Game of Thrones: The Mad Queen

I’m not going to post any spoilers.

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones with my wife since the first season. She loves the show and watching television shows together is part and parcel of being married. Neither of us have ever liked Daenerys Targaryen and so it was highly satisfying to be vindicated after all this time.

Ever since she burned down Astapor and tortured the slaveowners in Meereen, I have nicknamed her Social Justice Warrior Daenerys Targaryen. This couldn’t have ended any other way. It has been obvious to me for years that her character has been motivated by her own ego and sense of entitlement, not any sense of humanity. She is no different than her brother Viserys who was killed off in the first season.

Contrast the development of Daenarys’s character with her white knight Jorah Mormont or other White males like Jamie Lannister or the Hound who became more noble, likable and sympathetic over time. Look at all the brown people who have died for her too from Kahl Drogo down to the present season. It is worth noting that her antagonist Cersei was the other cold-blooded bitch in the series.

Has Game of Thrones been low key woke on crazy, power hungry women this entire time? Everyone now agrees that Jon Snow must sit on the Iron Throne as the rightful heir and benevolent patriarch of Westeros. After this penultimate episode, it appears the show will have a happy ending.

Surrounded by the adulation of foreign brown people who fed her ego, Daenarys took it right in the feels when she felt like she might not win the prom after all

Note: My favorite character in the show is Bran because he likes to sit back and chill. As a historian, he has become wise since he already knows everything.

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  1. I’ve never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. In fact, I haven’t watched television in years. Beware of the subliminal messaging in all television productions. Advertising included.

      • Brad, you definitely stick to your principles.

        Subliminal messaging reaches parts of your psyche without you even realizing it.

        A good read is “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Bryan. It was a must read in the 1970’s and 1980’s for those in school looking to obtain an education or degree in anything that included the marketing philosophy. An eye opener. A friend had to read it which is how I learned about it.

        Humans are funny creatures and quite pliable. Especially when we outsource the care of our children to strangers and their education to government.

      • So, those two 30-second Disney cartoon clips were not worth your time? It affects the kids more than you know. If you let George see anything Disney, or take him to Disney World, this should concern you.

    • Daenerys is like the Fantasy Genre Adolf Hitler

      “Who’s the Queen now motherfuckers! Yeeeeaaaarggggg!”

      Oven’s Landing.

    • I watched a few episodes from season 1 on a family member’s cable TV. Women flopping their breasts out for no reason. People having sex in random locations. A midget scheming about “power”. Boring.

  2. GOT has always been low-key woke on many issues. From the danger of of brown foreign hordes represented by the Dothraki, the sexual frustration of simpering betas like Jorah, the beauty of faith in the High Sparrow’s talk to Margery about how he found it after a gluttonous feast, how all black men want to fuck white women when that black pirate a few seasons back said that as payment he wanted to, “Fuck the blonde queen”, the waving of the masses as they support one monarch after the next without a hint of loyalty; and the former slaves of Mareen rioting when Dany refused to pardon someone after she liberated them. And especially Dany herself who seems to personify the horrors of Leftism by drowning the people in blood in order to supposedly save them.

    This dumbass refusal to engage with pop culture has been a terrible detriment to the Right. Which is why it has so badly lost the culture war. Forget the message and focus on the craftsmanship: directing, writing, editing, cinematography, acting, etc. You need to know this stuff if you are going to effectively use them.

    Glad Hunter is smarter than others in this area.

    • “This dumbass refusal to engage with pop culture has been a terrible detriment to the Right. Which is why it has so badly lost the culture war.”

      Yeah, thats it. The right needs to watch more Jewish made TV, and they will stop losing all the time.

      The reason the right always loses is this:
      1) The right never repeats what hurts the left.
      2) The left repeats what hurts the right.

      • Name one piece of artistic achievement WNs have created in the last 50 years. The old Leftists were able to subvert our culture by knowing what they considered “reactionary, bourgeois art forms” inside and out.

        How can you know how to combat their work if you never engage with it?

        • 1) The Right loses because it refuses to dedicate it’s time to art, culture, and entertainment which shapes the emotions and imagination of people to instead focus on DNA, science, and legality which no one actually cares about.

          2) The Left wins because it DOES focus on the former which has shaped people’s emotions and imagination in a way which benefits them while only focusing on the latter momentarily for a political advantage (the Gay Gene, global warming, state authority on immigration).

          Great Right-Wing storytellers like Scott, Kipling, Lewis, and Tolkien must be looking down from Heaven flabbergasted at how retarded the modern Right is.

          • I agree 100% with Martel’s idea that the Right needs to engage in cultural creation.

            With that said, I’m not sure how watching jewish garbage will assist in that process. What’s needed is creativity + money. Watching the enemy’s tosh seems likely to provide neither.

          • @Ironsides
            “What’s needed is creativity + money. Watching the enemy’s tosh seems likely to provide neither.”

            How are you going to get money to be creative, when you aren’t even allowed to have a banking account?

          • Regardless, Hunter, I sure the heck hope you’re not letting your kids watch the Electric Jew.

            That thing is a serious brainwashing device.

          • No, we watch a few television shows, The Weather Channel, the news and that’s about it. I keep up with the news for this website. Occasionally, I like to watch the Travel Channel, The Food Network and some of the science shows as well.

        • @Tony Martel
          “Name one piece of artistic achievement WNs have created in the last 50 years. The old Leftists were able to subvert our culture by knowing what they considered “reactionary, bourgeois art forms” inside and out.”

          LMAO! Name one piece of art the left has created, ever? They don’t create art, they defecate on art. Everything they create is ugly and pornographic. They tear real art down and replace it with urine, or a smelly turd.

          The right was driven out of the establishment more than 50 years ago:
          1) Driven out of the universities.
          2) Driven out of the arts.
          3) Driven out of the mass media.
          4) Driven out of big business.
          5) Is now being driven out of social media.
          6) Is now being denied bank accounts.
          7) Soon its thought leaders will be on the streets with begging bowls, because they won’t be able to raise money any other way.

          If the right ever creates anything at all, it is denied funds, it is censored, it is *annihilated*.

          Again, the reason the right always loses is this:
          1) The right never repeats what hurts the left.
          2) The left never gets tired of repeating what hurts the right.

          The reason the right wing army always gets owned by the left, is the right consists of millions of high minded generals and no *Privates* that do the work that gets things done.

          • I agree strongly with your comment. (((They))) own the property that the media is transferred on. They also has massive amounts of cash to fund the Poz. They put this stuff out even if it loses money. It’s hard to compete when they’re locking down the place you need to compete. This is changing somewhat and the scattered media means that a LOT of more right stuff is being made.

          • @Ener:

            Ronald Reagan was correct, like a stopped clock, now and then. However, one of his most astute observations was that it is amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit.

            The left has more privates than generals, because the crap they are into is so nefarious and antithetical to anyone with any morals or honor that it is best that, when they achieve their goal, it is best that no individual gets the credit. For that reason, they wage lawfare by getting the ACLU or some other quasi independent firm to circumvent the people by going to some leftist court to enact their will.

            The right’s objectives are more honorable and align closer to what the people want so the temptation to claim personal credit for any victory must be overwhelming. Of course, these people are often destroyed by the leftist machine which was already established decades ago. Tragic times we live in when to be on the correct side of history, you have to enthusiastically support things like infanticide, sodomy, and race-mixing to survive in this country.

            This country is run by a bunch of loons who act like they have all contracted Mad Cow Disease. One has to wonder if, Russia and China do invade the United States, whether or not they will be viewed as liberators rather than invaders.

      • Bran is a logical contender for King. Snow will head north to prepare a new watch on the supernatural. The characters are all chess pieces. Bran is like a cripple king.

  3. Politics follows culture. Period. We’ve been experiencing this for decades and decades. The Heebs began “selling” Communism (Jew Rule of the Dumb Beast masses) in the 1930’s. FYI Edison warned about this. White men ceded financial, and then political control in Europe, to Jews, centuries ago. White men ceded financial, thus political and cultural power to Jews, in America, approx. 100 years ago. Research Edison’s battles with East Coast Jewry, when he developed motion picture cameras in America. Jews took advantage of his technology almost immediately. They began what was essentially very subtle porn and trash way back when. Edison organized a fighting force, shall we say, to destroy Jewish theaters and equipment. Jews fled to the West Coast, not simply for the weather, but to avoid Edison and his “helpers”. Research the myriad of issues Walt Disney had with Jews, and their theft, plagiarism, and crudification of….everything. Disney wouldn’t allow bad language or depravity on any of his sets, from any-one. Behold what Jews have done to his studio, and name.

    White men, of the past, really dropped the ball re: Jews. They didn’t DO what they should have DONE centuries ago. The West has already fallen. We are living in the ruins. Westerners, White People, have lost our collective identities, belief in our very selves, and everything. We’ve been hollowed out. Whether or not we will ever recover, I truly cannot say. We’ve been run ragged by Jews for so long we don’t even know what our stories are anymore. I think Hunter’s fascination with history is a way of knowing ourselves again. Perhaps we can reclaim our stories, our myths, and our very selves. We need to write our own stories……..again. If we can summon the will to do so…..if we have the desire to do so….I don’t know if we do….

  4. I’ve never watched GoT – but UI did spend some time, today, reading up on this season’s episodes. So far – it’s funny. Every-one is cheesed off about certain things, happy about others, and, in the limited info I have, the EXTREMELY limited info – the female power characters are crazy. And ACCURATE. Amoral, emotionally infantile power mad raging egomaniacs, with no concern for rational thought, genuine justice, and sensible, practical rule over their subjects. Lok at the horrors IRL – Clinton, Warren, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstain, Madeline Alljew – seems like the show is wickedly on target. The only female politicians, I can think of, off the top of my head, that were/are successful and intelligent was Elizabeth I, of England, and Marsha Blackburn of TN. I’m not simply disparaging females; White male politicians have been feckless, irresponsible morons for hundreds of years. Today, in the ruins of the West – they are all NIGHTMARES.

      • You (and HIllary Clinton) forgot about Angela Merkel seizing on the Syrian Debacle to open Europe to invaders from all over Africa and the Mideast. I swear to all that’s holy, if I were a woman running for office, the last woman I’d want to capture global attention as to the advisability of female leadership is that German sow who couldn’t even respect the German national flag. UGH!

    • Martin and HBO built up Daenarys over the course of 8 seasons to turn her into a monster. IMO, it was excellent because now all the people who supporters her for social justice reasons look like idiots

    • Bitch with a genocidal weapon of mass destruction is shock horror, a bitch who uses genocidal weapon of mass destruction…

  5. Daneares Targaryen was evil from the very first season.

    She coldly watches as her husband tortures and kills her brother by dumping a bucket of molten gold on his head.

    Her face is filled with glee when her warlord husband gives a speech about invading her homeland, killing all the men, raping all the women and enslaving all the children.

    She promises her followers that she will make their enemies scream with pain. The very first thing she does when she finds herself in charge of a band of people after her husband’s death is to execute his murderer. Not via quick and clean beheading, but by burning her alive – the first of many such victims across all seasons of this show, including mass burnings and crucifixions.

    Dany never smiles. (The actress who plays the role is unrecognizable in real life precisely because she always smiles.)

    Her supporters include bloodthirsty dragons from accursed Valaria, murderous sorcerers from accursed Assai (such as Melisandra, who literally spawns demons and ordered an innocent teenage girl burned alive for magical purposes), brainwashed Unsullied slave soldiers, and barbarous Dothraki horsemen whose entire culture is based on a predatory raids.

    The fact that SJWs instinctively cheer for her is a damning indictment.

    Martin, deliberately setting out to be the anti-Tolkien, wanted to see if he could trick people into rooting for Sauron – and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams with the SJWs.

  6. Game of Thrones is a testament to depravity of Murica and the West in this degenerate age. We truly live in the last days. All persons of righteousness will welcome the coming cleansing fire, when the full cup of God’s wrath poured out on to the head of the whore Babylon (aka, Murica) … see Chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John.

  7. Here is depravity: The queen of England is furious with Prince Harry not because he married a soft porn non-white American actress, not because they plan to raise their baby gender neutral and will not allow any personal pronouns denoting gender, His/Hers he /she around it but because they are raising it to be a vegan. That is beyond the pale the according to the Queen!

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