or Populist view on other issues. The 2 Party System don’t talk about that. I identified as a “Conservative” for many years. Many of those years I was recruiting or on the campaign trail for people. However I was never really a Conservative. Most “Conservatives” and Republicans only care about Money. All issues are money related in the eyes of a Conservative Republican. Only a few really care about Christianity, Southern Heritage & Culture, and White Pride. The Alt-Right made it easy for people like me because I (and others) could finally dump “Conservative” and identity with something else. We’ve really been the Alt-Right for Years. Same goes for us who identity as White Nationalists. We actually care about Nationalism. The Democrats and Republicans always have a close / corrupt relationship with Corporations, International Bankers, Jews, and Foreign Countries. The Jewish Supremacist control of America is a perfect example of our elected officials not caring about America. The solution is elect Nationalists. We can deliver Peace in the World. Deo Vindice !

  4. After the 2016 election, conservatism took over the entire agenda and literally refused to give one inch to the populists on anything. The entire legislative agenda and foreign policy have all be given to the conservatives. The populists just get tweets from Trump. He’s “looking into it” when it comes to things we care about and want done.

    This is a one-sided coalition. We provide the votes and they get the agenda and the agenda is private insurance healthcare, a hostile foreign policy and supply-side, stock-market first, feed the rich economics. No thanks.

  5. Why stop at Blompf?

    His entire cabinet and advisers should register as agents of a foreign government.

  6. “Everyone is mad right now at Blompf over economics and foreign policy.”

    I’m not. I’m just glad that the Clintons aren’t in the White House. That’s about all that can be expected, anyway. Which is exactly why I voted for Trump. Had Biden been running against him, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered to vote, much less payed any attention to the election.

    After Bill Clinton, I stopped caring about elections at all.

  7. There is no conservative. There is no liberal. There is no left. There is no right. There is no centre. There is no middle of the road. There is no republican. There is no democrat.


    Your choice now.
    What are YOU?

    Choose! Choose!

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