Bernie Sanders Slams Trump’s Iran Policy

Thanks, Bernie.

BTW, it’s not just Crazy Bernie capitalizing on this massive political blunder:

Personally, I doubt there will even be a war with Iran. Even the Iranian government believes there will likely just be a lot of hot air and saber rattling in which Blompf and John Bolton surrender the “America First” foreign policy to the Democrats. In the much the same way, his promise not to cut entitlement programs was fumbled by Mick Mulvaney’s purely symbolic budget which went nowhere.

What are the Republicans saying?

It will be a cakewalk to win a war with Iran.

Nevermind the fact that there are 89 million people in Iran versus 38 million in Iraq. 95% of Iranians are also Shi’a Muslims. Oh … and 64% of Iraqis are Shi’a Muslims and going to war with Iran would likely mean plunging the entire Middle East into an endless war.

We really have no choice in the matter though. ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY and we have to dive into this quagmire solely for its sake. Also, if you disagree and criticize this insane policy, you are an anti-Semite.

Note: Want to see something pathetic? Check out Ted Cruz’s Twitter feed. It is nothing but MIGA.

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  1. Everything Bernie says here is spot-on. However, everyone knows that being anti-war is a winning ticket (Trump and Obama both!) – once they get into office, things may be different!

  2. 100,000,000 Shiites! Can’t be wrong.

    I think that this permanent Sabre rattling on Iran is a very wierd thing. It just gifts the Democrats the thoughtful Anti-War vote. Why would Trump give them that vote? Jewish brainwashing power can only go so far on a population before it makes itself manifest.

    Andrew Neil quite easily showed how it’s done. If Trump gets into the box defending Judea-Christian values an opponent just has to ask “what are JudeoChristian values Donald?”

    This question is like Kryptonite.

  3. The Democrats were NOT Anti-War when Hillary was on the presidential campaign trail banging the war drums against Iran and Russia and she was banging the war drums against Iran and Russia very hard and incessantly. The Democrats agreed with Hillary’s warmongering and were all for Hillary’s warmongering.

    No Democrat has protested Hillary’s destruction of Libya and her starting the war in Syria. She played a huge role in destroying Libya and played a huge role in starting the war in Syria and the Democratic Party fully supported her wars and her warmongering and her fomenting of wars ; And when Trump said he wanted to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan the Democrats were furious that Trump was even thinking about withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan and the Democrats were appalled and horrified that maybe Trump wasn’t going to be tough with Iran and not patriotic American enough to start a war with Iran. The Democrats were very much implying that Trump was a traitor to the USA by not being gung-ho for War in Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran. The Democrats have been PRO WAR all along, but all-of-a-sudden they’re claiming to be opposed to War. What a pile of bullsh*t. Trump’s campaign promises have turned out to be bullsh*t, he turned-out to be a liar, and the Democrats claiming now to be ANTI-War is bullsh*t. The Democrats are lying. BOTH parties are very much PRO WAR.

    I don’t like Hillary, but for all of her lying and deception, on the campaign trail she was honest in her love for War. She was very upfront about her desire for War against Iran and Russia. Which is more than one can say for Trump and more than one can say about this current crop of Democratic presidential contenders.

    On the campaign trail Trump was honest about wanting war against Iran. He was upfront about that. He said he didn’t want a war with Russia. What he didn’t say, war with Iran means war with Russia, so in that he LIED when he said he didn’t want a war with Russia. If he doesn’t want a war with Russia then he won’t start a war against Iran, but he’s doing everything he can to start a war with Iran, so he does want a war with Russia. Hillary was honest about wanting a war with Iran-Russia, Trump was not honest about it, and neither are the current Democratic Party presidential contenders.

    It’s ironic, for all of Hillary’s lying and deception, she turns out to be the most honest one around, at least when it comes to war against Iran-Russia and everyone else is lying thru their teeth,all the Democrats are lying and Trump isn’t as honest as he made himself to be on the campaign trail. He’s just another liar in Washington. The Democrats are just as PRO WAR as the Republicans.

    • They should be careful what they wish for! War with Iran – and the probably military bloody nose – could see the collapse of the Federal Parasite in a similar manner to the collapse of the USSR after Afghanistan.

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