Darren Beattie: When Populism Fails

Darren J. Beattie:

“It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that Donald J. Trump ran his insurgency presidential campaign against the coordinated opposition of every single powerful institution in the Western world.

The single decisive factor working in Trump’s favor was his ability to appeal to the millions of ‘forgotten’ Americans who felt particularly ill-served by these institutions.

If a populist electoral victory is a signal of democratic robustness, an ensuing failure on the part of a populist leader to implement the agenda he ran on runs the risk of unleashing a profound cynicism — a cynicism of the sort captured by Emma Goldman’s famous remark that if voting mattered, they’d make it illegal.

There is a parallel between Trump and that other great populist triumph, Britain’s vote for Brexit. Three years on, the choice of the British people has been undermined at every level of government, and there is a serious possibility it may end up being nullified entirely. It is a betrayal of democratic good faith which invites cynicism in the democratic process.”

Maybe it is time for another history lesson?

In the late 19th century, the original Populist movement was beaten back and coopted by the Democratic Party, but many of its ideas and energy were scooped up by Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement who created a coalition of rural farmers and urban reformers. In the end, the populist agenda triumphed when it was championed by Wilson and FDR who took the raw rural edge off it and sold it better to the highly educated. Maybe we just need a better candidate and political strategy than reelecting a New York billionaire and moron celebrity television host?

Note: The enemies of populism should reflect upon what the original Populists were about which included immigration restriction, the income tax, collective bargaining, the eight hour day, regulation of railroads, etc. It was a rebellion in rural parts of the South and Midwest against Eastern conservatism driven by mounting economic stress.

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  1. The jew zionist virus is clever, it brought Drumpf to power on a populist campaign promising not to forget the forgotten Amerikan man. Instead he kicked us aside putting on his jew hat subservient to his jew zionist masters.

    Ya I’m f***ing pissed! …and people clap and praise him like he’s some kind of savoir to the forgotten man. Then there’s Q, lol… Stupid humanity!

    • Amerika is too far gone to be saved even with candidates who even promise UBI. Looks what’s happening, Florida just passed an antisemitism bill in public schools. Drumpf said in a speech, antisemitism more or less should carry the death penalty and will fight it with every means. Then hires an antisemitism czar.

      Its no wonder in the 30s nazi’s wanted to round these scoundrels up. It’s understandable.

  2. And what has been the most enduring part of the legacies of those aforementioned “gentlemen”?
    WAR… I can’t wait for conservatism to find it’s place on the garbage dump of history. Maybe then we can finally settle our account with the jew.

  3. Sadly, the pietistic streak within Christianity would today welcome inane ‘laws’ such as the Death Penalty for merely calling a Kike what they are – Satanists. [John 8:44] Because most Christians are ignorant of how God’s Law/Kingdom work, as well as the cries of God for His People to be holy, and separate from the ‘goyim’ of the world (all non-Whites, non-Christians).

    Both pagans and pietist Xtians do not understand that, when Christians first appeared, it was the ONLY viable strategy, [to become a Martyr] because they didn’t control the laws, the organs of power, and the society of Ancient Rome….And Martyrdom then, was a valid way to build the Kingdom. But the MODEL of God’s Kingdom, is the RULE AND REIGN of the DAVIDIC MONARCH on a real Throne- i.e. the Theocratic State.

    Therefore, twenty centuries of implementation of the Decalogue and Christian Civilization was the GOAL of the early Christians, and that has NOW BEEN ACHIEVED – even if we have pulled back from total rule of the planet. One cannot go ‘back’ to a time before Christ- one can only RECLAIM that which is OURS.

    Today, the options for Christians are to resist the SATANIC rule of such godless men such as Trump, and his Jewish advisor, and to fight back- to the death, if necessary. The doctrine of just war is part and parcel of the West- even if it means fighting against one’s own countrymen for the Reconquista of the European Christian Populace against the Godless (Jews, Moslems, Sodomites, Liberals, and their satanic agendas). And the JEW is our ETERNAL Enemy.

    “Live in peace with your enemies; but only with your personal enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.”
    – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

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