Charlie Kirk: President Trump Isn’t Anti-Immigrant Because His Plan Doesn’t Cut Immigration

Charlie Kirk explains why Blompf isn’t “anti-immigrant”:

Tormud doesn’t need Brienne, Charlie Kirk or the GOP:


I’ve been told by Blompf supporters that I have to vote for the GOP in 2020 because of immigration. Why should I vote on the basis of immigration when the Trump administration is making no effort to reduce legal immigration and when illegal immigration is at a record high?

If the rationale for voting for the GOP is reducing immigration inflows, then it has failed spectacularly. It’s even worse than that because the Kushner plan doesn’t even propose to curb legal immigration. It’s not like there is a border wall, a ban on sanctuary cities or even deportations to make up for it either. We have gotten virtually nothing on immigration out of the Trump administration.

Note: What is the opportunity cost of mainstream conservatism?

If I was getting paid $1,000 a month for the last six months since the 2018 midterm elections, I would have $6,000 to show for my vote. What do we have to show for the last six months of the GOP Congress? Israel annexing the Golan Heights? Criminal Justice Reform? Regime change in Venezuela?

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  1. You don’t have to write “Trump did nothing on immigration”, because anyone with a brain already knows that. The ONLY reason you’d vote for this con man is if you liked the other things he did: donor class tax cuts, Pentagon pigoits and endless Israel ass licking.

    There’s a market out there for that. I estimate it to be 15% of the US electorate in line with what we see in Europe. The Repukes pick up another 15% from single issue voters (pro life, pro gun, pro military)….and another 10% from General disgust with the Left. The last 5% are people who don’t know why they voted in the first place , aka “white noise”

    That still only gets them to 45% of the electorate. Con Man won with 46%….Romney had 47, McCain 45, so it’s right there.

    If even 5% of his voters leave, which they should, that slices off 3% of his vote total and pushes him to 43% and that’s mathematically inpossible to win with. That’s my plan, be in that 3% that ruins him and this GOPe scam for good.

  2. Many schools in America have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) courses in place so we can be ready for this technical future. They are going to be rather surprised when corporate America hires Indians and Chinese at cheaper rate than Americans thanks to Donald Trump. How strange it will be to see white Americans with an engineering degree working in fast food establishments!

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