Rick Scott: Democrat Intolerance of Anti-Semitism Exposes Their Intolerance

National Review:

“Last week, the New York Times was widely criticized after publishing a blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon. And while the image was certainly shocking, it isn’t surprising given where we are today. Something has changed; we are living in a scary time in which anti-Semitism is being tolerated. I cannot comprehend why anyone would be anti-Semitic.

The media love to decry the president for everything he says, but they seem to have fallen oddly silent when it comes to the new anti-Semitism on the left. What we saw at the New York Times merely reflects my fear that anti-Semitism is finding a home in America on the far left.

I’m proud to represent Florida, which is home to the third-largest population of Jewish Americans in the country. Unfortunately, we saw anti-Semitism and hate rear its ugly head in Florida last year. I was the first governor in Florida history to make major investments to secure our Jewish day schools after a series of bomb threats. And after the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, I ordered state troopers to increase patrols at religious institutions all across the state.”

Can you believe the Democrats skipped the AIPAC conference?

“In a major departure from the norm, every major Democratic candidate for president refused to go to the annual AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. This is unprecedented. It turns out that Democratic candidates for president were afraid to offend the sensibilities of the far-left anti-Semites among them.”

The same is true of Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z White populists. It’s just going in reverse and there are FAR MORE OF US.

“It’s no secret that over the years Jewish Americans have tended to lean more Democratic than Republican. But that is changing.”

Rick Scott is representing Florida in the Senate.

In addition to calling for the overthrow of the government of Venezuela, he wants you to know that he is leading the fight in Congress against the resurgent anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what else the Republican Party does these days.

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is holding a cabinet meeting at the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem later this month to sign the anti-Semitism bill unanimously passed by Florida Republicans which will define the BDS movement as a terrorist group no different from ISIS or the KKK and which makes criticizing Israel or noticing that Jews control the media or manipulate our foreign policy a “hate crime.”

In hindsight, it was a very bad call on my part to say that an exception ought to be made in Florida for Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. I thought it was important that Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum lose in Florida in the 2018 midterm elections, but it turns out that I was just following the crowd and was completely wrong on that. Florida would have been better off without these two clowns.

This has been a recurring theme for me: I tend to have an extremely dim view of “conservatives,” but occasionally I will grant that maybe this Republican is different from the rest. I have consistently erred on the side of overestimating Blompf as well. I haven’t been negative enough in my analysis.

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  1. This is nothing more than the Likud party (right) vs. the progressive Jews (left) in America.

    On one side you have the Likud party exploiting the rapture-ready “end times” crowd (Pompeo) to bring about their plans for a Greater Israel by screaming about Democrats like Ilhan Omar and saber-rattling with Iran.

    The other side of the same coin is screaming about Nazis, KKK, etc. and their vision for Israel and Jews which is some leftist Utopian one world government anti-White green tyranny.

    I choose to be right in the middle with the populists.

  2. Yeah, the Democrats will get 69% of the Jew vote, rather than 70% of the Jew vote.

  3. Don’t feel bad, Brad…
    Yhe other two “options” would have knelt down and done the same damn thing.
    Aren’t there laws regarding the legitimacy of treaties and laws signed on foreign soil, ESPECIALLY regarding individual STATES like Florida?
    What if the governor of Tennessee decided to declare anti-Transylvanian hate speech laws and then travel openly to Transylvania to sign it into law?
    This is beyond open fealty to a foreign entity..
    Shameful and preposterous.

  4. Democrats are still arranging for AIPAC lobbyists to visit them in their offices out of public view.

    Not that that should be unexpected. I think they should be credited for noticing that it is in bad form to be seen openly pledging allegiance to a foreign state as they fight against securing our country’s sovereignty with a wall.

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    I wish every American, out there, regardless of background, would revisit their ABCs (Anybody But that Clown) and vote, but vote for neither Democrat nor Republican., but “waste” their vote on any other non-establishment candidate. That’s the only non-violent message left to send to that Parliament of Whores we call Congress.

  5. I think these jews will eventually push themselves into the gas chamber or incinerators for real this time around.

  6. The idiots at Breitbart had a thread that has since disappeared about Jews wanting to “Jexit” I don’t know if this is some more Turning Cuck USA foolishness or not. The commentators seem to believe this is an idea that has come not realizing that for Jews what they have today is a win-win. They can support Jewish cultural Marxism to their hearts’ context knowing the Stupid Party will always throw more money to Israel no matter what they do.

  7. I see that Ann Coulter hopes for a Ron DeSantis presidency. Just look at the list of those she has swooned over in the last 7 years– Christie, then Romney (!), then Trump and now DeSantis. Haha!

    I am DONE with all these creeps and warmongers.

    Hunter, take a look at the title of this thread. An error?

    • @Mestigoit

      I see that Ann Coulter hopes for a Ron DeSantis presidency.

      I don’t think President Biden will let DeSantis set in his chair.

  8. No candidate who pledges allegiance to a foreign country or who advocates regime change wars will get a vote from me.

  9. The Democrats have probably become outspoken about Jews because of the Anti War Movement. I’d say Anti War is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of Voters. People are fed up with fighting Wars for Israel. Another reason is the left isn’t a fan of banks and usury and has always been for Unions. Now if only the right would figure it out. Deo Vindice !

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