Trump Offers To Serve Five Terms As President

Can you imagine where we would be living under a 90-year-old Blompf?

Blompf’s latest thing is complaining about E-Verify because it works.

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  1. Journalist Elijah Magnier:

    “Israel’s influence over Trump’s incompetent administration is the greatest threat to peace today.”

  2. The true question that must be asked is what comes after Trump? (AT) If white people in red state America are content to go back to politics as usual then whites deserve their extinction. This is as good as it gets. The system has shown you that no matter who you elect he will be comprised and constrained. Trump is as good as it gets! Presidents come and go but the reign of the “Deep State” apparently continues for ever! What does one do with such a system? One does not try to vote their way out because Trump has shown that is an exercise in futility and wasted energy that is bound to disappoint. What one does is separate from what is so he can concentrate and direct all his efforts and energy on what should be. He owes that to his children and his children’s children, and generations of our race yet unborn into the far distant future!

  3. Are you going to report on any relative current Southern events like the Antifa arrests at Montgomery Bell State Park?
    Or are you gonna keep on with the historical choir-preaching?
    Shit is HAPPENING, Mr. Griffin……

    • I’ve got a decade worth of material scattered in the archives which needs to be edited and shaped into a coherent narrative and made accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about Southern history and culture.

      I heard that the usual suspects were arrested again at the Amren conference. I don’t find it really that interesting. I spent like six months last year clashing with those ankle biters.

  4. Any white man with any sort of wealth or sense should get the hell out of this nation.
    The USA is dead..its long gone.
    There is no hope and the only change that will come will be at your expense and the expense of your people.
    You can either A- learn a foreign culture/language and move somewhere that takes nationhood seriously and understands that sovereign nations have borders.
    Real nations have an official language and don’t allow pop culture druggies and faggots dictate to their children what their values should be.
    Are there really this many people who actually believe the idea of Yang and UBI are really going to benefit white people?
    As long as the demonic jewish overlords control everyone’s minds with the enemy media/social media/pop culture weaponization , nothing will EVER benefit our people and our endgame strategy of being a free society where rights exist.
    Unfortunately , the idea that this will come to fruition and work is a lot like how leftists approach every issue…people “shouldn’t ” be racist , however they are and no amount of free speech censorship will change that no matter what these leftists feelings are…they approach the world and social issues with what “should be” and not based in reality on how it “actually is”….the same with UBI and the idea of centrist populist politics.
    Its not going to happen…hasn’t it been made very obvious that our government is a criminal organization who control just about every part of your life?
    its really pathetic to sit here and keep putting peoples hope in a democratic chinaman whose against gun ownership , who wants all drugs legalized and is very pro faggot.
    Can anyone with room temperature IQ imagine what the swamp in DC will turn Yang into instantly?

    • Thanks for the advice, but I intend to “get out” of the USA the same way the Crimeans got out of Ukraine. Any nation that takes its identity and borders seriously will never let you join, you’ll just be a pathetic weaboo thinking you’re Japanese but everyone knows you’re not, even if you learn the language.

      The only places you could really fit in are Anglosphere countries, and they’re more thoroughly cucked than our coastal shitlib megacities.

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