Beyond Left and Right: Towards a National Populist Political Strategy

I’m sorry guys.

I just couldn’t take Blompf and Charlie Kirk anymore. 74% of the American electorate believes in economic fairness over economic liberty. Since the GOP lost on all the “social issues,” I have swung behind Andrew Yang. I can sleep comfortably at night knowing Conservatism, Inc. will continue losing the culture war. It has a flawless track record of losing on social issues while advancing the economic agenda.

Fellas, I have decided to return to the Right.

It just had to be presented in a different way. As a populist, I believe in authoritarianism and social cohesion. The United States has a majority for authoritarian social conservatism like other Western countries. We’ve lost Charlie Kirk, Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment to the Left.

What happened during the 2016 election?

How did Trump win and beat his True Conservative rivals? I would argue he won the 2016 election by running in the middle of the electorate as a nationalist and populist. He ran as an authoritarian social conservative who believes in economic fairness and he promised to restore America’s lost greatness. Hillary Clinton ran a traditional campaign as a Center Left Democrat.

Note: Alternatively, you can believe in the mainstream media’s theory that the election was stolen from Hillary because swing voters in the Rust Belt and the rural Midwest were all watching RT and were exposed to a minuscule amount of Russian ads on Facebook.

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  1. We need a Southern Nationalist Party. One that is, by default, also populist and dedicated to bringing back a new Old South, complete with slaves made of steel and silicon, and work, or not, as people want it.

  2. au·thor·i·tar·i·an·ism
    the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.
    lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.

    Out of curiosity, what personal freedoms (in addition to the ones whites have already lost) would you have us surrender?

    I’m not sending my children to public school. Period.
    I’m not giving up my guns. Any of them. Same for ammo and magazines that hold the same amount of rounds as standard Military issue. Period.

    Now, sell me on the rest. I’m listening.

  3. Sounds good. But someone has to lead this movement, and what happens if Yang fails? Ideally, they would be white and anti-immigration. Tucker seems the obvious choice, but he would have to be convinced to run for office. There’s also the question of which party would present the surest path to power.

    • If Yang fails, it doesn’t change much because the big picture is all the trends he is describing continue anyway. Suppose Biden wins. We will have another polarizing Boomer ignoring the structural problems in the economy. As Yang says, those problems are only going to get much worse between 2021 and 2025.

  4. “the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.”

    Gunny- Your references are not about ‘freedom,’ but about choices.

    Christianity is, and always has been, THE Authoritarian religion, bar none. The Ten ‘Thou Shalt nots’ clearly proscribe one’s ‘freedoms’ in favor of the ‘group’ (Tribe?) safety.

    In addition, those ‘freedoms’ are what The Law calls ‘SIN.’ We are not free apart from Christianity- instead, we are enslaved by our own lusts and egos telling us, ‘We will NOT have this man over us.’
    That is the trademark slogan of apostate Judaism, and why the world is so effed up today… because we have traded the Despotism of Christ (which is in reality, the only true freedom) for the Slavery of Satan (for whom Christ said the Jews were his sons- the spawn of hell – John 8:44).

    It’s not a question of religion or no religion (Gary North) it is the question, ‘Which religion’?
    Mohammedans are gaining hegemony in Europe and the West, ONLY BECAUSE we have forsaken our ‘first love’ – the Law of God, and His Incarnate Word, that explicates and incarnates that ‘perfect law of liberty.’

  5. Unfortunately though, the fact that the “right” in America always wins on economic issues but loses on social issues is because that seems to be the way our ZOG clown world has headed since the destruction of the USSR. The global trend since then has been toward liberalism in both the economic sphere (which is considered “right-wing”) and the social sphere (which is considered “left-wing”). There are places that have started to seriously resist this in recent years, like Russia but they are endlessly vilified as a result. And if it’s a smaller and weaker country than that, there’s always NATO to have that little “problem” taken care of.

    I’m wondering if there is any way to totally resist this trend? It seems like even nationalist movements get infected with some degree of either economic or social liberalism. At least in the West, its hard to find anyone who seeks to remove the liberal cancer completely.

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