Sen. Josh Hawley Delivers His Maiden Populist Speech In U.S. Senate

WOW … that was a great speech.

I’m going to have to start paying closer attention to Sen. Josh Hawley. If he starts voting and leading and walking the walk like he talks in this speech, he could invert the “conservative-populist coalition” and become a contender by the time of the 2024 presidential election.

There is already a national majority for authoritarianism, social conservatism and economic fairness. As the social and economic stress mounts in the electorate, it will become even more populist. The solution is to dump lolbertarianism and let the populists lead the coalition. That’s the realignment of the electorate that was supposed to happen under Blompf but which failed to materialize.

Note: Seriously, watch the speech.

We should encourage the GOP to shift in this direction.

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  1. Christ, HW, don’t you get tired of these used-car salemen in $1000 suits spewing platitudes?

  2. I went to a Trump rally where he spoke, right before he got elected. He’s one of the Republicans who aren’t completely terrible. He’s been on Tucker before too, talking about big tech.

  3. As I was listening (because HW said to….) I began to think of all the political speeches I remember: dimly from my childhood with JFK, LBJ’s obsequiousness, Nixon’s punctuated rhetoric, the annoying drawl of Carter, Reagan’s evocation of the 1940’s (and there were times he evoked the spirit of those patriotic films of yesteryear, with a tear glistening in the eye, I’ll admit) the clipped cadences of Bush I; and by the time of the satanic duo, I was annoyed at BS of Clinton’s rhetoric and his shrewish wife, and I really began to turn off during the years of Shrub II. But nothing filled me with loathing, made my stomach turn, and disengaged my spirit more than having to endure that nigger’s voice, everywhere I turned, for eight Loooong years. God, how I HATE Obama, and EVERYTHING he stands for. Thus, I was ready to listen to ANYONE who might be the ‘opposite’ of O’bummer. And we thought we had such a someone, back in 2015-17. But we have (thanks to the internet) seen and heard the Lies made flesh, once again. And fool me ‘thrice’ is not going to happen.

    So now, after succumbing even to the lies and dripping honey words of Orange Cheeto man, I care very little for ANYTHING anyone in government may say. THEY ALL LIE. THEY ARE ALL FAKE NEWS. THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT. They all deserve to die for transgressing God’s laws. [Rom. 1:32] And it is the common man, who always suffers at their hands.

    It’s time to burn this b*tch down. If I believed in the Rapture, I’d say, ‘beam me up.’ But that happened in AD 70. We’re just going to have to live through our own purgation for our own sins, at this rate- which may entail WWIII, if Bolton has his sway. Good Lord, forgive us for trusting in princes, instead of trusting in You, our only lawful King.

  4. Josh better be careful or he’ll get the typical cure for his renegade ways.


    He’ll be invited to a cocktail party in a Georgetown brownstone and wake up in a hotel room with a 12-year old girl/boy next to him and plenty of cameras pointed right at the bed.

  5. There is widespread support for reducing political censorship by social media companies among standard conservatives like Hawley. Cruz, Blackburn, Mark Green, and most notably alt-lite-leaning representative Paul Gosar have also proposed similar measures. For the record, Hawley seems to me to be a Tom Cotton clone. I still prefer the libertarians (Massie, Paul, Amash) because they have a better foreign policy and are the smallest Israel shills in the GOP.

        • I think once all is said and done, at least for the sake of our sector, he’ll be somewhat useful, thanks to the fact that he distances himself from libertarian-type orthodoxy of the normiecons, and he’s young enough to understand the tech industry and its skulduggery intuitively. But I highly doubt anyone is going to be saying he’s /ourguy/.

  6. Back during my lobbying days surrounding the Missouri state legislature, I backed Josh Hawley’s outsider campaign for state Attorney General in 2016, because I despised the party establishment’s pick, who was in the state Senate at the time, and a total rat and fink. Hawley won that primary, and while at first I had no interest in him winning the general election, I wound up voting for him that November, the only corporeal individual I voted for other than Trump, because St. Louis City wound up getting a Soros-funded shill as Circuit Attorney, so I figured Hawley would be needed as state AG to prosecute the street crime that the Soros shill would refuse to do.

    Then of course Hawley challenges Claire and wins, even though that was bittersweet revenge for me personally, as you know. And even though I’ve moved to a whole new continent and really didn’t pay close attention to the day to day detail the matter late last year.

    Note that Hawley was born on the final day of the 1970s, so his relatively young age informs a lot of what he does, and his differences from Conservatism Inc., especially on regulating the tech industry.

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