Joe Biden Holds Rally In Philadelphia


Blompf and Joe Biden are the problem.

How long has Joe Biden been involved in national politics? This guy is an establishment dinosaur who was elected to the Senate in 1973. He been involved in national politics for nearly 50 years. Has the country become more or less divided since Joe Biden has been on the national stage?

Yang has been on the national stage since February. He has done more to “unite the country” in two months than Joe Biden has in his entire career. How do you unite the exhausted middle of the country? $1,000 a month, legalizing weed, student loan debt forgiveness, infrastructure spending, an affordable health care system, saying no to stupid neocon regime change wars, etc.

There is far more agreement on major issues than our political class realizes. It’s just that the Boomer generation has been waging the culture war for decades and everyone is now hopelessly divided over polarizing social issues like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, etc. Only Yang realizes that navigating the current polarization in Washington will require tackling a major new challenge that will impact the lives of everyone like the threat posed by automation to American workers.

Hell, I am a Southern Nationalist who was in Charlottesville and I am excited about voting for Yang. Presumably, everyone else in America is significantly less “racist,” so if he can persuade someone like me to support him then it follows that this Chinaman has a significantly better shot at “uniting the country.” Who gets mad about $1,000 a month except for Boomers like Kurt Schlichter?

Do you know what this country needs right now? It needs to change its negative attitude. It needs to be in a better mood and electing yet another dumb, divisive Boomer who is going to spend all of 2020 fighting with Blompf on Twitter isn’t going to “bring us together.” The Millennials, however, will all take the $1,000 a month and end to debt slavery to banks and go party and be happy.

Note: After celebrating for 4 years, we can get back to arguing about all these other issues when everyone is in a better mood and Conservatism, Inc. has beem wiped out. Alternatively, we can spend the next 4 years listening to Joe Biden speeches or reactions to Blompf’s inane Twitter feed.

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  1. Hot Tip.

    Cheating out the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Rioting Haredis, Icelandic BDSM, Madonna Eyepatch, Black guy loses at last minute and, Nordic Runes in Tel Aviv…Australians on Highjump poles.

    Comedy Gold.

    It’s going to take a week to unpack this evening of TV.

  2. Biden looks like the mummy from an old black and white mummy movie. I keep looking for the place where they plug in his daily dose of preservative.

    • The White House is not a center of power, its a retirement home for brainwashed old Boomers with dementia.


  3. Its downright stupid to legalize the black mans filthy version of tobacco. Almost as stupid as supporting Yang. Do you really think that he will save the euro-americans? Do you genuinly believe that he can stop the deep states agenda? Only a nuclear bomb can do that. Look, i really like this site but the love for Yang here is embarassing.

  4. Let’s create Confederacy 2.0 quickly … while the creating’s good. If we don’t hurry, here’s what’s coming :

    • The vertical map at 33 minutes, where there are tall blue columns where the cities are and red in the countryside, is because of the non-White immigrants working there and because their universities are controlled by radical leftists.

      This guy thinks he can fix everything by partitioning off big cities and then write a better constition. No. That won’t work. You have to take back the universties by force if necessary, purge all the radicals, roll out new text books, and train the young properly. If you don’t lose control of your universities you won’t lose your cities.

      • University was a proxy for religious education for 1000 years of our history.

    • “Let’s create Confederacy 2.0 quickly … while the creating’s good.”

      We’d like to, G.G., but Dixie has many internal enemies and hindrances that must be got out of the way, first. Cleaning house is hard, drawn out, and time consuming work. Not easily done overnight.

      • It starts with talk. We’re doing that now … while we still can. Australia just got disarmed and already it’s 5 yrs for offending some punk online.

        While we can still ‘talk,’ let’s get the conversation going. None of us can have, know or present ALL detailed answers in a comment box ! The general concept is … talk / think / plan. Massage The Confederate Party into existence. Ignore the shouts, praise, hate, laughter etc., as we hone tweak and polish it to perfection. Then the official roll out. It gains steam and $$$$ and kicks ass.

        What’s the general plan ? Balkanization. We MUST unite everyone into 3 4 or 5 new “Republics.” Each side / group get’s their own Utopia.

        Go with this. THINK. Get the conversation rolling …

        • Switzerland today gave up their guns…..for open borders. EU threatened them with passport control and to let migrants and terrorists in, they did this.

          “””……..Switzerland — one of the most heavily armed countries in Europe — voted to comply with stricter European Union gun laws in a referendum Sunday.
          While Switzerland doesn’t belong to the EU, it is part of the bloc’s Schengen Area which is a zone that can be visited without a visa or passport by citizens of 26 European nations.
          Following terrorist gun attacks in Paris and Brussels in 2015 and 2016, the EU tightened gun rules, known as the “EU Gun Ban”, the bloc encouraged Switzerland to comply with its laws.
          The projections from the gfs.bern polling outfit saw the measure passing in the binding referendum by a comfortable 67-33% margin.

          If Switzerland refused, the country could have been excluded from the Schengen Area……”””””

          • We need to move quickly with creation of The Confederate Party and Confederacy 2.0 to avoid American Revolution II. We will resort to 2nd Amendment if they try a Switzerland on us … but we aren’t idiots, we don’t WANT to resort to that if not cornered.

  5. “It’s just that the Boomer generation has been waging the culture war for decades.”

    The Culture War is an adjunct of the wider ideological war against the Soviet Union. Then, it was an attempt to counter the racial propaganda of the East European Communists, and win brown and black hearts and minds.

    Now, it just a relic of the Cold War and late 20th Century politics, that we can’t seem to get rid of.

    For about two hundred years, Yankees and other Communists, have been using Niggers in particular, and coloureds in general, as political weapons against Western Civilisation in general, and against the American South and West, and Protestant Central/Northern Europe, in particular.

  6. “How long has Joe Biden been involved in national politics? This guy is an establishment dinosaur who was elected to the Senate in 1973. He been involved in national politics for nearly 50 years.”

    The 20th Century was defined by the Cold War. Which defined Biden ‘s training and education in regards to politics and diplomacy.

    He’s simply a product of his time. A time that passed away, along with Communist Block, in 1990, making his knowledge and experience instantly obsolete, unnecessary and irrelevant.

  7. Only in crap hole city democrats candidate draw crowd and those are mostly paid staffer.Biden is a broken record in between election cycles.DC elites control population with megaphone media and security forces.

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