Andrew Yang Criticizes The Trump Tax Cuts

Watch Andrew Yang deconstruct Larry Kudlow’s “Goldilocks” economy:

“And if you look at numbers that reflect financial health of most Americans, 78 percent of Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck, 40 percent could not afford an unexpected $400 bill,” Yang said. “And Donald Trump when he was running as a candidate talked how misleading the headline unemployment number is which does not reflect labor force participation at a multi-decade low, the same levels as Ecuador and Costa Rica. Or underemployment which is rampant. Almost 1 out of 2 graduates are in a job that does not require a degree. …

“There is a lot of population that is struggling in the economy that has been charged up somewhat by a tax cut — most of which the benefits went to shareholders and stockholders instead of workers,” Yang said

Note: If Goldilocks is so great, then why is the average life expectancy of White America in decline because more people than ever before are putting a gun in the mouth and killing themselves? Why is the birthrate in decline? Why do people feel America’s best days are in the past?

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  1. One thing that is undeniable about the Chinese, and Asians generally, is that they have no tolerance for PC. All the Chinese people I know, even considering that a few of them come from multi-generational Christian families, are this way. *Shockingly* these people have no hard feelings toward white people, while our mutual acquiantance – my very white brother, for instance – is constantly trying to twist himself into knots to be the most anti-racist person he can be as if that will win him points with them like it would a gaggle of woke bourgeois whites or token minorities.

    There is simply no subject that is off the table with these Chinese people, and the same cannot be said of even a Thanksgiving supper gathering of an all-white, basic, middle class, conservative, evangelical nu-Southern family. If Yang genuinely wants to engage with people that have ideas with which the powers that be don’t agree or ideas that are out of step with the secular doctrines of our current PC-dystopia, then that attitude will serve him well should he win the presidency. At the very least it won’t hurt his chances to be the humble and competent adult in the room.

  2. The way I look at is Donald Trump is the biggest liar ever elected in American History. He’s nothing but Fake and a Propagandist. Fox News looks like Trump news. I literally can’t watch Fox News for more than 30 seconds at a time. Same goes for Info War. Nothing but Cuck Wars now. People are brainwashed by Trump. The economy is in the dumps. Few politicians even talk about the gap between the rich and poor, wages, savings, and so on. The tax cut literally was for the rich. Common people saw little difference. It’s all Propaganda. Few people still think in 2019. Deo Vindice !

  3. Hey, Hunter:

    Have you had a chance to lurk at the Jacobin website? I stumbled upon them quite by accident and I find myself involuntarily nodding in agreement with a lot of salient points they have made. Here’s a well-written article at that site by Luke Savage:

    What did Carl Yung say about a “collective unconscious?” Both your article and his referenced the difficulty the average American has in saving four hundred dollars for an emergency and the obscene amounts of money Jeff Bezos rakes in. Uncanny.

    White Nationalism is only a distraction from the REAL reason why internet billionaires want to shut independent websites down.

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