Steve Bannon: We’re In An Economic War With China

Steve Bannon is a fraud:

In 2016, we were duped by Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and their phony “populist nationalist movement,” but now we see it for what it really was all along, which was just a naked attempt to coopt and defang the rising populist and nationalist movement in this country so that it could be channeled into cuckservatism and milked by the Jewish donors who are financing this racket.

Steve Bannon says that China is waging an economic war against the United States and that it is “futile” to compromise with them:

The first understanding: The CCP has been waging economic war against industrial democracies ever since China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, and now China has emerged as the greatest economic and national security threat the United States has ever faced.”

Whose fault is that, Steve?

  • It was President Bill Clinton who brought China into the WTO in 2001.
  • Steve Bannon worked in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department at Goldman Sachs. It was also Bill Clinton and the GOP Congress who deregulated investment banking in the 1990s.
  • It took the US political establishment several generations from the Kennedy Round of GATT to liberalize international trade, deregulate the American economy, eviscerate the unions and cut taxes to the point where it is now. It wasn’t China that created neo-liberal economics or brought China into the US-dominated liberal international order after the Cold War.
  • It was American patriots like Sam Walton and corporations like Wal-Mart who outsourced and offshored all the manufacturing jobs in Middle America to China in order to get rich by feasting on cheap labor in foreign Third World countries. The Chinese are only guilty of working and trying to improve their standard of living in order to rise out of poverty.

“As a framework for the current trade talks, China must agree to end forced technology transfers; intellectual property theft; cyberintrusions into business networks; currency manipulation; high tariff and nontariff barriers; and unfair subsidies to state-owned enterprises. However, if the CCP agrees to the United States’ demands in an enforceable manner, it would amount to a legal and regulatory dismantling of Chinese state capitalism.”

Whose fault is that, Steve?

  • Why should we care about forced technology transfers? If these American multinational corporations want to fire all their American workers in order to outsource production to China, then why is it our problem if those corporations have to play by Chinese rules? Why should laid off workers in Ohio care that Apple’s technology has been cloned by the Chinese for their own purposes? Why isn’t that Tim Cook’s problem?
  • Woah … “unfair subsidies to state-owned enterprises.” Is Mr. Economic Nationalist saying we don’t subsidize American multinational corporations? The Pentagon isn’t subsidizing Boeing and Northrop Grumman? We don’t manipulate our currency in the United States?

“The second understanding: The trade deal under negotiation this month is not a deal between two similar systems seeking closer ties, as its cheerleaders on Wall Street and in the media and academia argue. Rather, this is a fundamental clash between two radically different economic models.”

What if the Chinese system is better, Steve?

The Chinese have lifted half a billion people out of poverty. The number of people in China living in extreme poverty has fallen from 88 percent in 1981 to 6.5 percent in 2012. How is the United States doing lately in ending extreme poverty? Oh wait …. that’s right. What used to be the American middle class is now descending into poverty thanks to our current economic model!

“The best U.S. result is a detailed document in which China renounces its predatory, confiscatory and mercantilist practices while providing ample means to monitor and promptly enforce the agreement.”

What is China guilty of doing, Steve?

These f**king predators have been financing all these Boomer adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan by buying up U.S. debt. Is it China’s fault our country was so mismanaged by Boomers?

“The best CCP result is to get the tariffs lifted by filing reams of paper with false, unenforceable promises that will allow it to run out the clock on the Trump administration and hope for a less antagonistic Democratic alternative.”

Well, that should be easy to do. It’s not like Blompf’s own party isn’t revolting against him in the Senate over his tariffs right now.

“The third understanding: Chinese state capitalism is highly profitable for its owners — the members of the CCP. Stagnant state-owned enterprises gain a competitive edge through massive government subsidies and the cost savings won by stealing the intellectual property, technology and innovations of foreigners.”

Is that really how it works, Steve?

Isn’t it more like these American multinational corporations fire their workers so that they can open up new factories in China knowing full well that the cost of doing business in these Chinese markets is technology transfers? Are you saying that they don’t know the score?

“If China halted such grand theft, its enterprises would be rapidly outcompeted by the Germans, South Koreans, Japanese and especially the United States.”

Did you know that Samsung and Toyota were state owned enterprises? Why doesn’t the free enterprise system simply outcompete Chinese state capitalism? Oh wait … it needs government intervention because it is so uncompetitive. That’s the true reason, right?

“Anything less than a great deal will subject the president to relentless criticism from the Charles E. Schumer and Bernie Sanders wings of the Democratic Party. In addition, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) might use it to get to the right of Trump on China — potentially setting up a later primary challenge. For these reasons, the president’s best political option is not to surrender, but rather to double down on the tariffs — they have been highly effective in pressuring the Chinese without harming the U.S. economy.”

As Yang has pointed out, 85% of the job losses in manufacturing are due to automation anyway, so why is this even the focus? Isn’t it because China is a convenient scapegoat and a way to distract attention from the fact that it is automation that is devastating the working class?

“The danger is for the president to sign what appears to be a reasonable deal and find out several years later that the United States was hoodwinked.

The United States failed to adequately monitor China’s entry into the WTO in 2001. Instead of access to a billion Chinese consumers, the United States lost more than 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000.”

Isn’t it true that much of that would have happened anyway, Steve?

If China had never been brought into the WTO by the Boomers, automation would have still killed most of the manufacturing jobs. We’re being told now that anywhere from 30% to 50% to American jobs could be automated over the next 15 years. Why aren’t you talking about that? Isn’t it because this idea of taking the Boomers back to the 1950s is just fantasy talk?

The sixth understanding: The world now bears witness to a rapidly militarizing totalitarian state imprisoning millions in work camps; persecuting Uighurs, Christians and Buddhists; and spying on, and enslaving, its own population.”

Oh really, Steve?

What is our government doing to us? Why the f*** should anyone here care about Silicon Valley’s competitors in China? It is Silicon Valley that is creating the totalitarian state in this country, not China. Who cares if China is cloning Mark Zuckerberg’s technology?

“This is history in real time; and the world is a house divided — half slave, half free. Trump and Xi are facing off to tip the scales in one direction or the other. One way leads to the benefits of freedom, democracy and free-market capitalism. The other leads to a totalitarian and mercantilist power run on state capitalism with Chinese characteristics.”

Should we want to continue with free-market capitalism?

The life expectancy of White people in the United States is dropping. More people than ever before are blowing their brains out and dying from drug overdoses under Blompf and Larry Kudlow’s Goldilocks economy. The United States is being overrun by Hondurans and Blompf can’t even build a single mile of his border wall. Meanwhile, the Chinese are emerging from poverty, building high speed rail and investing in deep learning to beat the United States in the race to a 21st century economy. The Chinese aren’t being overrun by Third World immigrants or picking fights around the world with poor countries like Iran and Venezuela. China’s foreign policy isn’t controlled by Israel.

Go away, Sloppy Steve.

Note: Contrast what Blompf and MIGA have done for their populist supporters with what Great Helmsman Xi Jinping has done for China including banning rap music, investing billions in AI, building high speed bullet trains and celebrating nationalism.

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  1. Could anybody imagine Trump tweeting something like this.

    “”…Because Anglozionist Empire is cucked beyond repair, I decided to blow it off to smaller countries like Soviet Union was dismantled once and because of that I try to overstretch wherever I can, picking up fight all over the planet until the Empire collapses under it,s own weight.

    Also I can not make agreement with Poland to reopen Auschwitz and send liberals there in the day one. . Because of that, I must grill average Normie with bans blocks definancing and street violence until Normie understand that liberal control measures are necessary…..””

    This is not 4D chess, this is basic leadership.

  2. Concerning China versus USA, this is from the commenter MEFOBILLS, responding to a Mike Whitney article at Unz Review: “China and Russia: Whoopin’ Uncle Sam at His Own Game”

    Mike Whitney: “It is this vision of ‘revitalized capitalism’ that Washington sees as its mortal enemy.”

    MEFOBILLS responds:

    “The author is getting there, but hasn’t crossed the finish line.

    Washington adopted FINANCE CAPITALISM after WW2. Or, many put it at 1913 with the election of Woodrow, and passage of progressive era acts, i.e. 16’th, 17’th amendments, Federal Reserve Act, and IRS.

    INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM, was also called the American System. It originated under Henry Carey, then later was taken up by Peshine Smith and Henry Clay. It always works.

    Everything that China is doing is exactly the American system, including using state credit channeled into the commons, and build up rail and connectors to markets.
    Since people don’t know the difference between types of capitalism we get these sort of incomplete analysis by pundits.

    Finance capitalism is corporate banking, emitting private credit into markets. Markets are supposedly “free” and world government is a goal. Politicians come under control through bribes or compromat.

    Industrial capitalism puts the state above corporations, and state credit is issued from state banks or the treasury. This new money CHANNELS into industry and the commons, thus making the economy more efficient. The new money also goes on to become savings, so citizens can pool their resources and start up their own companies, rather than going to a private bank for a loan.

    Always ask yourself who is the “head” in any hierarchy. Industrial capitalism puts the state at the head, and the money power controlled by the state.

    China has five state banks, and can issue as may Yuans as they want, they can tax Yuans out of the money supply, they can channel Yuans to get an effect, they can even erase Yuan debts, as said debt instruments are housed in public banks.

    Game set match. The old American system of Henry Clay is winning in China, while the U.S. has adopted the British/Zionist finance capitalist system. Zion is not a good fit for a continental country like the U.S.

    State sponsored usury of finance capitalism has fraud embedded as core attributes.

    We American’s got punked in 1913. Woodrow Wilson’s girlfriend was the most expensive poon in the history of man.”

  3. I disagree with every bit of this. “Steve Bannon: We’re In An Economic War With China”, this is 100% true and the Chinese are following the Japanese model. That we have done about it is hardly his fault. That he doesn’t come out and attack Israel doesn’t mean that what he says about China is not true. They have been stealing technology, funding replacement of American products and placing legal and tariff restrictions on us importing to their country.

    Blaming him for all the failures of our trade policy when he wants to change it reminds me so much of the way Jews lie it’s freakish.

    • The Jews would love us to get in a war with China and Russia. It would just like the war with Germany where they could cover up their attacks and start over. Even as much power as the Jews have nowthey’re losing it every day.

      A country can only stand so much Poz from their Jewish rulers then the people rebel and throw them out. I think we’re heading there.

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