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  1. Notice the freemasonic handshake? Yes, they’re all part of the kabbalist cabal. How much more evidence do you need? These are the White vermin that sold us out, the jesuit freemasonry order. Our true enemies.

  2. I am told by the good doctor that Bolton just returned from Israel where he was awarded the Guardian of Zion medal. That in itself speaks volumes especially with all the anti-Iran war mongering among the administration.

  3. Does Russia have video of Bolton at Platos retreat watching his wife do other guys? Are the Jews, Schiff and Nadler, going to investigate?

    • Haven`t you seen that Global Order is coming down fast. Media power is broken.

      Trump have done more for white people than any living person on the planet Earth. All our problems are caused by Elite and this is what we must take down not some “issues”

      “”…Taboos fall away as far-right EU candidates breach red line
      The terms remain verboten for mainstream politicians on a continent scarred by the Holocaust — and that has worked for half a century to ensure such a horror could never happen again, through an unprecedented project to break down borders and overcome age-old ethnic conflicts called the European Union.

      Trump broke taboo and now Nazis are on the run because Trump destroyed the myth of media power. Btw, holy hoax is also on the ropes , there is a small war gearing up in Poland and it probably spread first over Eastern Europe and then to the West like anti immigration resistance.

      Support Trump and prepare for holy hoax denial. After nothing works, they roll out their main weapon and then things go serious Entire modern world is based on this evil myth.

      • Sounds exciting Juri. I hope it kicks off in Europe real soon!

        I saw a video yesterday of some young nationalists in the streets of Germany banging their drums, calling the German folk out to join them. They looked good too. Very stylish. Like an updated version of those youth groups from the 1930s. The funny part was the German TV show it was on. The female presenter was an Indian and the “expert” was a swarthy fellow of indeterminate race. They were whining the police were doing nothing to stop these Germans from marching in their own damn country. Ha!

        That Great Replacement they keep repeating in your article, is a watered down version of Bob Whitaker’s White Genocide Mantra. A meme his team were repeating globally since 2008 or so. Bob worked alone developing while using it against anti-Whites since the mid 1990s. It was about breaking down taboos, so Whites could discuss important matters again.

        Revolutions take 15-20 years, because thats how long it takes to train a new generation. The Trump Revolution was 15 years in the making!

        Yuri Bezmenov

        • Totally agree.

          Without American White Nationalists we down here in Eastern Europe never pulled this off so quickly. American free speech and thanks to that, pro white websites, let us know the enemy straight away and fight back early.

          We did it other way around, First we went after low rank white liberals with best Alinsky tactics because they were easiest target and worked upwards. We made clear that calling somebody with evil words have consequences.

          Now Trump demonstrated that media defamation and Secret Services are not almighty and this knowledge goes downwards to the streets , those German drummers for example.

          After one week we will know, how this working out in Europe. We have major election down here in 23-26 may.

          Maybe Trump is not pro white but he wrecking our enemies like hell and because of that he need support.

  4. On his deathbed, Bolton’s last words will be, “I regret that I had only one life to give for Israel.”

    • I’m hoping Bolton’s last words will be “NO! NO! Somebody save me from these demons swarming around me!”

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