Alabama Votes For Harshest Abortion Law In The Country

NY Times:

“MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama Senate approved a measure on Tuesday that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state, setting up a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the case that recognized a woman’s constitutional right to end a pregnancy.

The legislation bans abortions at every stage of pregnancy and criminalizes the procedure for doctors, who could be charged with felonies and face up to 99 years in prison. It includes an exception for cases when the mother’s life is at serious risk, but not for cases of rape or incest — a subject of fierce debate among lawmakers in recent days.

The House approved the measure — the most far-reaching effort in the nation this year to curb abortion rights — last month. It now moves to the desk of Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican. Although the governor has not publicly committed to signing the legislation, many Republican lawmakers expect her support. …

“Until now, there was no prospect of reversing Roe,” said Eric Johnston, who founded the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition and serves as its president, and has spent more than 30 years trying to ban abortion.”

I heard about this last night.

According to some of the loonier folks on the fringe Left, we woke up this morning and Alabama is now The Handmaid’s Tale. My take is that the new abortion ban is but the latest example of the Alabama Republican Party’s storied tradition of passing laws to appeal to socially conservative voters which it knows will get ruled a foul ball by their “conservative” allies on the Supreme Court.

I have zero confidence in the “conservatives” in the federal courts to sustain this law or overturn Roe v. Wade. Undoubtedly, this will be challenged in court and overruled by “conservatives” and the scam will continue on some other issue. A few years ago, the same thing happened when Alabama passed a tough immigration bill that everyone got excited about until the Supreme Court killed it.

Do you know what this is really about? If you just stop and think about it for a minute and reflect on the overall pattern, it is about how politics has become a stage for culture war theatrics. When the dust settles in the courts, nothing will change and the whole exercise will have been just more performance art by legislators who have been fighting these phantom battles to justify their existence.

I’m happy to be proven wrong. If John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch strike down Roe v. Wade, I will eat these words. I’ve taken the measure of these conservatives though. I highly doubt it. I’m convinced that they don’t have the balls to push their own declared agenda.

What is Brett Kavanaugh going to do when the Left comes after him harder than it did in his Senate confirmation hearing? Is he going to cry again like a big baby? I think it will be John Roberts who will find some convulted abstract “True Conservative” reason to sustain abortion.

Note: I’m not all that concerned about the abortion issue. I predict the final act will come when the Roberts Court upholds abortion and exposes the whole scam of milking the evangelicals and backlash politics which has gone on for the last generation. Alternatively, the Roberts Courts could strike down Roe vs. Wade. Either way, it is now or never for True Conservatism on ending abortion.

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  1. I agree Hunter. Sounds like it will go all the way to the Supreme court where one of those “conservative” judges will switch sides and kill it.

    • I don’t see any reason for Whites to be against abortion except in the case of White babies. It’s to our disadvantage. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t laws like this, which pretty much make abortion illegal, the first ever passed in many decades, at least since the Roe V. Wade came into existence? If that’s so, you have to ask yourself how this has happened, how the conservatives actually won something, or better yet, why this has happened. I really expect more and more states will be able to pass such anti-abortion laws because the jews don’t want nonwhites, probably already the majority, to be able to legally abort their spawn. Making it illegal to abort will make White replacement all the more rapid, and this is what the jews want and have been working toward.

  2. A good analysis. The local and state republicans sometimes have the right ideas but the Federal Republicans and the system makes things almost impossible to change.

    Strange that 5 people out of 300 million have such power—Supreme Court.

  3. Aw, man you won’t have to eat those words. You know they will cuck. They always do…eat something tasty and nutritious instead.

  4. Sadly, I have to agree, but silver lining is that most forms of birth control including the worst forms of abortion keep down the population of the Black welfare underclass. The Black underclass population in cities like New York, Chicago, Philly, Washington DC have stabilized, it’s not the 1970s anymore with Black welfare mothers cranking out 8 illegitimate children and grabbing big welfare checks in both Milwaukee and Chicago and then being subsidized with free public housing in Chicago. Those days are over.

    Sadly, too many of our people in Red State, Southern States like Alabama hold on to the Right Wing, Religious Right, Reagan Conservatism of the 1980s which simply doesn’t work in our minority-majority USA of 2019 with 300 million and counting population.

    The last thing we want is to have the populations of Haiti, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Algeria double and triple. Where are these hundreds of millions of additional 3rd world people going to go? Wealthy Muslim countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai?

    Don’t think so – Israel takes as many poor Muslim, Black African migrants as these wealthy Islamic countries who are happy with their system and bring in low wage Indians and Filipinos do be their maids/slaves – oh and also bring in White european women to be their prostitute/sexual slaves.

    That said, I or anyone like me who tries to argue in favor of abortion rights to keep down the 3rd world, Black underclass populations trying to spread this meme in Alabama is pretty much as hopeless as trying to convince the whole state to give up Judeo Christianity for Odinism under the argument that Christianity is the ultimate Jewish plot to destroy our people/civilization.

    Yes, I’m afraid Hunter W is once again right, this is just a staged show, like World Wrestling Federation fake wrestling to give Conservatives in Alabama some idea their representatives are doing something…. one small piece of good news the Cuckservatives have been able to get our White Goyim in Alabama very excited about other Jew Neo Conservative wars, adventures in Syria, Iran as much as they have tried.

    • On a related note, a prominent former GOP state senator once intimated to me that welfare to work (as promulgated by Bill Clinton and taken up by Neocons) really has been a disaster in the context of the niggras being forced to get off the front porch and take an affirmative action job in Government or Big Corporate. All too many of these welfare to work AA hires have to have two full time huwhites cleaning up their messes and keeping them out of trouble. Ergo, we’d be a whole lot better off just to leave them on the front porch eating food stamp Wise bar-b-que tata chips and drinking orange sodas all day long.

  5. I believe more black babies are being aborted than white babies. What can I say? If only Alabama was so fanatical in fighting for its sovereignty during the Civil Right era as it is with fighting abortion. All this would make sense if states were still sovereign as was the case before Lincoln.But states are not sovereign. America is no longer a federal system but a consolidated union and an involuntary union at that. Alabama is about 154 years to late to assert its sovereignty now. Everything in America can be divided into before Lincoln and after Lincoln. In that regard the South is in the year 154 AL (After Lincoln starting from 1865)
    The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

  6. Personally, I’m morally neutral on abortion. But I have always thought “Roe” was a bad decision. Abortion is a subject that should be decided locally based upon the morality of the area’s population in my view.

    That being said, I hope the Alabama law stands. This will be interesting to watch as a sort of gauge as to the leaning of the court in respects to other important issues such as immigration and gun rights.

    Either way, brace yourself for the left and the media to completely and totally nuts in response to this. They’ve been worse than ever in the wake of the Trump election. This is going to make it even worse.

  7. If more black women per capita than white women were getting abortions the Left would not support abortion as much as they do. Per capita, more white women get abortions than black women.

    Where I live in Florida, the blacks have loads of children. One hardly sees any white women with children, but one sees black women with children, and lots of children, all the time, everywhere you go it’s black women with lots of black children.

    I lived in California — and on the same block as an abortion clinic. I never saw any black women go into the abortion clinic, NEVER, I always saw white women go in. The abortion clinic was next to a hospital. I never saw any white women leave the hospital with a newborn child. I always saw black women leave the hospital with newborn babies. NEVER any white women. It was the same in California, black women with lots of black children, one hardly saw any white women with children.

    I question the government statistics concerning abortion. Because everywhere I go I see black women with lots of black children and I hardly ever see white women with children. The govt. wants as much support for abortion as possible, that’s why the govt. lies and says black women get more abortions per capita than white women. Everyone thinks blacks get more abortions than whites, so many support abortion. But from what my eyes see, I see black women with lots of children everywhere I go in America and I hardly see white women with children. The govt. is LYING to us when it says black women get more abortions per capita than white women. White women get more abortions per capita than black women. White women are also sex-selecting. They’re aborting their boys. When one does see a white women with a child or with children, 80% of the time, if not 90% of the time, the white women have girls.

    • I think a lot of blacks get legal abortions at DSS contracted clinics that you don’t see.

  8. No exceptions for rape or incest. It’s evil, bullshit legislation. The fetus of a rapist should not be allowed to live.

    • What kind of retard logic is that? The perp gets time in prison, the innocent child gets death for genetic association.
      Should we round up any ‘born’ children he has and execute them as unfit seed?
      Get a fucking grip. Murdering babies, any babies, is immoral and sick.

      To all the pragmatists in here….. if you believe the ‘white’ man to be better then prove it by holding to some standards of morality. It is a stain on us as a nation to allow this barbarism, and I truly believe a just reason for divine judgement. Arguing the morality of murder based on utility is jew-bolshy thinking. Don’t fight to defeat leftist prog scum just to wake up and realize you became leftist prog scum.

      In the end you would be better of banning abortions and enforcing sterilizations, better results and a cleaner conscience.

      • If the victim of a rapist wants to abort the result of a horrific crime(and the degenerate genes of a predator), she ought to be able to, simple as that.

  9. While I believe that, normally, abortion is murder, I can think of some reasons why it may be performed. I saw a woman who started a charity where children with disabilities could auction their artwork to raise money. Which, in itself, is a noble thing. However, her son had been born with severe deformities and she was told of his condition in advance. She gave birth and was informed that the child wouldn’t live very long. The mother clung to hope and the boy survived clinging to multiple life support systems. She began to dab the boy’s hand in paint and use his stained digits to spread the paint across a canvass, then proudly boasted of what he had created. Mind you, her son had no cognitive ability and did not possess motor skills. He was a paralyzed, brain dead individual. He was someone who once would have been termed “a vegetable.”

    The mother kept talking about his potential, and I kept thinking, “Lady, that is, barring some miracle in medical science, his potential. He has none. Furthermore, I wondered, how much money is being spent keeping this unfortunate person alive and who is paying for it? Couldn’t those resources be better utilized helping a child who might actually have a future?

    Additionally, the people who are so vehemently opposed to abortion, are often included in the same group of people who loudly complain about welfare mothers and children being born out of wedlock. I think most of those who are so concerned about an unborn child are less concerned about that child once it has been delivered. If they are truly worried about an embryo or a fetus, then they should be appointed by the government to oversee every aspect of a reluctant mother’s pregnancy. They, at their own expense, should ensure that the woman is receiving proper nutrition and is refraining from any activities that could jeopardize the life of the unborn child. If, during the term of the pregnancy, the woman decides that she doesn’t want to go through with it, then the embryo or fetus could be transplanted to the overseer’s womb, or if the overseer is a man, then the baby would be placed into an incubator until it was viable. Also, they will be tasked with making sure that the child is fed, clothed and educated. If, at some point the woman decides she no longer wants to care for the child, then the child will be sent to live with the overseer. Being as they want to force a promiscuous, irresponsible, infanticidal, atheist woman to give birth against her will, then they should also be made to share the burden of raising the child that she didn’t want.

    Personally, as harsh it sounds, I think that the more liberal women having abortions instead of having babies from men who are nothing more than sperm donors will mean that there will, eventually, be more children raised in Christian homes with both parents than unwanted kids born into single parent households.

    • @Cowtown Rebel

      “Personally, as harsh it sounds, I think that the more liberal women having abortions instead of having babies from men who are nothing more than sperm donors will mean that there will, eventually, be more children raised in Christian homes with both parents than unwanted kids born into single parent households.”

      In tougher times, people who would have become Liberals, usually didn’t survive childhood. Somebody else pointed out that this phenomenon of Leftist types having abortions and remaining childless as leading to the eventual physical extinction of Liberalism.

      • @James,

        Yes, I am reminded of the fact that the Spartans would take a deformed child and leave them to die. The Samurai would take a male baby and toss him in the water. If he tried to swim, he would be trained to be a warrior. If he just started drowning, they would assign him to the women to toil alongside them. Nomadic Indians left old people on the side of the trail to sing a death song, as they perished in solitude, while the tribe moved on.

        I’ve told angry and hostile crowds of Liberals that the United States could have never been established by weak and effeminate people who allowed their sympathies to over ride their practicality.

  10. Mr. Griffin, I think the most important outcome of this action is the fact that the States are standing up to the federal government. I have never seen such disobedience in these matters since I became politically aware in the ’70’s.

    The Western and Eastern States are challenging the government on 2nd amendment issues and the South is challenging our federal overseers on Roe vs. Wade.

    On another key issue, we are becoming two distinct people’s. The South, and those compatriots in other regions, are becoming legislatively moral. Never before since the ’60’s have we had such a regional difference of morality.

    As far as governors go, I will give Gov. Kay Ivy credit, she has become the new George Wallace. Now let us hope she, the citizens and the politicians have the fortitude to withstand the coming corporate/jewish attack on Alabama.

  11. At a basic level, this is an excuse for SJWs to renew the war and Reconstruction.

    They’re another group who are perpetually stuck in the past. Either the 1860’s, or 1960’s.

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